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Break out the party hats and confetti, TNA is celebrating 10 years of success. Slammiversary is Sunday and the final pieces were placed.

The show opened with the whole A.J. Styles/Dixie Carter situation. Kazarian and Christopher Daniels have provided all kinds of evidence that the two are having an affair.

The fireworks exploded for this live event. Mike Tenay and Taz talked about how Dixie reacted, last week. Tenay sent it to post-show footage from last week. Dixie had a major meltdown, backstage, laced with profanity. She told Brian, the cameraman, to get out of her face. She ripped into the director for running the audio. She demanded to know who put the audio on-air or she would start firing people.

Dixie was now in the ring. She was getting a mixed reaction from the crowd. She was choking back tears as she addressed the fans. She knew people were going to be hurt. She felt sorry for Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels because they are so full of hate. Dixie accused them of throwing a big rock into a still pond. Dixie started to tell the truth when Kaz and Daniels strolled from the back. Daniels told Dixie not to listen to the booing fans. Daniels said he knew the truth and was ready to share. Daniels said Dixie was trying to hide things but she was found out. Daniels said Styles filled the empty hole in Dixie’s heart. Dixie went off on Daniels. He shoved her to the canvas and screamed at her. A.J. Styles rushed down and cleared the ring. Dixie’s husband, Serge, got in the ring. He turned and walked over to Styles. He laid out Styles with a wild punch. Serge then left the ring and walked to the back. Dixie didn’t know how to react. The two hugged, as the crowd booed. Dixie and A.J. walked to the back, together. Break time.

The show returned and looked at the opening segment, again. Styles really sold the punch from Serge. Dixie Carter and A.J. Styles have left the building, even though Styles is set to be in the main event.

Crimson vs Austin Aries
Non-Title Match

Backstage, Samoa Joe asked Aries if the water bottle incident, last week, was a sign of disrespect. Aries said if he wanted to diss Joe, Joe would have no doubt about it. Aries slapped a bottle of water into Joe’s chest and headed to the ring.

The fans were solidly behind Aries. Go Behind by Aries. Crimson with an Arm Drag after breaking the hold. Aries with kicks to Crimson’s thighs. Crimson rushed Aries to the corner and Shoulder Thrusted him. Irish Whip by Crimson. Crimson caught Aries on the Float Over but couldn’t follow up. Aries came back with wild body shots and a Dropkick to the inside of the thigh. Kneebreaker and a Discus Forearm put Crimson down. Aries with a Corkscrew Slingshot. Crimson got the knees up as Aries went for a Lionsault. Crimson wanted the Red Sky but Aries reversed it into a Hurancanrana. Aries with a Running Dropkick into the corner. Aries tried for the Brainbuster but Crimson blocked it. Crimson sent Aries to the floor. When Crimson went out after him, Crimson nailed a Suicide Dive. Aries started up the turnbuckles. Samoa Joe came down and tripped Aries. Aries’ face struck the ring apron, hard. He was out cold. Joe rolled Aries in the ring and Crimson picked the bones.

Your Winner: Crimson
Grade: B (84%)

Crimson took the microphone and said no one could beat him. He even claimed to have beaten Aries, single-handed. He said he was even better than “that Goldberg guy”. Crimson issued an open challenge at Slammiversary. Hmm…I know a certain former WWE superstar who could give Crimson a “masterpiece” of a match…

Hulk Hogan said he and Brooke had a lot of responsibilities. He wished his daughter well but told her to be careful what she accepted.

Brooke Hogan was in the ladies’ locker room to talk with the four women involved with the upcoming Number One Contender Match: Tara, Velvet Sky, Brooke Tessmacher and Mickie James. Brooke mentioned that she was going to get the girls more opportunities, outside of wrestling. She told Velvet Sky that she was going to be in a Montgomery Gentry video. You could see the anger in Mickie James’ eyes. I smell a heel turn.

Hulk Hogan came out to the ring to make a major announcement. He struck the classic pose at the top of the stage. Mike Tenay talked about Slammiversary being in Arlington, TX. There are a lot of great wrestlers in the Dallas area. One of the best local talents, today, is Slam Shady. He was trained by the legendary Skandor Akbar. Slam will be on my show, in November, in Poland.

Hogan said the party started tonight to celebrate 10 years of TNA/Impact. Huge “T-N-A” chant. Hogan said there would be a week-long party happening. Hogan had a special surprise. He said the Impact World Title would be defended, next Thursday, no matter who wins…

Bobby Roode interrupted Hogan. Bobby said he had a great idea. He told Hogan to shut his mouth and show the World Champion the proper respect that he deserves. “Ho-Gan!” rang out. Bobby said Hogan has been disrespecting him for weeks. Bobby whined about all the things he has had to endure, thanks to Hogan. Hogan tried to talk but Bobby kept cutting him off. Bobby didn’t like having to defend his title, twice in one week. Bobby said he has figured out Hogan. He felt that Hogan was jealous of Bobby because Hogan couldn’t lace up Bobby’s boots, even in Hogan’s prime. Bobby told Hogan to get his General Manager *ss back to his office and get out of his ring.

