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Highlights: Punk gets the jump on Jericho early with chairs and a Kendo stick … Jericho flees the ring and Punk chases him and meets him back in the ring with a flying elbow..Jericho comes back with a thumb to the eye and gets the lead with the Kendo stick.

Jericho breaks part off the barrier near Punk’s friends in the front row and bashes his head into it. Jericho taunts Punk’s sister who slaps him inthe face … Punk is livid and wrecks the TV table and is about to piledrive Jericho through it but Jericho flips him over and hits him with a TV monitor.

Jericho continues the punishment in the ring with the Kendo stick … Next he pours a can of beer on Punk … He gets another and as he drinks it Punk gets the Kendo stick and begins beating him.

Jericho has the Walls on Punk gets to the ropes, gets a fire extinguisher and shoots it in Jericho’s face and then hits him in the stomach with it inside and outside the ring. Jericho is out cold on the broadcast table, Punk goes to the top rope and comes flying off (Snuka would have been proud) onto Jericho and going through the table.

Back in the ring Vice on Jericho but Jericho gets out of it with a Kendo Stick to Punk’s back … Code Breaker with a chair by Jericho and pin attempt but Punk kicks out … Finally Punk uses his “go to sleep” and pins Jericho!

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