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The show opened with a 4th of July backyard party. Teddy Long said if the
party-goers make a mess, Eve Torres will clean it up. Santino was going to
light the barbecure – but Kane came in and lit it.

-Alberto Del Rio came out for his match against Sin Cara, but he grabbed the
microphone (not the stick) and said he is celebrating himself, not America.
Del Rio said everyone in the audience is just like Sheamus – a peasent. He
then went into the audience and asked them for their papers. Sheamus then
came out and attacked Del Rio. They made their way to Del Rio’s car and
Roberto Rodriguez opened the hood and Del Rio put Sheamus’ head under the
hood and smashed it closed over Sheamus’ head and busted him open.

-In a mixed tag team match, The Great Khali and WWE Divas Champion Layla
defeated Antonio Cesaro and Aksana when Layla pinned Aksana.

-In a Money In The Bank qualifying match, Cody Rhodes pinned Intercontinental
Champion Christian to qualify for the Money In The Bank Ladder Match.

-Dolph Ziggler defeated Alex Riley to qualify for the Money In The Bank
Ladder Match.

-Michael Cole did an in ring interview with AJ. They showed a vignette of all
her recent antics. Cole asked her what she was thinking when she put CM Punk
and Daniel Bryan through the table – but Cole did not give her the chance to
answer. Cole then called her a troubled little girl. Cole then asked her if
she ever thought about pursuing a real man – as in him. Daniel Bryan then
came out and called Michael Cole a sexist. Bryan then said he forgives AJ for
putting him through the table. CM Punk came out and told Michael Cole to
leave the ring. Punk told AJ that she needs professional help. Daniel Bryan
then interrupted Punk and said that he – not Punk – cares about AJ. Bryan
said that – since AJ is the guest referee at Money In The Bank for their
match, that Punk needs AJ to beat him. AJ then kissed Daniel Bryan – and then
kissed CM Punk.

-in a six-man tag-team match, Santino Morella wih special partners Sgt.
Slaughter and Hacksaw Jim Duggan defeated Camacho, Unico and Drew McCyntre
when Santino pinned Unico.

-Damien Sandow tried to interrupt the backstage party and he attacked Zack
Ryder. Ryder then grabbed the punch bowl to throw at Sandow – but doused Eve

-Ryback defeated Curt Hawkins with Tyler Reks.

-In the Great American Bash 20-man over-the-top battle royal to determine who
will be next week’s General Manager of Smackdown, the participants were
Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater, Jack Swagger, Zack Ryder, Cody Rhodes, Lord
Tensai, Brotus Clay, Dolph Ziggler, Damien Sandow, Kofi Kingston, The Great
Khali, Kane, Intercontinental Champion Christian, Alberto Del Rio, WWE
Champion CM Punk, John Cena, World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus, Daniel
Bryan, United States Champion Santino Morella and The Big Show. Sheamus was
unable to compete due to his attack by Alberto Del Rio.

Zack Ryder won the battle royal and will be the General Manager of Smackdown
on Friday, July 13th.

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