Posted July 16th, 2012 by Bill Apter

This was the first WWE pay-per-view in years I did not see as yet. I was on my way home en-route from Waterloo, Iowa to Philadelphia and weather delays made it impossible for me to view it last night. However, when I checked the results here on 1Wrestling.com I was very happy to see that Dolph Ziggler took the honors for the World title shot.

I have been very impressed with Ziggler for many years now. The few times I have met him I mentioned that he looks like a young Buddy Roberts (yes the man who was one of the original Freebirds along with Michael Hayes and Terry Gordy and one half of the Hollywood Blondes with Jerry Brown). His ring style is similar as well. Ziggler is what Roberts might have been in 2012 and that’s a huge compliment. Roberts was a somewhat bigger than Dolph but he so reminds me of Buddy (Zigger is more “streamlined) as he has a similar style and of course the look.

If you’re not familiar with Buddy Roberts check this You Tube link and let me know if you think he reminds you of Roberts.

So my point here is that I am on Ziggler’s bandwagon and wish him luck as the WWE continues to push him up the ladder (as they did last night at “MITB!”)

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