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The show started with David Otunga coming out an introducing John Laurinaitis, who welcomed everyone to SmackDown and said that now, SmackDown will have competent leadership. He said he won’t abuse his power. He said that during this transition, he hopes Teddy Long will be professional and then called Teddy Long out. Teddy Long came out and said that being out of a job gives him one benefit – that Teddy can tell John to go to hell. Teddy said that he cannot walk away from SmackDown without telling the WWE Universe that he hopes they enjoyed SmackDown as much as he did running it and asked the fans for a “holla.” John Laurinaitis then offered Teddy a job in his administration – but Teddy told him to shove it. John then reminded Teddy about his grandchildren and their college education. David Otunga said that their college fund is controlled by John Laurinaitis as the SmackDown GM and that he should take the job or lose the fund. John then asked Teddy to tell the WWE Universe that John is better then him – and Teddy did it. John then sent Teddy to the back. John then announced a WrestleMania rematch between Randy Orton and Kane with a no DQ clause and a match between R Truth and Mark Henry in a handicap match.

-Mark Henry and David Otunga defeated R Truth when David Otunga pinned R Truth after the World’s Strongest Slam.

-Randy Orton pinned Kane in a no DQ match.

-Ryback pinned Barry Stevens.

-Daniel Bryan and AJ came out. Daniel said that if there was one positive thing about last week, it was that he had a chance to think. AJ took the micropohone and said that Daniel is a great wrestler and person and that she is not the only one who thinks that. She reminded him of all the fans that are chanting for him and supporting him. Daniel then said that he feels that they are not supporting him – but mocking him. Daniel then said that all of the “YES” chants from the “sheep” as he called them – does not fix the fact that AJ cost him the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 28 because she just had to have that kiss – which he called the “kiss of death” and said this was all her fault. Daniel called AJ selfish and clingy and said that he will never let her ruin his life again and said when he gets his rematch, he will do it by himself and get rid of AJ – who he called “dead weight” and said the kiss at WrestleMania was the last kiss she will ever get from him and broke up with her.

-With Cody Rhodes doing commentary, Intercontinental Champion Big Show pinned Heath Slater with a chokeslam. After the match, Big Show called Cody into the ring, but he did not go in. Then, Big Show gave Heath a WMD and Cody Rhodes tried to sneak into the ring behind Big Show – but Big Show saw him and Cody ran away.

-Nikki Bella pinned Beth Phoenix due to a distraction by Kelly Kelly.

-A Damien Sandow promo was shown.

-Alberto Del Rio defeated Sheamus by “disqualification” when Del Rio made the referee think Sheamus hit him with a chair. After the match, Sheamus hit the referee and the show went off the air.
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