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Kayfabe Commandos, we’re getting close to the wrestling shoot interview event of the decade. We want to make sure you can all get on board and watch the live iPPV stream, and also participate in the show while you watch! That’s the magic of YouShoot!

We’re only 4 days away and if you haven’t ordered yet…DO IT NOW!!! Get locked in so you don’t forget and have to scramble last minute. Just to make it easy we’ve put together some iPPV frequently asked questions below.

How to Order Your iPPV of “YouShoot LIVE: Vince Russo”

Being a part of YouShoot LIVE: Vince Russo couldn’t be easier now, thanks to the magic of i-pay-per-view. You can watch the event right from a crystal clear stream on your computer or Internet device. The amount of questions and videos we got is astonishing and it’s time for Vince to open up about EVERYTHING. Fans, wrestlers, media…it’s PUT UP or SHUT UP, as Russo agrees to go no-holds-barred for this time and only this time!

If you’re new to the iPPV process, here’s a simple FAQ to walk you through the process:

What is iPPV?
iPPV is simply a live stream on your computer, or Flash capable internet device.

How much is YouShoot LIVE: Vince Russo on iPPV?
The event is $14.99

Where is the iPPV playing?
The stream is hosted by World Wrestling Network (www.wwnlive.com)

Is this the same company that had that Ring of Honor iPPV fiasco?

How do I order the show?
Go to www.wwnlive.com and set up your FREE account. Then just make your secure purchase.

Why do I have to set up an account at WWN?
This is to your stream is secure, password protected, and no one else can steal it. The account setup is FREE!

What time is the event?
The show starts at 8pm EST on Friday, June 1.

How do I know it will work on my computer?
If you are running Adobe Flash, it should work just fine! (Need Flash? Go here: http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ )

What if I have problems?
Your stream will go live one hour before the show’s start time, as will WWN’s live tech support chat window. That’s right, there will be real live humans standing by to get you up and running if there are issues. So order now, log in at 7pm EST, and you should see a WWN stream. That simple.

I didn’t send a video or a question. Can I participate while I watch the show?
It wouldn’t by a YouShoot if you couldn’t! Open your Twitter account and send questions and comments at #youshootrusso. With the live tweets this will ensure some real back-and-forth.

I am very high maintenance and need more attention!
There’s more info at WWN’s info page here: http://wwnlive.com/about.html

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