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NWA MID-AMERICA TV CHAMPION: Vacant (last held by Tommy Mercer)
NWA MID-AMERICA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: Vacant (last held by Jeff Daniels & Steve O)

Thursdays 8 PM Belltime.
NWA Arena and TV Studios
1056 E. Trinity Lane at Gallatin Rd. Nashville, TN 37216.
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NWA Main Event Results and Snark for 5/11/12
Posted by TheRusty

Well, first I have to apologize to everyone today as my digital recorder decided to delete my musings from last nights show, and I know I deleted some funny stuff, but lets soldier on and see what I can make of it.

Very large crowd, probably over 100 people, and the first Black biker gang I have seen up close. JT was absent tonight, so Steve O MC’d the event from behind the safety of the T-Shirt rack.

Match #1 – Chris Norte and Nick Iggy (c)
In a non-title match. Smart choice for Iggy to come out first. Iggy is getting John Cena reactions lately. The kids love him, but a lot of the adults boo him. Me, I’ve gained a lot of respect for him the past few weeks. Iggy broke out the NWAME arm drags early. Iggy won this, but it had some memorable moments. Lots of trading holds, Norte broke out a sweet Mexican Surfboard, and overall looked ok in a losing effort. Dyron Flynn was in his corner, and looked displeased with Norte’s lack of a victory.

Match #2 – Kerry Awful and Randy Roughneck vs. Shawn Fatal and Kaden Sade
This was the first time I had seen Awfully Rough (or is it Ruffneck?), and Fatal and Sade complement each other well as a tag team. Randy was a little heavy on his feet, but Awful held his own with the high flying Sade and Fatal. Showed a LOT of guts by taking a 650 from the top rope by Sade at the end. In what was a first for Kaden Sade in recent memory, he was able to walk out of a match under his own power. Even when he has been winning lately, he’s been having to get helped out of the ring or carried out. Not so tonight.
(I may have some match orders in the middle confused here, going off memory alone.)

Match #3 – Eric Hodge vs. David Knox In their “Final Conflict”
This match followed in the previous matchups these two have had. Eric is an accomplished mat wrestler, but can neither throw a convincing punch or take one, and Knox is best when clubbering his opponent. They actually have good chemistry together, and I can see Hodge as a very servicable wrestler if he can learn those things. Several double-countouts were teased, and the end was ruined as Kerry Awful came out and beat down first David Knox, and then turned on Eric Hodge. After Awful was removed from the ring, Knox and Hodge forearm bumped and hugged it out. Is this resolved?

Match #4 No Time Limit – No DQ – Falls count anywhere in the Arena anywhere on Trinity Lane or Gallatin Rd. Psycho Medic vs. Jamey Farrari
This was a thing of brutality and beauty. I often say that Psycho Medic is as hardcore as his payday. Well, he must have hit on the lotto last night, as he and Farrari put on a workshop of how to run a hardcore brawl through the crowd. The action started in the ring and quickly moved out in front of us, with faces meeting charis and flor. Then the action moved outside. We were first blocked from going outside to follow them, and when the crowd was allowed out, they were nowhere to be found but Psycho Medic’s daughter needed a new back winshield, as hers had a Jamey Farrari-sized dent. (Actually, it was all spider webbed, but that was a better way of saying it.) While the crowd was looking for them, the music played for …

Match #5 Kaige Kutler & Shane Steel vs Steve O & Lennox Norris.
Regular readers will know I mock Kaige a lot, but he can handle it, so he’s earned my respect. Steel is starting to quietly become a very solid wrestler, and Steve O just might be the most popular wrestler in NWA Main Event. He was working a handicap match tonight, however, as his partner just flat dosen’t do it for me. I watch Norris work and I think “Airball”, because his offense usually dosen’t come anywhere close to landing, and looks like it couldn’t hurt a flea besides.
Kaige and Steel are a solid tandem, and Steve O looks good when he gets in there. Great spot where he was the face “house a fire” after a tag, and with multiple clotheslines all I could hear in my head was Oprah going “you get a clothesline! You get a clotheslne! You get a clothesline!” Small botch where he tried to leap from the front rope onto Norris, Kaige, and Steel, but he eventually got it done.

