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Pro Wrestling Destination’s Fight Against Muscular Dystrophy Benefit Event

Where: Evelyn Mount Community Center, Reno, NV
When: Saturday, May 26, 2012, 7:00 pm

PWD moved into their new home arena, last night. Three of the four titles were on the line on this wild night of action and surprises. Due to an unexpected late Spring storm, a few stars weren’t able to make it over the mountains from California.

Challon came out to welcome the rowdy crowd to the event. I got in the ring to hold the American flag while she sang the National Anthem. I headed to the back as she brought out the first match.

Match #1
Matt Fury v Jack Moves

These two California kids flew all around the ring in this opening contest. The crowd was definitely behind Fury during the match. He did not disappoint them after a flurry of moves off the top ropes brought him the victory.

Your Winner: Matt Fury
Grade: A (94%)

Following the first match, I returned (under my given name of Jesse Shannon). You see, I was there, not only as a part of the PWD family and a reporter for, but also as the Vice-President of Operations for Rivalry Championship Wrestling. I explained to the fans how I met the PWD kids, two years ago, during my belated Honeymoon. It was also where Bill Apter and I first met in person, after years of talking on the phone and sharing e-mails. I talked about being a ring announcer, television personality (with the great Don Mega) and other fun things that I have been able to do in the last two years. I said that I always wanted a chance to repay PWD for their faith in me. I then called out Vinny Poochanelli and Dustin Ardine. I explained that even though Vinny and I have had our issues, I do respect his abilities. Dustin is more than a friend, he is the brother that I never had. I invited both of them to join me and the rest of RCW in Lodz, Poland on November 3, 2012. The crowd erupted. Vinny then grabbed the microphone and went on a tirade about not gettign a chance to compete for the World title on this show. The two got into a brutal fight until I ordered Vinny out of the ring, under threat of losing his spot in Poland.

I then told the fans that this was only part of the big announcement. For the next part, I needed to turn the microphone (and ring) over to Dustin. I left the ring as various PWD stars and guests came from the locker rooms to line the back wall of the arena. Dustin talked about creating PWD and all the dreams that he has been able to live. He then mentioned how sometimes things you never expect happen in life. He then invited Alita Blaze (PWD Women’s Champion) to join him in the ring. He discussed their lives and how he wanted her to be with him for the rest of their lives. As “Truly, Madly, Deeply” by Savage Garden played quietly through the speakers, Dustin got down on one knee as asked Alita (Alena) to become his wife. The crowd was in tears as they cheered the happy couple. I am so happy for both of you kids.

After that touching moment, it was time to get back to the action. The tag team titles were held up, several months back. Seven teams were set to compete in a unique tournament for the titles. There would be a three-team match and a four team match. The winners of the two matches would meet, later on, to determine the new tag team champions.

Match #2
Ballard Brothers vs Austin Draven and Jake Steel vs Mother Truckin Otis and Maynard Skynard
Round One Tag Team Tournament Elimination Match #1

The All-American team of Otis and Maynard were clearly the fans’ favorite in this fast-paced battle. The move of the match was five of the six locking up in a series of interconnected Side Headlocks. Otis hit a Running Clothesline to set off a Domino Effect DDT of the five compromised men. Draven and Steel were team eliminated. That left the Canadians (Ballards) against Otis and Maynard. Eventually, Shane and Shannon took the next step towards to becoming the first two-time tag team champions.

Your Winners: Shane and Shannon Ballard
Grade: A- (93%)

Match #3
Media Mayhem vs Samoa Sapp and Psycho vs Christian Black and Ryan McQueen vs Latino Express
Round One Tag Tournament Elimination Match #2

Sapp hit a wicked Stall Suplex and looked to eliminate the Latinos. That led to a run in by all of the wrestlers. In the chaos, six men pinned the huge Samoan to send Sapp and Psycho to the showers. Psycho, living up to his name, went ballistic on his partner. He wasn’t foolish enough to lay hands on the big man. Ryan and Black were the next to take the long walk after being defeated by the Latinos. The Latinos seemed to have their spot secure in the finals but a hot tag by Media Mayhem led to the fan favorite team of Adan Reyes and Brad Landon moving on to the finals to face the Ballard Brothers.

Your Winners: Media Mayhem
Grade: A- (92%)

Match #4
Andrea the Giant vs “The Dark Princess”, Vikki Vanity
Number One Contender Match for PWD Women’s title
Special Guest Ref: Current PWD Champ, Alita Blaze

This was a rare Heel vs Heel battle. The gigantress Andrea simply overpowered The Dark Princess in this quick battle. Andrea pinned Vikki to earn herself a future title shot against the woman who had just made the count.

Your Winner: Andrea the Giant
Grade: B (84%)

Match #5
Iceman vs “The Albino Luchadore”, O’Cat
Tables Match for the Silver State Title

This was the final match in this long-running feud between the ginormous man in black and the Albino Luchadore. After O’Cat got in the ring, the music of Sonny Poochanelli hit. The wildly popular Sonny came out to explain that he had won a title shot, over a year ago, but had to spend a large part of the last year on the shelf, after being mysteriously attacked. Now that he was fully recovered, he was ready to cash in. He demanded a spot in the title match. The chants of “Let them fight!” made it clear that there would be a slight change to this match, so…

Iceman vs Sonny Poochanelli vs O’Cat
Triple Threat Tables Match for the Silver State Title

This was a brutal contest that saw all three men suffer injuries. O’Cat and Sonny took out Iceman’s legs with Dual Basement Dropkicks. Iceman fought back and knocked O’Cat completely out of the ring. As he struggled to his feet, Iceman was sent through the table by Sonny, face first.

