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Last year we promoted 2 supershows (Grandslam and Main Event) which involved the likes of Big Sexy Kevin Nash, The War Machine Rhyno, Al Snow and the whole F?N show Rob van Dam which exited record breaking crowds. This year we proudly present Grandslam 2012 featuring one other then former WWE superstars the Masterpiece Chris Masters, Chavo Guerrero, Bad Ass Billy Gunn, Joe E Legend, Impact Wrestling?s Star attraction Mark Haskins & many more.

In addition to that we have a very special Q&A with Chavo Guerrero and Billy Gunn in the afternoon in which the fans can ask anything, take a picture with both Billy and Chavo and get merchandise signed.

Late afternoon there will be a Meet & Greet with all the stars of Grandslam (however Billy and Chavo won?t be there. If they want to meet them, they have to attend the Q&A) incl. The Masterpiece Chris Masters. Fans can take pictures, get stuff signed, take a look at our huge merchandise stand and reserve their seats (as of the 4th row) in the freeseating area
Tickets for the show are as low as 10 EUROS and can be ordered at (tickets on the left side, English translation available).

The show will be held at the DPW Arena, Julianastraat 49 in Poeldijk (next to The Hague), The Netherlands.

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