The end of this match was distracted by the reappearance of Psycho Medic and Jamey Farrari. Psycho was stomping a mudhole in Farrari, and brought him over to the bleachers for some more pain. Several powerslams onto the bleachers, and a shot to the floor opened up Farrari hardway. Poor boy was gushing out blood from the front and the back of his head. Funniest part was right after Psycho pinned him (on the floor, right in front of us) and NWAME staff was right on the ball with a mop to try to clean up the blood spilled (there was a lot, and both men were opened up, although Farrari got the worst of it by far) but it took a while for the lone medic to come down and check out Farrari. Pound for pound, Jamey Farrari showed he is the toughest “sommab###h” in Middle Tennessee.

Match #6 A Taped Fist Match between Erik Hayes and Larry Cooter. Cooter told me before the match that he has been wrestling for 8 years and never had a taped fist match before. Hayes looks like an old hand at the brawling, and he was quick to introduce Cooter to the proper use of a taped fist.
This match was really too short, and the crowd was really blown up from the Psycho/Farrari match. Both men gave it their best, but there was a lot working against them.

In the Main Event, Matt Madison vs. Dyron Flynn (c) for the NWA Mid-America X Division Title
Flynn spoke before the match about helping to train Madison, and Madison was a heck of a talent, but tonight was not personal, just business. Good, mat wrestling match between the two of them. Matt could never get the steady advantage, but Flynn could never put him away either. Finally, Flynn locked Madison in a Full Nelson (A Flynn-lock?) and pushed him down to the ground. Matt refused to tap, but eventually passed out.
Flynn refused to break the hold, and this eventually brought out Nick Iggy in streetclothes to break it up, which was hard for him without touching Dyron Flynn. Norte snuck in to Pearl Harbor Iggy, and the two of them put the boots to Nick Iggy to end the show.

I’m really sorry, words don’t do this night justice. This was one of those nights where you could just feel something special was going to happen.

The Fave Five
1. Steve O. Not wrestling in Main Event every week, but he seems like the total package.

2. Nick Iggy. Haters gotta hate, you know? Still has a loud fan base.

3. Psycho Medic. Showed he has some wrestling moves to go with his outbursts of innovative brutality.

4. Larry Cooter, because who dosen’t like some Cooter? (Yeah, some weeks making bad Cooter jokes is the highlight of my night. Not this week, thankfully.)

5. The 5 spot was tough this week, so I am going to be cheap and give it to the Elements of Wrestling, even though they wrestled in two different matches. Sade walked out of a match for the first time I have ever seen, quite the accomplishment. Madison showed he could hang in there with Dyron Flynn.

Bringing the Heat
1. Dyron Flynn. The man has it all. Intensity, talent, intelligence, dedication. I eagerly await a face turn for him so everyone else can cheer him like Cliff and I do.

2. Jamey Farrari. He almost got Chickenhat involved early in the match, and finished with Psycho’s daughter spitting bullets. Plus he took the ass-whupping of a lifetime. His head cut in 6 places. A chipped tail bone and both hip bones bruised. 15 assorted scrapes and scratches. Yeah, its all fake…

3. Kerry Awful. A great debut, and I hope he sticks around. Not the greatest physique, but he seems to have “it”, and that can’t be taught or trained.

4. Erik Hayes. Learning to work the Nashville style more, while playing to his strengths. was very disappointed we didn’t see a spit-bottle spot yet. Maybe at some point in his feud with Cooter. Has taken to the heel turn much better then his attempt to be a face.

5. Chris Norte. Still dosen’t generate a lot of heat, but the man has showed off some good technical skills, and I can’t hate any wrestler that looks like Abe Lincoln. Its good to make these tougth calls because there are so many choices, not because I get to #3 and go “ugh.” Not that I’ve done that any week….

As always, the greatest value for your entertainment dollar in Nashville, NWA Main Event.

NWA Main Event Wrestling
Thursday May 17, 2012 8 PM Belltime
NWA Arena & TV Studios
1056 E. Trinity Lane @ Gallatin Rd.
Nashville, TN. 37216

Main Event
Special Challenge Grudge Match
Nick Iggy & Steve 0
“The Drink Destroyers” Dyron Flynn & Chris Norte

David Knox -vs- Robie Ruffin

Psycho Medic -vs- Kerry Awful

Matt Madison -vs- Shane Steel

Kaden Sade -vs- Eric Hays

Plus Larry Cooter, Shawn Fatal, Eric Hodge and many more of your favorites!
Also the return of Prince Omar Al Kazan and Victor Van Glorius!!

