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The new SteveCorino-produced DREAMS Project debuted on July 18 in Birdsboro, Pennsylvania.

Former ECW World heavyweight champion Steve Corino spoke first to the kids and was followed by Ring OfHonor’s Grizzly Redwood.

Everyone’s favorite lumberjack told his story of being born three months pre-mature and only being a pound at birth. People told him he was too small and would never be a pro-wrestler, but he never said no and followed his dreams.

Grizzly was followed by the 6’3, 265 pound Ahtu. The kids of the Birdsboro Community Center was amazed at his size and listened intensely as the big man spoke of putting in the time at the gym instead of submitting to temptation.

The third speaker was CZW owner and wrestler DJ Hyde. DJ shocked the kids by telling that he was a bully as a kid because of his size. He said he might have been bigger and stronger but it never made him happy until he became a pro-wrestler and saw the face on the fans as he entertained them.

Then it was Ring Of Honor World TV champion Adam Cole’s turn to talk. The 23-year old star told the kids that no matter what anyone thinks, you need to follow your dreams. He said that he would be picked on as a kid because he knew he wanted to be a pro-wrestler and entertain people, but now at a young age he is a champion of a major organization.

And finally, 20 year veteran referee Mike Kehner, told the kids how he overcame a bad car accident as a kid to become an Internationally traveled and well-respected referee and wrestler.

After the wrestlers left the ring, Twisted Tate and 504 pound Monster Mark Mest took the microphone and announced that they were associates of Rob Dimension Enterprises, and that although Dimension was not present, he sent along a challenge: One thousand dollars to anyone that could bodyslam Monster Mark Mest. Not a very fair offer to 175 kids ranging from 7-12 in age. But then ROH’s Grizzly Redwood took a chance!

The Grizz tried his hardest twice before Tate instructed his monster to attack Redwood. Referee Ty Langler called for the bell and the debut contest of the DREAMS Project was on!

The second contest featured a 2-on-1 “Mission Impossible” challenge as The Monster C and Mr. X took on the huge Ahtu!

Although the odds were against Ahtu, he showed his strength and desire to withstand the Mission Impossible challenge. What is next for what wrestlers call “The Black Road Warrior”???

Tag team action was featured in match three as Pro-Wrestling Respect’s Alex Bird and Leach Lana took Ruthless Ryan Sawyer and CZW’s DJ Hyde.

The young lions gave a good fight, but it was Sawyer and Hyde that reigned supreme. After the match, Sawyer told DoYouLiveYourDREAMS.com that they would like to be the first World of DREAMS tag team champions!

The semi-final contest was a decision match to crown the first World of DREAMS Openweight champion between ROH TV champion Adam Cole and The Complex Chris Rockwell.

This match went back and forth until Cole finally put Rockwell away with a Superkick to win the title. After the match, Steve Corino appeared and asked to be Cole’s first challenger to the title. This didn’t bode well with Chris Rockwell.

Rockwell, much to the boos of the campers, grabbed the microphone and said that he was entering himself in the 15 person Battle Royal. But it was Kid America and Birdsboro camp counselor Mr. Joey that were the favorites of the crowd!

After the exhibition, Grizzly Redwood led the kids in a mock pro-wrestling workout, featuring a quick set of squats, pushups, and “running the ropes.”

A great time was had by all.

Thank you very much to Mr. Joey, Miss Shelley, the staff of the Birdsboro Community Center, and the kids that braved the 100 degree to watch and listen to the DREAMS Project!

To bring the DREAMS Project to your organization, fair, or town visit www.DoYouLiveYourDREAMS.com or email Curt.Lemon@yahoo.com.

DREAMS Project “Mission Impossible”
July 18, 2012
Birdsboro Community Center
Birdsboro, PA

David vs. Goliath: Grizzly Redwood (ROH) beat Monster Mark Mest (RDE) w/Twisted Tate (5:36) after a Top Rope Cross Body.
2 on 1 Challenge-Mission Impossible: Ahtu (DREAMS) beat The Monster C (Hustle) & Mr. X (Unknown) (1:59) after a Spear.
Tag Team Action: DJ Hyde (CZW) & Ruthless Ryan Sawyer (ACW) beat Alex Bird (Respect) & Leech Lana (Respect) when Hyde pinned Lana after a Sandwich Lariat (8:23).
World Of DREAMS Openweight title, decision match: Adam Cole (ROH) beat Chris Rockwell (Freelance) after a Superkick (12:44) to become the 1st champion.
Battle Royal: Kid America outlasted Chris Rockwell, Alex Anthony (WXW C4), Ken Phoenix (Freelance), Mr. Joey, Ruthless Ryan Sawyer, Scotty Jeffries (ACW), Jay Diesel (Freelance), The Gang (ACW), Grizzly Redwood, Leech Lana, Ridiculous Ronnie (ACW), Alex Bird, and Marc Cruz (Freelance)

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