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Joey Styles Wants Stevie Richards in WWE Developmental, Chaz Warrington Talks About Juggalos, Plus Maryse and More in Last Night’s VOC Nation Broadcast

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Stevie Richards was in studio to discuss the WWE wellness policy, his time in ECW, his relationships and friendships in wrestling, candid thoughts on current and former stars, and so much more.

Joey Styles joined the show to discuss the upcoming ECW Unreleased DVD which will hit stands on June 5th at wweshop.com. Joey talked about:

Being involved in the production of the DVD: “I had input on choosing the matches; I had input with creative services on choosing the classic, old school, red ECW logo which has never been sold on a tee shirt ever, either by ECW or WWE. I also had an input on the artwork and the inside packaging of the DVD.”

On being outspoken: “I have a reputation for speaking my mind. Sometimes it gets me in trouble, but it’s been good for my career so I’ll just keep doing it.”

On Paul Heyman’s Return: “I mentioned (before on VOC Nation) that Paul Heyman should be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. ECW had a profound influence on the WWE product. It’s great to have Paul back; who better to play a scheming, coniving, aggressive, ruthless character than Paul?”

On Helping Stevie Richards Get Over, and Stevie in General: (Stevie Richards was in studio at WNJC Philadelphia and thanked Joey for helping to get the Stevie Richards character get over) “We are long time friends and you are giving me way too much credit. You are the only person I know that is in much better shape at 40 years old than you were at 20 years old. I’ve known Stevie for 20 years, and I am absolutely puzzled on why he is not booked by some promoter every single day of the week…if you’re a promoter, get your money’s worth and book Stevie.”

On Stevie Richards Working in WWE Developmental: “Being a role model to the wellness program, living in Florida, being in great shape, and being great in the ring…Stevie would be a great addition to the WWE developmental team. I don’t have any infulence, but I’m sure that WWE management will hear this.”

On Michael Cole being moody and his overuse of Worldwide: “Tweet Michael Cole and tell him that you have a problem with him stealing your term…now that I said that, I better have someone else start my car because Michael Cole can be a pretty nasty guy.”

On Tom Prichard: “I love Dr. Tom, he is a great guy.”

How to book Joey Styles for indy shows or events: “Wrestlingmarx is my exclusive booking agent. You can book me by going to wrestlingmarx.com.

Former WWE Diva Maryse surprised the VOC Nation crew by calling in to talk about her upcoming appearance at Legends of the Ring in Monroe, NJ on June 2. She talked about her start in wrestling, her relationship with the Miz, and much more.

On Joey Styles: “I wish you would have put me on the radio with Joey. “He is an awesome human being; just amazing. I would be backstage and say hello, and we’d end up talking for hours. I love that man, he is awesome.”

On her journey to the WWE: “I did the Diva search in 2006 and I wasn’t really speaking any english at the time. I was a wrestling fan and would watch the shows on TV, and my friends told me to try out for the Diva search contest. My friends sent the application in without telling me, and I got called in.”

On the application process: “They asked me to do a 30 second video, which was very hard because I didn’t speak english. But they called me, I went back to LA, and it started from there.”

On the interview process with Ashley and Miz: “I had a speech prepared and Ashley told me that this isn’t a paegent, we want to know why you want to be in the WWE. Not knowing english well, I didn’t know what to say…I could explain in French, but not in english. So Miz told me to tell everyone in French (and the rest is history)…”

On Al Snow: “He was great to work with in WWE Developmental and I’m sorry I didn’t get to work with him more.”

On her relationship with the Miz and still being around WWE: “To this day, he still tells me that I was only in the WWE because of him. I still get to go backstage and hangout; I was at Wrestlemania and all of the parties. My relationship with everyone is pretty cool, we are all friends.”

What she is doing now: “I stay in LA and work on my jewlery line, “House of Maryse”. It will be coming out soon. You can following me on twitter @houseofmaryse.”

On Twitter: “I love it, I’m addicted. I don’t get facebook.”

On going to TNA or coming back to the WWE: “Oh my god, I’m not going to TNA. As far as the WWE, I’m not interested in coming back now…but never say never.” (Stevie Richards interjects and says that it was a great decision not to ever go to TNA)

On her character versus her real life personality: “Some people believe that you are the same as your character in real life. Then they are surprised that I’m really a nice person. I guess that means I was doing a good job.”

Chaz Mosh Warrington called on his way to kickball to talk about his appearance at Juggalo Championship Wrestling in New Mexico, and his previous work at The Gathering. Chaz and Stevie both speak candidly on the ICP fan base, and working in hostile environments. Chaz also speaks openly about working with the team of Nash, Hall, and Waltman.

On seeing Scott Hall: “It was fine. He was sober, and it was good to see Scott sober.”

On the match in New Mexico with Nash and Waltman: “I don’t know if you can call it a wrestling match; it was a 4 minute squash match, and most of the time we were trying to avoid rocks and bottles and soda being thrown at us. The bottles don’t bother me, but these bastards were throwing rocks. Colt Cabana took a rock to the face.”

On working with Nash and Waltman: “They showed up 10 minutes before the match. Nash decided to check his luggage on a 1 day trip and the airline lost his luggage.”

On The Gathering of the Juggalos: “You have to do it at least once. I can sit and tell 100 stories, but you’d never believe it unless you see it. I’ve never seen anything like it. A guy was so out of hit that he walked right into the side of my moving van.”

On his Podcast: “The STD Podcast (Simply Tremendous Drivel) runs every Monday on http://vocnation.com. You never know what I’m going to say. I get together with my old partner Glen (Thrasher) and we tell stories from the road. I also answer fan questions. Send them to theSTDpodcast00@gmail.com or @chazmosh on twitter.”

Stevie Richards was in studio for the whole show, and answered some fan questions:

On John Laurinitis: “John was one of my biggest supporters and gave me a lot of opportunities in the ring as well as in talent relations. He has one of the hardest jobs in sports entertainment.”

On CM Punk: “I don’t really know him, but I enjoyed my matches with him. I worked with him in the WWE’s version of ECW. I enjoyed helping to put him over.”

On rabid fans: “I had a guy at the original ECW that was so angry with my character that he followed me home from the ECW arena and tried to stab me. Paul Heyman thought it was great that I had so much heat. Back then, more people believed what they were seeing in the ring, and it was different.”

On wrestlers today: “Everyone wants to be liked. Nobody wants to be hated and it takes away from the product. The Honkytonk man is still over and was great because everyone hated him and people wanted to see him getting beat. You don’t have that now.”

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