$8.00 Ringside, $4.00 General Admission, Kids 5 & under free with paid adult.

Best Concessin Stand in Nashville!


Every Saturday night in Lebanon, TN

NWA Top Rope is 220 East High Street in Lebanon, Tennessee. Doors open at 6:30p.m. with bell time at 7:30 p.m. Admission is $10 for all seats.

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EWF brings the action live with iPPV and ON-Demand products

Empire Wrestling Federation of San Bernardino, the longest running independent professional wrestling promotion in southern California is launching a new avenue for which EWF fans can view the high-impact shows they might not be able to attend, every month. Starting with the XVI Anniversary Extravaganza hosted on May 4, EWF will be streaming multiple shows on iPPV for fans to view at their convenience, for a charge of $5. With this venture, EWF hopes to continue the years of success and tradition as it is known for throughout the southern California region, but also nationally. Currently the EWF roster carries 30 single wrestlers, six tag teams and six women wrestlers. Their events are hosted every month in Covina, CA at the Knights of Columbus and in San Bernardino, CA.

“We are very enthusiastic about the venture we’re entering with iPPV and ON-Demand,” EWF owner and founder, Jesse Hernandez said. “This is going to give all of the guys and gals in the back so much more exposure they could imagine and the fans that are no longer local, can still enjoy the EWF from wherever they are.”

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Friday Night, May 18, 2012 with an 8 PM bell time
Millerville Men’s Club, 8 Lloyd St, Blackstone, MA

New England Championship Wrestling returns to live action with DOUBLE INTENSITY, Friday night, May 18th at the Millerville Men’s Club, 8 Lloyd Street, Blackstone, MA with an 8 PM bell time.

DOUBLE INTENSITY features a double main event consisting of two tag team battles. New NECW Tag Team Champions, All Money I$ Legal will defend their newly won title for the first time against the returning duo, Adrenalize (Chris Neil & Nick Farenheight). Adrenalize were set to contend for the NECW Tag Team Titles back in October when they were attacked by The Dynasty, leading to The Dynasty issuing a challenge to then-champions Da Hoodz and capturing the titles.

The second half of the double main event sees local hero Tank The Tank teaming with “The Boston Bad Boy” Jason Rumble as they take on “The Statement” Elia Markopoulos and a mystery partner, managed by “Mr. Fabulous” Tony Ulysses.

World Women’s Wrestling Champion, Alexxis Neveah returns to Blackstone in a non-title grudge match against Adrianna, who scored a count out victory over the champion in back in January at NEW YEAR’S EVOLUTION.

In addition, Take Suzuki goes up against Chase Del Monte. Plus, Julian Starr returns to NECW action to battle the vetran, Johnny Thunder.

Tickets for this event are $10 in advance and $15 at the door and are on sale now at the Millerville Men’s Club, charge by phone at 1-800-838-3006 or online at

Tickets are VERY limited for this event and it is suggested you order tickets early.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Tickets are also on sale for the huge event taking place on Friday night, June 8, as NECW debuts with STRONGER THAN HURT at the Knights of Columbus, 582 Bedford St, Bridgewater, MA with an 8 PM bell time.

The main event is an unprecedented nationwide event, as the legendary 10 pound of leather and gold, which is the NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship, comes to New England Championship Wrestling as part of a first-ever Best of Seven series of matches taking place at NWA member promotions throughout the country.

Champion, Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana faces former champion “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce in the 2nd match in the series which will be contested as a “Boston Street Fight.” Cabana, who won the first match in the series in Glendale, CA, which was a first blood match, is looking to increase his lead in the series to 2-0, while Pearce has pledge to leave the NWA forever, if he does not win this Best of Seven Series.

Watch the NECW ONLINE UPDATE for the latest news on this historic event. More matches for this event will be announced next week, but tickets are already selling and you are advised to make plans early.

Tickets for this event are $15 in advance and $20 at the door. Kids under 12 are $10. They are on sale now by phone at 1-800-838-3006 or online at

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Check out the latest NECW ONLINE UPDATE on YouTube at

Friday Night, June 8, 2012 with an 8 PM bell time
Knights of Columbus, 582 Bedford St, Bridgewater, MA

With just 7 days until the return of NECW to live action in Blackstone, MA, another jam packed edition of the NECW ONLINE UPDATE is available for viewing.

