Posted July 6th, 2012 by Bill Apter

Two of Pro Wrestling’s top stars and they never battled each other. We all love to ponder, “What would have happened?”

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  1. By George, posted

    Probably a double countout like Flair vs Backlund when they were champs.

  2. By Michael Rose, posted

    Interesting match and I was a huge fan in that time period. Tombstone Piledriver would have knocked Sting out and it would have been all over.

  3. By Robert, posted

    I’d a rather seen them as a tag team and they would kick the butts of all other tag teams.

  4. By sal "rough cuts" lasardo, posted

    2013 will be the the year we see this once on a lifetime match happen…taker will win and then retire and sting will as well…sting will appear around late january…ask for 1 match and this will be it…one and done…

  5. By Mike, posted

    Back in 1999, I think Sting would have taken this one. The Undertaker wasn’t quite as the legendary status he is now, at least on the Wrestlemania stage. Of course, this is STILL a match I’d like to see now. Sting can still go, even if he’s not the same physical specimen he was 13 years ago. Undertaker is nowhere near as big and muscular as he used to be either, but he has compensated by developing some legitimate MMA-style ground fighting skills.
    A 2-out-of-3 series wouldn’t be enough. I’d like to see a best of 7 go for three matches each side, and (of course) the 7th match be interrupted by a double run-in and have both of them clean house on the attackers.

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