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The show opened with AJ coming out and said there is a very simple reason why she kissed Kane. Before she could say why, Vicki Guererro came out and said that the real story that people are talking about is Dolph Ziggler. Dolph Ziggler then came out and said on RAW he stole the show and he is about to become the next Champion and he will not allow AJ to steal his spotlight. AJ then said he is delusional and so is Vicki – his “Grandma.” CM Punk then came out and said there is no excuse in the world to listen to Vicki. He called her a broken record because she comes out and promotes Dolph Ziggler andhe never wins. He then called her the “voice of the pointless.” Daniel Bryan then came out and said AJ has CM Punk wrapped around her finger and Punk doesn’t even know it and that AJ will cost Punk his title and help Daniel become the new WWE Champion. Sheamus then came out and said that he is looking forward to beating Dolph Ziggler again at No Way Out. AJ then tried to attack Vicki before the tag team match between CM Punk and Sheamus against Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler.

-Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler defeated WWE Champion CM Punk and World Champion Sheamus when Dolph Ziggler pined Sheamus after Sheamus was distracted when AJ threw Vicki into the ring. After the match, AJ attacked Vicki and Vicki hurt AJ. Kane then came out and tried to carry AJ backstage, but CM Punk attacked Kane from behind on the ramp. They went back into the ring and Kane chokeslammed Punk and Bryan as AJ looked on.

-Brodus Clay came out and said John Laurinitis has banned him from RAW and if he goes near Big Show, he will be fired on the spot. He then asked for an opponent and was given Heath Slater.

-Brodus Clay pinned Heath Slater. After the match, David Otunga came out and attacked Brodus Clay.

-With Divas Champion Layla doing commentary, Beth Pheonix pinned Alicia Fox.

-John Laurinitis came out and apologized to Vince for what happened on RAW and that Vince should stay away from Big Show. John said that at No Way Out, Big Show will destroy John Cena. Big Show came out and said that when he was in WCW, he was never able to outshine people like Hogan, Sting and Flair. He then said that he was told to come to WWE and he did and did everything Vince’s way for 14 years while he was sitting on the sidelines. He then said that he is proud that is not John Cena and that at No Way Out, he will make up for lost time and he will make John Cena suffer. Michael Cole then said that John Cena is on the way to the arena before the end of the show. Big Show then said he will be waiting for him.

-Intercontinental Champion Christian pinned Jack Swagger with a frogsplash.

-Ryback defeated Ari Cohen and Mike Testa.

-Damien Sandow defeated Tyson Kidd.

-John Cena came out and said he wasn’t supposed to be there, but when he heard that Big Show called him out – he decided to show up. John Laurinitis then came out and said Big Show is not coming out. Laurinitis then said that what happened to Vince was his fault and that he sent Big Show home for Cena’s protection. Cena then said that he would hit Laurinitis but Cena said if he hits him, he will fire Cena. Cena then called Laurinitis an ass kisser and reminded him that if Cena wins at No Way Out, Laurinitis is fired. John Cena then knocked out John Laurinitis when the show went off the air.

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