We begin with highlights from the huge tag team battle in Blackstone that took place in March, as the monstrous Apocalypse and The Devil’s Reject take on Blackstone’s favorite, Tank The Tank and his partner, the 7 foot plus Giant Pharoah, seen for the first time on the NECW ONLINE UPDATE.

We’ll have words from the NECW Heavyweight Champion, “The Infamous” Bobby Fish, as well as Chase Del Monte, who talks about his upcoming match with Fish, as well as comments on his relationship with The Logan Brothers.

All this, plus an NWA Special Report on the series of matches announced between NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion, Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana and former champ “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce that will be making its way to NECW in June!

To watch this latest update on YouTube:
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All in Winter Garden , Florida except were noted

June 9th
June 23rd
July 7th
July 21st
July 27th in Orlando with a NWA CWFL and Legacy Belts sponsored car show across the street from the National Guard Armory Free Admission
August 4th
August 18th
September 15th
September 29th
October 13th
October 27th

June 9th NWA CWFL returns to Winter Florida
Matches signed
NWA Florida champion Deathrow Jethro in unification match with NWA Gulf Coast Champion Tre Mendas
NWA Florida Tag Team Champs the RedNecks vs. Bad Company in a special Grudge Match.


NWA-TWE shows start at 7:00pm. Every other Sat
The show is located at 9256 Hwy 12, McAdams, MS 39107

NWA-TWE can be found at .

Please visit us at and on Facebook at\nwatotalwrestlingexplosion


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TX Stampede’s next event is scheduled to take place on June 9.


VFW Post 8905
21902 Highway 290
Cypress, TX 77429

(on the north side of Highway 290 between the Huffmeister and Telge exits)

Go to for more info.

Visit to purchase tickets to VFW events.

June 8, 2012 (Friday) bell time is 7:30pm

July 13, 2012 (Friday) bell time is 7:30pm

August 10, 2012 (Friday) bell time is 7:30pm

September 14, 2012 (Friday) bell time is 7:30pm

October 12, 2012 (Friday) bell time is 7:30pm

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December 14, 2012 (Friday) bell time is 7:30pm

NWA Houston’s “Retribution” Results 5-11-12

Debuting Stars Shake Things up at NWA Houston Event in Cypress
By: Phillip Barnard, Houston Pro Wrestling Examiner

It’s safe to say that the NWA Houston locker room has been put on notice. On Friday night in front of a packed house of over 300 at the Cypress VFW, NWA Houston returned with its “Retribution” event. Kicking things off was a live trumpet rendition of the national anthem that was performed by Kyle Cameron, a student at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville.

After that, it was time for the opening match. The Crusaders (Pop’n Lock) danced to the ring, set for tag team action. After they made their way to the ring, former NWA Lone Star Tag Team Champions Breaking Point (“Benchmark” Silky Baines and “The Texas Torture Machine” DJ King) stormed to the ringside area and grabbed a microphone. Baines told the crowd that he and King were robbed of their tag team titles last month. He went to verbally bash The Crusaders before getting things started.
The early portion of this match was held in control by the fan favorite Crusaders, using their typical comedic double-team stylings to open the match. But it would be short-lived, as the former champions singled out Pop’n and brutally assaulted him during the match. Using double-team moves and a much-decided power advantage, Breaking Point picked up the win, to get back on track in the tag title picture. After the match, Baines grabbed the mic again to warn Chaz Taylor and Hambone that they were coming for the titles.

Referee Richard Bruce came to the ring to officiate the next match. He grabbed the mic and said he was NWA Houston interim head referee, but NWA Lone Star CEO Tony Brooklyn promptly cut him off and ejected him from the ringside area. He said he wanted the match to be called right down the middle, and brought out Scot Zenzen. Then it was time for the next “Jew vs. You” Challenge, as “The Hebrew Phenom” David Stahr made his way to the ring. Stahr said he had been beating up on rookies the last few months, and that last month he cheated to beat security member Parviz by using his feet on the ropes. Parviz, like the other members of the security team, is also currently training at Tugboat Taylor’s Wrestling Factory in downtown Houston.

