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Out With The Old In With The Older

The Rock has made a very triumphant return to WWE and had a great match at WrestleMania this year defeating John
Cena. Rock has let it be known that Rock will be back wrestling again throughout this year and that Rock has set his
sights on the WWE title. On Raw we also witnessed the return of Brock Lesnar. Lesnar also physically took care of
Cena and asserted himself as a force in the WWE once again. Vince must be thrilled to have both talents back so that
Vince can get true drawing stars at the top of the main event card again. Vince can reduce the camera time of both Cena
and Orton who have been so overexposed the last few years. Orton does not draw and Cena has plateaud to the point
that Cena is what he is and will always be, no more, no less.

Both Rock and Lesnar have transcended wrestling and could draw new fans or fans that are long gone, back to
the wrestling product. Cena is not very popular to all fans and his gimmick has gotten worse and worse, and more
childlike, as the days go bye. Let Lesnar and Rock carry the company now for the next year while WWE tries and
repackage Cena to something that fans may care about or accept more. WWE can shelf Cena for awhile and decide
what to do with him now knowing Lesnar and Rock and Punk can carry the company with greater ratings success.
WWE needs a boost right now and Lesnar is that shot of adrenaline WWE sorely needs. Lesnar can sell merchandise
and tickets and will do so in abundance for WWE.

WWE can take this time with Rock and Brock Lesnar on top and start to really create new stars to carry the company
as well and for the future. WWE can properly push Punk and Bryan and make them bona-fide drawing stars that carry
the company on their respective shoulders for years to come. Best thing WWE could have done to Bryan is make him
lose in 18 seconds at WrestleMania. The swell of support Bryan is now receiving coupled with a catchphrase that is
starting to take off as big as “what” will help make Bryan a top of the card superstar in short order. Push Punk, Bryan,
and Ryder and WWE will be receiving ratings far larger than what the ratings currently are for Raw and Smackdown.

WWE needs to change right now and cannot wait a moment longer. Cena and Orton will not bring WWE to greater
heights than what they are and have. That is the sad truth that Vince must face. Cena had one hell of a run on top but
the reason Cena was there in the first place is because Lesnar quit the company abruptly. Now with Brock back, WWE
can push Lesnar back to the top and let Cena find a new identity in the midcard helping push other talents and getting
them over. Lesnar needs to be the focal point of WWE for the next year. Lesnar will help WWE garner mainstream
attention much like the Rock has and will continue to do. Now is the time for WWE to hit the reset button on the
company and start all over again. WWE needs to make change because ratings are showing WWE very clearly that fans
are not buying what WWE is selling.

WWE now has the star power to achieve greater ratings and have no one to blame but the creative team if that does not
happen. Buyrates for almost every PPV is dropping each year and that has to be a major concern for WWE. The talent
on top has a lot to do with it but more so the horrible storytelling is the main culprit. As I just said WWE now has the
talent for the top of the card, now WWE needs to write compelling storylines and push the proper talent to win over the
fans that have given up hope for change in the WWE. WWE has now given fans a reason for hope so WWE needs to
capitalize on the fans that are watching what is going on right now but are still on the fence to return. WWE needs to
lure these curious fans back to watching the product regularly.

The ball is in WWE’s court now. Vince has paid good money to bring both Rock and Lesnar back to the company
and needs to make sure there is a major return on Vince’s investment. The way to make sure of that is to change
what WWE has been doing for too long now. Sheamus is going to be champion for a third time now after Sheamus’
WrestleMania win. If Sheamus does not draw ratings this time around, like he has not the first two, then Vince needs
to understand that Sheamus is not the “guy” to carry the company as champion. Do not keep doing the same thing over
and over and keep expecting different results every time. Yes fans may pop for these wrestlers live but ratings tell the
true story. Listen to the fans Vince please. Fans want Bryan more so than most anyone in the company right now.

Bottom Line:

Vince had to reach back to older stars to help push the company forward because the creative team is struggling to get
current stars to reach those same levels. WWE needs to push Lesnar like what WWE wanted to ten years ago. WWE
can not be afraid of losing Lesnar again. WWE needs to make Lesnar the top guy in the company and while that is
happening, push CM Punk to reach that same level at some point soon. WWE is in a great position right now and needs
to take full advantage of this. Fan interest will be piqued so draw fans in with some strong storytelling involving some
one other than Cena or Orton. Capitalize on who you have Vince or it will soon be out with the older and in with the

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