Posted July 23rd, 2012 by Bill Apter

Congratulations are in order to the WWE on the day of the airing of the 1000th episode of “Monday Night Raw.”

I remember sitting in the balcony at the Manhattan Center so many times during the formative days of RAW, shooting aerial photos of the action and how pumped the crowds were at that small facility.

RAW has come such a long way and tonight they embark on a new era by adding a third hour to the existing two we have become accustomed to through the years.

I look forward to seeing Triple H and Shawn Michaels reuniting, the parade of legends who helped bring RAW into prominence, and whatever “ground breaking” interactive segments they have to offer.

It should be a great show and I will be back with a report tonight!

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  1. By Jason, posted

    Why not all of DX for a reunion? Include Billy Gunn, Chyna, Road Dogg, and Xpac also.

  2. By BigDaddy, posted

    I’m more concerned about how they’re going to fill the time slots NEXT week!

    The show itself is already stretched thin with silly slits and backstage interviews that get lost after they go to commercial.

    Too many marathon matches will make your fanbase tune out, and too short matches will bury up and coming stars in meaningless matches…

    This might come back to bite Vince in the keester.

  3. By BigDaddy, posted

    To Jason:

    No way Stephanie allows Chyna back into the WWE given the history between her husband and Chyna. Plus, with Chyna doing porno, I’m not so sure that the ‘PG’ Rating that Vince is shooting for would pass the censors.

    X-Pac’s last stint in TNA pretty much closed his door, if you believe all the things that were posted about his “behavior” problems and attendance issues.

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