Stahr then offered a rematch to the rookie, promising not to cheat or break the rules during the match. He would dominate the rookie through the opening minutes, using a variation of headlocks and submissions to wear Parvis down. Stahr would back Parvis up in the corner and hit a clothesline, and followed with a running bulldog out of the corner. Confident with his momentum, Stahr hit a pedigree-like finisher on Parvis, but didn’t cover him. Instead, Stahr began showboating and posing with fans.
This gave Parvis all the room he needed, as was able to recover and get back to his feet. The rookie delivered a big choke slam to Stahr and picked up a stunning pin fall victory. After the match, the rest of the NWA Houston security team jumped in the ring to celebrate his win. “Gentleman” Jack Jameson came to ringside to confront Stahr about the loss. Stahr pleaded that he didn’t cheat, but Jameson said he just watched the match and he just got beat by a rookie. He then told Stahr to watch his match later, to see how a match is supposed to be won.

Former NWA Lone Star Heavyweight Champion Jasper Davis made his way to the ring to address the crowd. He said his hard work, resiliency, and the fans are what make him the future of NWA Houston. He went on to say he was screwed out of the belt and that he wasn’t booked on the evening’s show. Suddenly Ken Carson, who has been at war with Davis over the last several months, walked to the ring with Barbi Hayden. Carson called Davis a crybaby and that if he was 100%, he would beat down Davis in the middle of the ring. Before Davis could respond, recent turncoat Barbi Hayden stepped in his way and confronted him. While Davis was dealing with her, Carson threw down his cane and viciously leveled Davis with a shocking clothesline.

“One Man” Mike Dell sprinted to the ring to assist Carson with the beat down, but NWA Lone Star CEO Tony Brooklyn was back on the scene. He told Carson if he was good enough to attack someone, he was well enough to wrestle. He then ordered a match for later in the evening, with Carson facing Davis. Then he told Carson that Mike Dell would be banned from ringside.

“Gentleman” Jack Jameson came to the ring for his match with the debuting Luke Hawx. Jameson took the early advantage with a side headlock takeover and had the quick momentum, later hitting a clothesline and running bulldog combo from the corner. This was a fast-paced match between the two, with both men getting several near-falls. Hawx went to the top rope for a leg drop, but Jameson moved and scored with a running kick to the face. Jameson then headed to the top for a leg drop of his own, but got the same result. Hawx moved out of the way, and used his strength to pick up a big win in his NWA Houston debut. After the match, David Stahr came to the ring and mocked Jameson for his earlier comments.

The NWA Lone Star Tag Team Titles were on the line next, as new champions “Real America” (Chaz Taylor and Hambone) defended their gold against the debuting team of Dane and Rowe. These two teams got vicious early, as the challengers used several dirty tactics to get the match in their favor. Keeping Hambone in their corner, the fans got solidly behind the champions, but Dane and Rowe continued to overpower them and use their strength advantage to maintain control. Dane and Rowe seemed to have everything in control, and even looked to be within seconds of possibly becoming new champions.

A crucial tag from Hambone to Chaz was quickly diverted, when the referee was distracted and didn’t see Chaz come into the ring. Distraught, Chaz returned to the apron to attempt another tag. Moments later, Silky Baines and DJ King rushed to the ring and attacked the champions. The interference called for an immediate disqualification, meaning Chaz and Hambone would keep the belts. But Dane and Rowe weren’t about to let things end on that note. They waited for Baines and King to turn around, and the two teams brawled. NWA Lone Star CEO Tony Brooklyn had seen enough. He announced that next month, the Dane and Rowe would meet King and Baines, and the winner would receive a shot at the NWA Lone Star Tag Team Titles.

Up next were Ken Carson and Jasper Davis, in the match that was made after the fight earlier in the evening. Davis wasted no time, marching to the ring and jumping on Carson before the bell. He was intent on putting Carson back on the injured list after what had happened earlier. Barbi Hayden made every effort during this match to get involved and cost Davis a precious win. But “The Name That Entertains” refused to allow her to be a distraction. Midway through the match, Davis hit a stalling vertical suplex that he would later follow up with a swinging neck breaker.

