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Next Sunday at Arena Naucalpan, IWRG & DTU along with Dragon Gate will co-promote a special show commemorating CIMA’s 15th anniversary as a pro wrestler.


EMLL 5/25 – Arena Mexico
1. Camaleon & Horus beat Camorra & Ramstein
2. Mercurio/Nitrito/Pequeno Olimpico defeated Aereo/Astral/Electrico by DQ when after Nitrito fouled Aereo, he ripped off Nitrito’s mask with the referee catching him with it.
3. Princesa Sugei/La Seductora/Tiffany beat Dark Angel/Goya Kong/Lady Apache by DQ when Goya accidentally hit the referee. Goya challenged Seductora to a mask match afterwards.
4. Lightning Match: Ephesto defeated Stuka Jr.
5. Kraneo/Psicosis/Rey Escorpion beat Black Warrior/Delta/Guerrero Maya Jr. by DQ when El Black got sick of Rey and fouled him.
6. Atlantis/Diamante/Dragon Lee defeated Ultimo Guerrero/Euforia/Titan who was destroyed by his teammates afterwards.
7. Dragon Rojo/Yujiro Takahashi/Volador Jr. beat Marco Corleone/Mascara Dorada/La Sombra

IWRG 5/24 – Arena Naucalpan
1. Dragon Celestial beat Galactico Infernal
2. Imposible & Matrix Jr. defeated Serpiente de Oro & Templario
3. Los Exoticos (Nygma/Pasion Kristal/Polvo de Estrellas) beat El Comando Elite (Factor/Rayan/Spartan) by DQ and the Exoticos wanted a shot at the Mexican State Trios Titles afterwards.
4. Murder Clown & Psycho Clown defeated Damian 666 & X-Fly
5. IWRG Intercontinental Heavyweight Title: Head Hunter I beat Monster Clown after Damian tripped him allowing Head Hunter to hit a big splash off the top rope to retain his title.


The Crash 5/25 – Auditorio Municipal de Tijuana
1. Dragon Chino & Helios beat TG Power & Tirano
2. Mosco Negro/Pensamiento Negro II/Sargon defeated Classico/Psicomantis/Quinta Dimension Jr.
3. Angel Negro Jr./Kanalla/Los Torres Gemeles de la Maldad beat Angel Metalico/Spyder Black/Star Boy/Tony Casanova by DQ when Spyder ripped off Kanalla’s mask.
4. Los Chicos Yeye (Cinico/Viento/Zarco) defeated Jonathan/Las Traumas I y II
5. Perro Aguayo Jr. & Hector Garza beat Carlito Colon & Steve Pain by DQ when Pain fouled Perrito.

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