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The show started with Eve Torres coming to the ring and saying that John Laurinitis is still the GM of RAW and SmackDown but would not be there tonight and that she is in charge. Eve then said that Sheamus will issue a public apology and that she would name his opponent for No Way Out.

Alberto Del Rio then came out and said he should be Sheamus’ opponent. Randy Orton then came out and said that Eve should let the people decide who should fight Sheamus – him or Alberto Del Rio. The fans chose Randy Orton. Kane then came out and said that Orton and Del Rio don’t have the qualifications that he does – and that tonight’s episode of SmackDown is episode 666. Eve then made a triple threat match which pit Orton, Del Rio and Kane against each other later in the night.

-Intercontinental Champion Christian defeated Hunico. After the match, Cody Rhodes came out and said that he brought the title back to its glory and that nobody care about Christian and that when he gets his rematch – he will win the title back in three seconds.

-Titus O’Neill and Darren Young defeated the Usos.

-In a handicap match, Ryback defeated Brian Edwards and Kevin Bendl in a double pin.

-Santino Morella defeated Ricardo Rodriguez.

-Sheamus came out and said he was sent out to the ring to apologize – but he said that it was an accident. He then apologized for John Laurinitis being a “massive arse.” Vicki Guererro then came out and said that Eve said Sheamus was going to face Jack Swagger.

-Sheamus defeated Jack Swagger.

-Damien Sandow then came out and said his opponent, Yoshi Tatsu is an ignoramous.

-Damien Sandow defeated Yoshi Tatsu.

-Big Show came out and said said he has never been fired before and wasn’t used to begging for his job. He said he felt betrayed by his friends and the WWE Universe. He then said that he did not sell out and has no friends and that he is alone in the world. He said helping John Laurinitis beat John Cena got him his life back. He then said that at No Way Out – he will beat John Cena and that the fans never cared about him. He then said that he doesn’t care about the fans.

-Alberto Del Rio defeated Kane and Randy Orton when he pinned Kane due to a distraction by Daniel Bryan and is now the number-one-contender for the World Heavyweight Championship at No Way Out against Sheamus. After the match – Sheamus gave Del Rio a Brough Kick to end the show.

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