Your Winner (and New Silver State Champion): Sonny Poochanelli
Grade: B+ (88%)

To give time to clear up the destroyed table and help the injured men to the back, PWD gave the fans a quick intermission. I am happy to say that the injury to Sonny Poochanelli’s leg wasn’t as severe as first thought. He did hyper-extend his leg and knee and had some cuts on his leg from the shards of wood from the table. PWD medical staff examined all three, backstage, and treated the injuries. All three will be fine, in a few days.

Match #6

The Ballard Brothers vs Media Mayhem
Tag Team Tournament Finals

The more experienced team of Shane and Shannon dominated the match for the majority of the contest. The men who stood toe-to-toe with The Road Warriors, The Hardyz and so many others put on a clinic against the extremely popular young team of Adan and Brad. In the end, Media Mayhem pulled out all the stops to defeat the crafty Canadians and take the tag team titles. It was my honor to step in the ring and had the emerald belts to the new champs. They celebrated with the thrilled fans.

Your Winners (and New Tag Champs): Media Mayhem
Grade: A (94%)

Match #7
“Dreamachine” Dustin Ardine vs The Prophet Izekiel
Steel Cage Match for the PWD World Title

Both men were brought out before the cage was set. They were under orders from PWD’s Board of Directors that they were not allowed to touch either one until the bell sounded. They were warned that if either man struck the other, the match was over and the person throwing the first punch would either lose the title (Prophet) or the title shot (Dustin). They were ordered into the ring as it was being set up so they could fully understand the dangers that this hellish structure had in store for them. To entertain the fans while the structure was being set, Challon sang for the fans. After about 10 minutes of anticipation, the match was on…

Various wrestlers and staff surrounded the demonic structure to watch this vicious battle. Prophet received a cut under his left eye after an impact with the steel. This wasn’t evident to the crowd, as his mask covered the hash. Dustin’s hands were shredded by the metal shards of the fence, as well as the metal binding that held the cage in position. After sending each other into the cage, numerous times, both men wanted to escape this silver dungeon of pain. Prophet tried to make his escape, first. He also reached the top but Dustin pulled him down and Prophet landed hard. With the wind knocked out of him, Dustin took advantage and made his way to the top of the structure. The crowd rose to a fever pitch as Dustin let go of the cage and dropped to the floor to become the new World Heavyweight Champion!

Your Winner (and New PWD World Champion): “Dreamachine” Dustin Ardine
Grade: A+ (97%)

Just as Challon announced Dustin as the new champion, Vinny Poochanelli’s music hit. Vinny and the newly-reformed Perfection Personified rushed from the back. Vinny was joined by his new manager, “Tough” Tony Moretti, as well as Vikki Vanity and the tag team known as Latino Express. The quintet jumped Dustin and slammed his face into the cage wall. Vinny then demanded the house microphone. He addressed Dustin, directly. Vinny said he had warned Dustin, earlier in the night, that he could cash in the Royal Flush Briefcase that he bought from The Jake, a few months back. Vinny then “cashed in” and called for a Falls Count Anywhere, Hardcore Match for the World Title.

Match #8
Vinny Poochanelli vs “Dreamachine” Dustin Ardine
Falls Count Anywhere, Hardcore Match for the PWD World Heavyweight Championship

Dustin was unable to put up any resistance to Vinny’s onslaught. Vinny waffled Dustin in the skull with a kendo stick and blasted him with a chair. Dustin was easy prey for the fresh Poochanelli and the ref counted the three right in the front row of ringside.

Your Winner (and New PWD World Champion): Vinny Poochanelli
Grade: n/a (no offense by Dustin)

After the match, Perfection Personifiedcontinued their assault on the weakened Dustin. I rushed over from the announce booth to try and aid him. Moretti clipped me behind the knees with the kendo stick. When I went down, all five kicked and stomped me. The Prophet, Izekiel, who had still been in the cage, saw the carnage and kicked his way through one wall of the cage. He got down on the floor and blasted Vinny. He then took out Moretti with a Bicycle Kick to the face. The other members scampered like cockroaches when the light is switched on. Chaz Masters, of PWD Airtime, came over and helped me to my feet. In one of the most bizarre moments in PWD History, The Prophet, Izekiel lifted Dustin to his feet and showed his respect for the man who had just beaten him. The two men embraced and headed towards the back. Prophet actually removed his mask, only for a moment, and the fans went wild. During the time his mask was removed, PWD’s medical staff checked on the facial injuries. They were, thankfully, minor.

Challon came back on the microphone and thanked everyone for coming out. The next PWD show is tentatively scheduled for July 28, 2012, back at the Evelyn Mount Community Center. I’ll bring you more details as the event draws closer.


–(Jesse) Jay Shannon

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