Posted May 16th, 2012 by Bill Apter

This week’s show features the self-proclaimed king of professional wrestling, “King” Shane WIlliams in action.

You’ll also see the highly anticipated Lumberjack Match between Tim Storm and Killer Nikels. Up for grabs is Storm’s TCW International Championship. This week also marks the debut of the 7 foot monster, Titan!

Chris Cruise and Brian Thompson host – with help from Ken Resnick


  1. By Dennis McCaslin, posted

    World Wrestling Entertainment Hall of Fame member Hacksaw Jim Duggan will headline a 12-match card as TCW Wrestling’s Summer Inferno invades the Fort Smith Convention Center, 55 S. Seventh St. at 6:45 p.m. on Saturday, June 2.
    Duggan, one of the most recognizable stars of the “Attitude Era” of professional wrestling, recently sold out a show in Booneville and will be joining a number of other wrestlers on the fifth spot of the “Hot, Live and Otherwise” tour for the Arkansas-based wrestling organization this year.’
    The Fort Smith event will be an international taping for the organizations weekly television show.
    Duggan, who secured a pinfall win over the nefarious “Syrian Nightmare” Prince Al Farat (nephew of the legendary Skandar Akbar) at the March show in Booneville, has challenged his foe to a rematch after Farat claimed he was “cheated” in Booneville.
    “If he thinks he’s a tough guy, then ol’ Hacksaw will just beat him up again in Fort Smith,” said the flag-waving, two x four carrying Duggan. “I want all the fans there chanting ‘USA, USA!’ so he knows who is kicking his butt. Heyyyyoooo!”
    The main event will feature tag team action between the Bradford Exchange ( Killer Nikels and Doink the Clown) battling international Champion Tim Storm and TCW newcomer Titan (7-0, 365 pounds).
    Boyd Bradford, the “Manger for the Ages” says his team has just one thing in mind…destruction.
    “In my utmost, humble opinion, there is not a more deserving champion in Traditional Championship Wrestling today than the current TCW International Heavyweight Champion, Tim Storm,” a sarcastic Bradford said in his high pitched and irritating vpoice. “ I believe that any man who kisses as many people’s rumps, takes as many members of the Board of Directors out for expensive dinners, and pays off as many TCW officials as Tim Storm does, deserves to have a return on his investment. No doubt about it!”
    “But my man Nikels and the Clown are going to take him and break him into and hen we’re gonna grab this seven foot by the guzzle and slam him straight through the match, ya understand!” continued Boyd. “We’re gonna murderfy them…YEAH, HEH, HEH, HEH, HEH, HEH, HEH!!!!!”
    Another ring legend Disco Inferno, will take on King Shane Williams, Florida beauty Lorelei Lee returns to face the wrestling goddess Athena, tag team champions Genetic Perfection defends against the Tennessee moonshiners the Good Ol’ Boys and “Golden Boy” Greg Anthony defends th TCW Junior Heavyweight title against “Darling” Dustin Heritage.
    Beautiful Bobby Eaton, Tim Riviera, Angel, Rich Rude, Lars Manderson, Johnny Dotson and Greg King Jr. also will appear.
    Tickets are $30 and $20 for VIP and $10 for general admission. The VIP meet-and-greet begins at 5 p.m.
    Tickets can be purchased at Papa John’s Pizza and the Fort Smith Radio Group in Fort Smith, Super Save Drug in Van Buren and at http://www.tcwwrestling.com. Or by calling 479-461-0126.

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