Posted April 29th, 2012 by Bill Apter

Beth Phoenix was told that she is not medically cleared so Nikki Bella defends her belt againt Layla

Layla won by pinning Brei Bella (the twins did a switch and it worked against them this time)!

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  1. By Erin, posted

    Yay!! Layla is very talented. I’m so glad she is back!!

  2. By Sischa, posted

    seems i’ve pulled an all-nighter.i just wehatcd last years mr. h’s / undertaker match, because my memory on it was kind of hazy.during their entrances alone (metallica, motorhead, johnny cash fuck. yeah.), i thought to myself, i’m already sold on their match at 28. the theatrics, the stage, the history; these hold enough weight for these two guys to just exist in a match without spending 15 minutes a week standing around saying nothing.although as exciting as the match was for a while, it eventually slowed to a pace similar to the one they’ve been working at lately.

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