Within a matter of moments, Carson would score on a desperation super kick. As Davis was charging Carson in the corner, Carson ducked and planted his boot firmly across Davis’ jaw. It would only be good for a two-count, but it was enough for Carson to toss Davis to the floor. While they were tearing into each other on the outside of the ring, they forgot about the referee on in the inside of the ring. Both men were counted out, but neither cared. They continued their brawl all over the place. Finally, NWA Houston Security as well as several wrestlers from the locker room had to separate them. This is a feud that is far from over, and looks to only get more brutal as time goes on.

After an intermission, it was time for the ladies to hit the ring. Jen Alise was set to defend her NWA Lone Star Women’s Championship against former champion Barbi Hayden. These two have had quite a history over the last year, being bitter rivals then becoming allies. Most recently, Hayden turned her back on everybody last month and showed her full support for Ken Carson, who was at ringside. However, in an effort to silence the presence of Carson, “Showtime” Scot Summers was in the corner of the champion.

Jen took the early advantage, hitting an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. She would try to go to the top rope, but Carson grabbed her foot to keep her grounded. Summers was quick to chase Carson back to his corner. Barbi took over after the distraction, backing Jen up to the corner. Summers and Carson exchanged words on the outside, while Barbi continued her attack on Jen. Suddenly, somebody stormed through the crowd and headed straight for Carson. That person was Jasper Davis.

They resumed their brawl from earlier and battled all the way to the locker room. It would prove to be the distraction that Jen would need, as she picked up Barbi onto her shoulders and dropped her straight to the mat with an overhead slam. Jen made the pin and successfully retained the gold, leaving Barbi to throw a child-like tantrum in the middle of the ring. Moments after the match, it was announced that both Carson and Davis had been ejected from the ring.

Up next was a unique match that involved the defense of two championships. “The Modern Day Hero” Kevin Douglas put his NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship on the line, as well as David Duperon putting up his NWA Lone Star Junior Heavyweight Championship in a Fatal Four way elimination match. In a match that also involved Rudy Russo and The Mysterious Q, the rules here were simple. The winner of the first fall would claim the NWA World Junior Title, while the winner of the second fall would walk away as the NWA Lone Star Junior Champion.

This was a highly entertaining match between four of the top in-ring talents in NWA Houston. Douglas was part of a pivotal moment in the match, when he body slammed Duperon on top of Russo. He then went to the top rope and hit a splash on both men. Later on, Duperon was in the process of finishing off Mysterious Q. But Russo pulled him out of the ring. Douglas, who was dazed in the corner, snuck in for the pin on Mysterious Q and retained his NWA World Junior Title. Less than 15 seconds later, Duperon was in the ring confronting Douglas about what had just happened. Suddenly, Russo took advantage of the situation and rolled Duperon up for a stunning victory. Russo had not only cost Duperon the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship, but he had just become a two-time NWA Lone Star Junior Heavyweight Champion.

The main event was scheduled to be “One Man” Mike Dell defending the NWA Lone Star Championship against former Psycho Circus teammate Ryan Genesis. Before the introductions, “Showtime” Scot Summers came to the ring and said that Genesis would not be appearing. According to Summers, Genesis missed his flight because somebody messed with his car. He blamed Dell for Genesis not being in the building.

Dell came to the ring and blatantly denied having anything to do with the incident. Summers insisted Dell was behind it, and challenged him to a match. Before Dell could accept, Luke Hawx came to the ring. He said he didn’t feel like he lived up to his expectations during his match earlier in the evening. Hawx went on to tell Summers, who has been down with an injury over the last few months, that there was no reason to further injure himself and offered to take his spot in the match.

Dell started off the match quick, backing Hawx in the corner and dropping him face first in the corner. Dell moved on to hit a snap suplex, and then keep Hawx grounded with basic wrestling maneuvers. This match went back and forth from there, as both men did everything in their power to put the other down and walk away with the championship. Hawx stunned the crowd with a spinning heel kick that nearly knocked Dell senseless. But ultimately, it would be the interference of Barbi Hayden that proved to be the difference. Hayden was in the corner of Dell for the match, and slid Dell’s belt into the ring. He picked it up while the referee was distracted by Summers, and smashed Hawx in the head. Dell made the cover and successfully retained the NWA Lone Star Championship.