Sting’s music rang out and the Insane Icon came down to the ring. Bobby attacked Sting and punched and kicked away. Roode turned to yell at Hogan and Sting got to his feet. Sting No-Sold a hard shot. He then nailed a Spinning Back Fist and tore into Bobby with a passion. Irish Whip into a Clothesline by Sting. Bobby bailed out of the ring.

The girls warmed up, backstage. Man, those women are so beautiful. More realistic than the plastic Barbie Dolls “up north”.

Backstage, Joseph Park talked about how things got crazy when he started looking for his brother, Chris…You Know…Abyss? Joseph said he was ready for whatever happened at Slammiversary.

Mickie James vs Velvet Sky vs Miss Tessmacher vs Tara
Fatal Four Way to determine the Number One Contender to the Knockout (Singles) Title

Tessmacher is back to using “Miss” instead of Brooke. Don’t want to get her confused with Hogan’s little girl. The four women went after each other. It was Tara vs Mickie and Tessmacher vs Sky. Mickie threw Tara down by the hair. She landed on the back of her head. Gail Kim strolled out to watch Mickie roll over Velvet for a two count. Mickie worked Velvet’s arm as Impact went to break.

Mickie with a Baseball Slide to Tara, on the apron. Tessmacher with School Girl on Mickie for two. Mickie went after Tessmacher’s back. Irish Whip reversed by Tessmacher. Jumping Enziguri by Mickie for a two. Jawbreaker into a Cross-Tie Neckbreaker by Tessmacher. Velvet made the save. Tessmacher with Forearm Shots. Velvet tossed Tessmacher to the outside. School Girl by Tara on Sky for a two. Shoulder Thrusts by Tara on Velvet. Suplex pin for two by Tara. Tara with a Bostn Crab on Velvet. Mickie came in and slapped on a Dragon Sleeper on Tara. Tessmacher with a Side Headlock on Mickie. Sky almost pinned Tara when it broke up. Brooke and Tara fell tot he outside. Sky with kicks and chops. Tilt-A-Whirl Headscissors by Sky on Mickie. Flapjack by Mickie. Tara threw Mickie over the top rope. Tara went up top for the Moonsault, but missed.

Tessmacher got back in the ring to face Tara. Tessmacher attacked Tara. Tara fought back. Tessmacher with Fore-arm Shots. Tara reversed an Irish Whip into the Spider’s Web Side Slam. Tara wanted to got for the Moonsault but Sky nailed a DDT. Mickie with a Top Rope Thesz Press. Mick Kick by Mickie. Tessmacher with the Houston Hurricane Faceplant to earnt he title shot at Slammiversary.

Your Winner: Miss Tessmacher
Grade: B+ (88%)

Backstage, Bully Ray said he knew what was going to happen at the contract signing, later on. Bully Ray had a new contract for Joseph Park to sign.

Impact looked, again, at the opening segment.

Hogan was on the phone with A.J. Styles. He said he didn’t care about Styles’ “personal s***”. Hogan said Styles was in the main event and needed to get back for the match. He then called Styles an SOB.

Jeremy Borash was in the ring for the contract signing between Bully Ray and Joseph Park. Ray came out first. I do like the new Jack Daniels-like T-Shirt. Ray told them to kill his music. He wanted to be sure that everyone knew who he is. JB then brought out Joseph Park. No music or video, just the suited lawyer walking out to the ring. “We Want Tables” rang out. Bully Ray took the original contract and tore it up. Ray said that was a standard contract for a standard “wrestling” match. Ray produced a new contract. Ray said the new contract relieved him of all responsibilities for what would happen on Sunday. Ray wasn’t going to be held legally liable if he were to break something on Park. Ray signed it and then shoved it into Park’s chest. Joseph started reading the contract. Ray told him that he didn’t have to read it. Park said he wasn’t crazy enough to sign the papers. He refused to sign. Ray offered a handshake and then spat in Park’s face. He then asked Joseph if he would sign it, now. He called Park “A Freakin’ Coward”. The fans were chanting “Rip It Up!”. Ray was having a serious fit. Park started talking about Abyss giving his life to TNA for the past 10 years. Park said if Ray wanted an all-out fight, he was on. Park said he was going to do this fight for Chris, you know Abyss?

Suddenly, Abyss showed up on the Titantron. He warned Joseph that Park has been opening doors that he should never open. Abyss said it was now too late. Abyss said he never asked for Joseph’s help. He then asked Bully Ray “Do I look dead to you?” He said they would both learn just how alive Abyss is…at Slammiversary!”. Joseph begged his brother to come back and talk to him. Bully Ray clubbed Joseph, from behind. I want to see how they are going to pull off Chris and Joseph Park both being at Slammiversary.

In the back, Garrett Bischoff came up to talk to Devon. He asked to be in Devon’s corner when Devon took on Robbie E. Devon said he liked Garrett and respected the kid. Devon said Garrett had heart. He accepted the offer. He asked Garrett to bring it, don’t cut any corner.

