Posted July 12th, 2012 by Bill Apter

RVD vs. SAMOA JOE and further…
Samoa Joe lost this one trying to lock a figure-four-leglock on RVD but could not lock it in. RVD rolled out of it with a reverse maneuver and pin … Highlights of the AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels Destination X “Last Man Standing” match. Kazarian and Daniels are in the ring now for an interview saying.that “this is just the beginning!” Claire Lynch is brought out to the ring and she looks totally confused as to why she is there…AJ comes down and they discuss Claire’s addiction and that Styles is also the father of her baby-to-be. Yes, she is pregnant.

From a viewer named Michael Tauman …

Lots of convincing anger but isn’t this the kind of segment we anti-WWE fans don’t want to see? The wrestling has been excellent so segments like this might not be looked upon as favorable by TNA “Wrestling” fans. We watch you for the wrestling like there was on Destination X. Keep the drama out please!

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  1. By Stephen C. Smith, posted

    For any TNA creative types who might be reading … Any time a “Claire Lynch” segment comes on, I hit the fast-forward button on the remote. Kill it now. Please.

  2. By mike, posted

    Did they really show Claire smoking a cigarette in her car when she was stopped at the gate? And she is supposed to be pregnant? Wow, that is bad in a big way.

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