It was an electric night of professional wrestling, that NWA Houston has been very constant in providing. They return to the Cypress VFW on Friday, June 8 at 7:30 PM. As noted earlier, one match has already been signed. Dane and Rowe will have a huge hurdle to clear on their way to the top, as they will match up with the former NWA Lone Star Tag Team Champions, Silky Baines and DJ King.

For more information about NWA Houston, check out their official website and their Facebook page as well.


For more information on NWA Amarillo, go to:
Every Sat night at 7pm.
2650 Dumas Dr Amarillo, Texas 79106 at the Wrestleplex



NWA WILD WEST!/pages/NWAWildWest/307559359259126%20%7F%7F#!/NWAWildWest


For more information on NWA ECCW, go to:

May 25 2012 – Surrey
ECCW returns to Bridgeview Hall

May 26 2012 – Vancouver
ECCW returns to the Russian Community Centre

NWA Underground
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Turner Recreation Center
831 S. 55th St.
Kansas City, KS 66106

Sat. June 2
Sat. July 14
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NWA Michigan will feature a two night tournament for the NWA Northern
Tag Team Championships at the 2012 Ionia Free Fair July 27th & 28th.

5/19 – Armory, Grand Rapids, Mi.



Doghouse Xtreme



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NWA Capital:

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NWA SWI OHIO or reach at the S.W.I. hotline at (937)638-4846 for more information.




NWA World Champ Adam Pearce Returns To Charlotte;
Will Defend Famous “10 Pounds Of Gold” At 2012 Fanfest!
NWA World Heavyweight champion “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce has signed a contract to face his number one contender at this year’s fanfest weekend in Charlotte, with the most prestigious “10 Pounds of Gold” at stake.

A four-time champion, Pearce has successfully defended his title at our two previous reunions, beating Bryan Danielson in 2010 and TNA’s Gunner (formerly Phill Shatter,) last year in Georgia.

In Charlotte this August, Pearce will defend against his number one contender, whoever that may be at the time, as determined by the National Wrestling Alliance’s Board of Directors.
He will also be on hand to sign autographs and take photos with fans during the course of this year’s NWA Wrestling Legends Fanfest Weekend, which takes place Thursday through Sunday, August 2-5, 2012.
Our three-day, four-night get-together returns to Charlotte’s beautiful Hilton University Place hotel, and you’re now able to secure your spot amongst a bevy of wrestling’s greatest heroes and villains and hundreds of old school wrestling fans just like yourself!

You may now purchase online — using your credit card, debit card, or checking account — your VIP “All Access” Passes and Hall of Heroes tickets for the 2012 NWA Wrestling Legends Fanfest Weekend!

Save $10 when you purchase your Hall of Heroes ticket at the same time!
On sale now at

On sale now at

Upcoming shows:


King & Queen Elementary School
24667 The Trail
Mattaponi,VA 23156


King & Queen Elementary School
24667 The Trail
Mattaponi,VA 23156

Saturday Night Clash
Southside Boys & Girls Club
701 E Berkley Ave.
Norfolk, VA 23513


Saturday Night Clash
Gloucester Moose Lodge
6565 Moose Lodge Drive
Gloucester, VA 23061

King & Queen Elementary School
24667 The Trail
Mattaponi,VA 23156


King & Queen Elementary School
24667 The Trail
Mattaponi,VA 23156

Saturday Night Clash
Southside Boys & Girls Club
701 E Berkley Ave.
Norfolk, VA 23513


King & Queen Elementary School
24667 The Trail
Mattaponi,VA 23156

Saturday Night Clash
Gloucester Moose Lodge
6565 Moose Lodge Drive
Gloucester, VA 23061


West Point Crab Carnival
621 Main Street
West Point, VA 23181

King & Queen Elementary School
24667 The Trail
Mattaponi,VA 23156

Community Pride Day
King & Queen Central High School
17024 The Trail
King & Queen Courthouse, VA 23085


Saturday Night Clash
Southside Boys & Girls Club
701 E Berkley Ave.
Norfolk, VA 23513

King & Queen Elementary School
24667 The Trail
Mattaponi,VA 23156

Gloucester Moose Lodge
6565 Moose Lodge Drive
Gloucester, VA 23061


Saturday Night Clash
Southside Boys & Girls Club
701 E Berkley Ave.
Norfolk, VA 23513

King & Queen Elementary School
24667 The Trail
Mattaponi,VA 23156

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