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Juggalo Championship Wrestling
Road To BloodyMania I-PPV Series
Thursday, July 5th 2012
Taylor Trade Center, Taylor, Michigan
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Night 1 Results:

Corporal Robinson opened the show in his street clothes announcing it felt great to be back in a JCW ring, but it sucked to be on the injured reserved list. Then in a shocking moment he brought out returning JCW superstar The Rudeboy, after nearly a decade away from JCW and the two cut a promo together! Corporal Robinson then produced a doctors clearance to return to in ring action! He and The Rudeboy then issued an open challenge to any team in the back for the main, which brought out The Nigerian Nightmares for a massive pull apart setting up the big Main Event for the evening.

-Jimmy Jacobs Defeated Butler Geeves
-The King Of Old School Steve Corino defeated Shockwave the Robot. Before the match Corino cut an extensive, highly inflammatory, and offensive promo directed at the crowd of Juggalos, the locker room, and the world!

-The Ring Rydas defeated Madman Pondo and The Necro Butcher to retain the JCW Tag Team Championships
-JCW Champion 2 Tuff Tony cut a promo revealing the #1 contender for the JCW Heavyweight Championship was his homie Rhino, and that he would be defending the title later tonight.

-Officer Colt Cabana defeated Zach Gowen. Post match continued to punish Gowen while calling out Vampiro to face the long arm of the law at the Gathering of The Juggalos, threatening to deport the international star! JCW commisioner Violent J came out to let Cabana know he wasn’t arresting anyone at The Gathering and Cabana slapped his painted face, leading to a short brawl that ultimately saw Cabana cut off J with a cheap shot. Young Violent JJ kicked Officer Cabana in the groin, setting up his dad to deliver a brutal sidewalk slam, before the youngest superstar in wrestling dove off the top rope and planted his knees directly in Cabana’s lower abdominal region.

-Kongo Kong defeated The Weedman via Pinfall. Before the match Weedman cut a passionate promo taking exception to basically everything Corino had said earlier.

-2 Tuff Tony defeated Rhino in an amazing match to retain the JCW heavyweight championship. The crowd was split at times in their support of both grapplers, but in the end Rhino missed a gore through a table and Tony nailed him with the Flaming Fist Meteorite. Post match saw the two weary warriors embrace to a huge ovation.

Main Event:
Corporal Robinson and The Rudeboy defeated The Nigerian Nightmares in one of the wild and bloodiest matches in JCW history.

Sparky Ballard
Drew Taylor

Commentary by
Shaggy 2 Dope (ICP)
Kevin Gill (@OGKevinGill)


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