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Ringbelles has produced an edition of the Women Of Wrestling Podcast
marking the fifth anniversary of the death of Sensational Sherri
Martel, who passed away on June 15, 2007 at the age of 49. To mark
the occasion, we have spoken to a number of people who knew her at
various points in her life to find out more about Sherri as both a
wrestling personality and as a person.

Journalist Bill Apter told us: “She was just one of my favourite,
light hearted people but a total professional… she could be that
monster, Scary Sherri, and then you could go out after and she’s a
great, sexy lady… I feel like I saw her yesterday. I think her
about her a lot.”

Her rival in the American Wrestling Association, Candi Devine, and
talked about what she was like as a wrestler: “She was very, very
good, very talented – she knew her stuff. Some of the battles we had
were rough. I remember once that we were at the Stockyard in Fort
Worth, Texas, and we beat the heck out of each other so bad. We were
actually staying in the same room; we got up the next morning and I
said ‘I can’t get out of bed,’ and she went ‘I can’t move either!’ We
just beat each other to a pulp and could move the next day.”

Sherri’s personal friend Marianne Ryan shared her memories of Sherri
when she was in the WWF: “On all the drives, she would be just crazy.
We would be driving down the road and there would be a trucker next to
us, and she would pull up her shirt and flash the trucker. She was a
very free spirited person like that.

“In 1991, they were doing one of the WrestleFest shows… and this was
when there was an adult magazine that was going to be printing
pictures of Sherri from much earlier when she was starting out… she
knew the pictures were coming out and was completely torn apart
because she thought it was going to be upsetting for Vince and would
look bad for the company… at the time, Shane was the one who was in
charge and this was when he was cutting his teeth as a leader… and
she said to Shane, ‘when I started out, I didn’t have money and I did
these pictures, and I’m so sorry, and if you want me to quit, I’ll
quit,’… and Shane looked at her and said, ‘were there any devices
involved?’ She said ‘no,’ and he said ‘no problem’.”

Wrestler Lexie Fyfe met Sherri after she left WCW and started working
independent shows and conventions: “I was excited about wrestling her,
and a little bit scared to tell you the truth – I was like ‘I can’t
mess anything up,’ – but at the same time, she also hadn’t been
wrestling for a couple of years, she had just been managing, so I
didn’t want to go in there and hurt her either… then [IWA: Mid
South] told me there was going to be bleeding in the match… yeah, I
was panic stricken.”

Finally, Sherri’s managerial charge and Hall Of Fame inductor “The
Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase also told us an amusing story from
their time in the WWF together: “I used to tease her for being
busty… and one night we had a match… and I took this big bump over
the top rope to the floor and I’m laying on my back selling. Of
course, she was my valet, so she comes over to comfort me, but what
she did was – I’m laying on my back on the ground, and she kinda slid
in behind me so she had her knees right where my head would be, and
she bent over and dropped her bosom right in the middle of my face
saying ‘oh Teddy, are you OK?’, and when she sat up, I had my eyes

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