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-The show opened with Alberto Del Rio coming out in a BMW. He told Sheamus not to mess with him and that at No Way Out, he will break his arm. Sheamus’ music then hit, but Ricardo Rodriguez came out dressed as Sheamus. Del Rio said anyone can be Sheamus, but there is only one Alberto Del Rio. Sheamus’ music hit again and the real Sheamus came out and attacked Del Rio and Rodriguez. They tried to leave but Sheamus beat up Del Rio on the ramp under the TitanTron. Five referees came out to break it up. Teddy Long came out and said that Mr. Laurinitis put him in charge of the show. Teddy then said that later in the show, Kane will face SHeamus and Del Rio will face The Great Khali.

-Alberto Del Rio defeated The Great Khali by submission.

-Brodus Clay defeated Derrick Bateman.

-Sin Cara defeated Drew McNtyre.

-Ryback defeated Tony Andriotis and Kevin Mahoney in a handicap match.

-Christian’s Peep Show was about to begin but Cody Rhodes came out first and said that he stole his title. Christian then came out and said that if he wanted to host the Peep Show all he had to do was ask. Cody then accused Christian of being a phony. He then said that inducting Edge gave him an epiphany and that the fans matter and he should do what he does best. Cody said Christian got lucky at Over The Limit and at No Way Out, he will get his title back. Dolph Ziggler then came out and said he was going to fight Christian.

-Christian defeated Dolph Ziggler.

-JR’s music hit and Hornswoggle came out dressed as JR carrying BBQ sauce and made fun of Michael Cole. Damien Sandow came out and said he is here to help the WWE Universe. He was going to attack Hornswaggle but Tyson Kidd came out and attacked Damien Sandow before he had a chance to hurt Hornswoggle. Sandow then attacked Tyson Kidd from behind.

-Antonio Cesaro defeated Jimmy Uso.

-Sheamus defeated Kane by disqualification when Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Roderiguez attacked Sheamus. AJ then came out and smiled at Kane. Sheamus then gave a Brough Kick to Rodriguez as the show went off the air.

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