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The show started with Michael Cole saying that Josh Matthews would not be on the show because he is recovering from stiffness in his neck and abraisions from when he was attacked by Brock Lesnar on RAW.

-Daniel Bryan came out and said he finally got rid of AJ but said his loss to Sheamus at Wrestlemania should go on her record and not his because she lost the match and not him. Bryan said he will rectify that loss at Extreme Rules. He then said that when he was the guest referee on RAW for the Sheamus/Mark Henry match, that he called it down the middle.
Alberto Del Rio came out with Ricardo Rodriguez and said that Bryan was making excuses since he lost his title to Sheamus. Del Rio then said that whoever wins at Extreme Rules – he will become the next Champion and Daniel Bryan would be forgotten.

Big Show then came out and asked Ricardo if he thought he would get chokeslammed and Ricardo said no – Big Show then said yes and then chokeslammed him.

-Big Show defeated Alberto Del Rio by disqualification due to interference by Cody Rhodes. Cody then pulled out a Kendo stick and hit Big Show with it, which had no effect. Cody then tried to hit him with a chair and Big Show punched it. Cody then took off his belt and tried to whip Big Show but Big Show reversed it and whipped him instead. Cody then left the ring.

-John Laurinaitis and Eve were shown backstage and John said Eve is the new Executive Administrator and Eve said everyone on Smackdown should wear nametags. John then called Teddy Long in and John told him that he now has to report to Eve.

-A Damien Sandow promo was shown.

-Nikki Bella defeated Alicia Fox using Twin Magic when she switched places with her twin sister Brie who made the pin.

-Titus O’Neil and Darren Young defeated Yoshi Totsu and Ezekiel Jackson when Titus O’Neil pinned Yoshi Totsu.

-Michael Cole interviewed Randy Orton in the ring. Cole said that the new rule is that if any Superstar touches an announcer he will be suspended. Cole then asked Randy how he feels that at Extreme Rules, he is going up against a monster that Randy created due to his failures. Randy said that at Extreme Rules against Kane, he will make Kane suffer.

Jinder Mahal then came out and said that he believes that Randy and Kane will take each other down and then he will be the new Superstar. Randy then gave Jinder an RKO.

-With Aksana as the ring announcer, Antonio Cesaro defeated Tyson Kidd.

-The Great Khali defeated Cody Rhodes.

-Ryback easily defeated Jacob Kaye while The Usos watched from backstage.

-Sheamus defeated Mark Henry with the Brough Kick. After the match, Daniel Bryan came out and applauded Sheamus. Sheamus then invited Daniel to come down to the ring and said he would kick Daniel’s head off in 18 seconds if he did and said at Extreme Rules – Sheamus will win and it will not be a fluke and he can’t blame AJ and chanted “YES!” while the show went off the air.

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