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PWD’s House Rules I

When: March 31, 2012
Where: The PWD Compound

Pro Wrestling Destination debuted their new house show, The House Rules. PWD presented a quintet of high-impact matches, mixed with promos and fan interaction. Even with a winter storm blasting Northern Nevada/California, the PWD Compound was filled to capacity…and beyond.

Challon strutted from the back to the strains of the show’s new theme music, “The House Rules” by Christian Kane. PWD wanted me to send a special thanks to Mr. Kane and his band for their great song. The song is available on YouTube, as well as Challon was sporting a new tougher image that fit perfectly with the night’s theme. Despite being a tad under the weather, she still sang a wonderful rendition of the National Anthem. She then got the party started!

Match #1 — House Rules Rumble Match

The winner of this specialty match would get a title shot at the Silver State title, later in the night. The men and women came out at 1-minute time intervals. Last in the Rumble would get a title shot, first out…got nothing. The other six would be paired off, based on how they went out of the match.

The Order of Entry: “Tokyo Dragon” Ryu Lee, Alita Blaze (PWD Women’s Champion), “Dark Princess” Vikki Vanity, Sonny Poochanelli, “Tough Guy” Tony Moretti, Vinny Poochanelli, “Flyin’” Ryan McQueen, The Iceman.

Highlights: The first two out (Ryu and Alita) showed their mutual respect for each other. All Hell broke loose when the unhinged former Women’s Champ (Vanity) hit the ring. She yelled at both of them and then tore into her arch-rival, Blaze. The ring began to fill up with individuals. The final person out was Iceman. The behemoth began unleashing his full-scale devastation on everyone in sight. Tony Moretti bailed out, under the bottom rope, to wait for his opportunity to make an impact. He failed to noticed that J.C. Scott was circling the outside of the ring. The play-by-play announcer, who has a tendency to interject himself, heard Moretti tell the fans “I’m not getting in there”. Scott answered “Oh, yeah…you are!” Scott pitched the rookie into the ring. Moretti was soon tossed over the top rope and sent to the back. Bodies were soon flying like planes at rush hour at the Reno-Tahoe International Airport. Vinny sent Alita out to the floor, only to get too close to the edge. Alita reached up, grabbed Vinny’s wrist and pull him over the top. The final two combatants were Iceman and McQueen. It was a definite David vs Goliath type of match. Unfortunately for the wildly-popular college student, Ryan left his slingshot at home. Well, actually, Ryan hit Iceman with several Slingshot moves off the ropes but they only threw the huge giant off-balance. It definitely didn’t take him out. Ryan came off the top rope with a wicked Corkscrew Crossbody. Iceman actually caught him and stood firm. Iceman took Ryan to the edge of the apron. Ryan survived the first attempt to eliminate him but eventually fell to a Chokeslam…over the ropes and to the floor.

Your Winner: The Iceman
Grade: A (95%)

Match #2
Vinny Poochanelli vs Alita Blaze

After the Rumble Match, Vinny stormed into the backstage office of the PWD Promoter. He demanded a chance to fight the young girl that had eliminated him, immediately. The Promoter agreed to the match. Vinny brutalized the Women’s Champion as the rowdy crowd expressed just how much they hate the battler from New York City. After several minutes of extreme brutality, “Dreamachine” Dustin Ardine rushed out to confront his soon-to-be tag partner, Poochanelli. While the ref check on Alita, Dustin and Vinny got into it. Dustin jumped off the apron, snapping Vinny’s arm and neck on the top rope. A stunned Vinny was easy prey for Alita’s Flashpoint finisher. The crowd exploded when Alita pinned the former Silver State Champion!

Your Winner: Alita Blaze
Grade: A+ (97%)

After the match, Challon introduced J.C. Scott. The fans gave him a great reaction, especially after he explained his new ring gear. You see, Scott has been feuding with manager, Funky Brewster. At the last show, Funky and Scott got into it, backstage. Scott cracked Funky in the jaw and sent him out of the company. Scott came out wearing a black tranch coat for this show. He said when he sent Funky packing, he took a little something from him first. Scott whipped off the trench coat to reveal…Funky’s blue suit jacket! Scott told the fans that if Funky wanted it back…come and get it.