The TNA Hall of Fame will have its first class announced on Sunday. I will have my predictions posted by Saturday.

Mike Tenay and Taz talked about the issue with Joey Ryan. Taz didn’t like Ryan’s attitude. Taz told Ryan to get better and then come back. They sent it to a backstage video from last week. Ryan talked about trending, World Wide. Ryan then disrespected Taz for not being relevant. Al Snow came up and read Joey Ryan the riot act. Ryan called Snow and Impact “Pathetic”. Taz’s response “#MakeYouFamous”.

Robbie E (w/Robbie T) vs Devon (w/Garrett Bischoff)
TV Title Match

The two teams came out. They will face off at Slammiversary. Robbie E immediately jumped Dvon and ran him into the corner. Shoulder Thrusts and a slap tot he face. Devon came back with punches but Robbie E with a Kneelift. Robbie choked Devon with the knee. Madison Rayne watched the match and smiled. Who was she there to look at?

Robbie tried for a quick pin but didn’t get it. Running Back Elbow by Robbie for a two count. Spear by Devon off an Irish Whip. Clothesline and Back Elbow and a Flying Shoulder Tackle. Uranage Slam By Devon into the Diving Headbutt. Devon rallied the crowd and then went to rush the corner. Robbie T tripped Devon. Garrett rushed over. As the ref pulled Garrett back, Robbie T rolled over the Small Package to put Robbie E on top. Garrett then rushed in to roll them back the other way.

Your Winner: Devon
Grade: B- (81%)

After the match, the Robbies tried to attack Devon and Garrett. It didn’t go as planned. Garrett and Devon sent the Robbies flying.

Impact looked back at the Hogan/Roode/Sting chaotic situation from earlier. Hogan was back in the ring to try this announcement thing, one more time. Hogan’s voice was shot. As hogan was getting ready to make the announcement, Mr. Anderson came out. He did his typical Drop Mic intro, on the stage. He then strolled down to the ring. Anderson got in the ring and asked for a microphone. The fans started chanting “*ssh*le”. Anderson thanked them for calling him that. Anderson was certain that he was going get a title shot, next week. Hogan told “Mr. *ssh*le” should cool his jets. Hogan asked Anderson if could finish his announcement. Hogan invited RVD down to the ring. Hogan’s voice cracked badly. Hogan then invited Jeff Hardy to join them. Once all four men were in the ring, Hogan made the big announcement. Anderson couldn’t believe that Hogan was just going to “give” one of the other guys the shot. Hogan said that there would be a number one contender’s match: Mr. Anderson vs Jeff Hardy vs RVD! The three will fight at Slammiversary. The winner gets the World Champion, next Thursday. Cool.

Taz and Tenay ran down the updated Slammiversary card.

Kazarian, Christopher Daniels and Bobby Roode vs Kurt Angle, A.J. Styles and Sting
Six Man Match

Styles didn’t come out during his introduction. Sting has modified his face paint, somewhat. Daniels and Kaz went right after Sting and Angle. Sting slapped on a Scorpion Death Lock and Kurt cinched in the AngleLock. The tag champs hit the floor to force the break. The heels stayed on the floor as Impact went to break.

Sting was fighting Daniels, as the show continued. Daniels threw Sting to the canvas and clamped on a Rear Chin Lock. Daniels then switch to a Neck Vise. Sting with Back Elbows to get free, almost. Snap Mare by Daniels into a Springboard Elbow Drop. Kaz took the tag and hit a Springboard LEgdrop. Kaz with a run tot he corner and punched away. Roode kicked and punched Sting as the ref was distracted. Flying Leg Lariat by Kaz for a two. Kaz ran Sting into the corner and then let him collapse. Kaz choked Sting with his knee. Roode took the tag and kicked Sting’s ribs. He then clubbed the back and hit a Flying Kneedrop. Roode choked Sting with the boot. Roode ran Sting into the corner and slapped Sting in the back of the head. Sting started to fight back. Roode with an Irish Whip but missed a corner splash. Sting missed his Stinger Splash. Both men were down.

Daniels rushed over to knock Kurt off the apron. Roode attacked Sting. All three went after Sting. Kurt was down, on the outside. Roode locked in the Crippler Crossface. Sting would not tap. A.J. Styles hopped the guardrail and tore into Kaz and Daniels. Pele to send Daniels flying. Kurt came in and nailed a Flying Forearm on Kaz. Belly to Belly Suplex by Kurt sent Kaz up and over the ropes. Styles with a Pele on Daniels.Flip Dive by Styles to take out everyone. Roode tried to hit Roode with the belt. Sting turned things around and placed Roode in the Scorpion Death Lock! ROODE TAPPED OUT!

Your Winners: Sting, Kurt Angle and A.J. Styles
Grade: B+ (87%)

Sting held Roode’s world title belt. Roode screamed that it was his title. Fade out.


–Jay Shannon

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