Scott then introduced the newest student ay Pro Wrestling Destination…”Tough Guy” Tony Moretti. The New Jersey native came out to a mixed reaction. Scott asked Tony why he was in PWD. “You’ll know…when the time is right…old man.” Moretti slammed the house mic back into Scott’s chest and left the ring. Jeez, Scott just can’t get along with anyone.

Match #3
Sonny Poochanelli vs “Flyin’” Ryan McQueen

This was a rather rare Face vs Face match. Again, Ryan went out last and Sonny went out just before him. These two superstars tore the house down with their 15-minute match. Each man unloaded their entire arsenal on the other. Ryan went for his trademark high-flying offense, while Sonny mixed aerial work with ground-and-pound strategies. The two men ended up going to the floor, near the end. Challon warned them both that time was running short. Both men slid in to the ring, just as the clock struck zero!

Your Winner: Time Limit Draw
Grade: A (96%)

After that trio of wild matches, the fans went on a 20-minute intermission. The faces came out to sign autographs, take pictures and just enjoy meeting their great fans.

The Iceman kicked off the second half of the show by coming to the ring and calling out the Silver State Champ, O’Cat, with a most ominous tone. He return later in the night to unleash his own personal Hell on the Albino Luchadore.

Match #4
“Dark Princess” Vikki Vanity vs “Tokyo Dragon” Ryu Lee

This was Lee’s return to individual action after an extended sabbatical. Vikki was determined to spoil Lee’s return. The two ripped into each other like there was no tomorrow. Ryu’s dislike of battling women was set aside when Vikki drove his head into the canvas with a wicked DDT. Vikki went to annihilate Ryu with her Death Myst but Lee moved as the last moment. A guy in the front row wasn’t so lucky (these things happen at live indy cards) Medics rushed over to check on the unlucky fan, who turned out to be okay. The Death Myst missed his face and simply coated his clothing with the crimson goo. It felt like 1987 at the University of Texas, Arlington, watching Gallagher send watermelon pieces sailing into the crowd. Only the crimson liquid was definitely more dangerous than watermelon juice. Ryu caught Vikki with his Buzzsaw Kick to to take the win and make a successful return.

Your Winner: “Tokyo Dragon” Ryu Lee
Grade: A (95%)

Main Event
Match #5

The Iceman vs “The Albino Luchadore”, O’Cat
Silver State Title Match

O’Cat came out and tried to make amends with his opponent by offering him tacos. Iceman blasted the champion after the lily-white Latino shoved the spicy food in Iceman’s face. Iceman used his superior power to just beat O’Cat senseless. O’Cat stepped back and decided he wanted to try for Iceman’s $10,000 self-imposed bounty by winning the Body Slam Challenge. Iceman gave him one shot at picking him up. After trying, O’Cat quipped “He is mas gordo (very fat)”. Iceman, who understood the insult, beat on O’Cat like a pinata. Iceman blocked O’Cat’s 775.Their battle spilled out of the ring and Iceman threw O’Cat into one of the entrance doors. O’Cat caught his leg on the mail slot in the door and ripped a huge gash open in his leg. The valiant champion simply refused to give up. He went after Iceman’s mask. He spun it around, making it impossible to see or even breathe. Iceman surprised O’Cat by actually removing the mask. I was right at ringside and was stunned when Iceman was wearing camo face paint, underneath, so his identity still remains a mystery. When the loss of the mask didn’t even slow the challenger down, O’Cat had to try and find a new strategy.

O’Cat shifted his focus to Iceman’s legs. A Basement Dropkick sent the big man down to his knees. An Enziguri dropped the big man onto his back. He caught Iceman with the 775 and then nailed “El Codo del Gente” (The People’s Elbow). O’Cat then went tot he top and nailed El Lobo Codo (Savage Elbow). O’Cat got too close to the ginormous challenger and Iceman grabbed him. He locked the champion in the HardRock, his submission finisher. O’Cat reached the ropes and the ref forced the break. Iceman stopped for a moment and then Chokeslammed O’cat off the apron. The ref, Slim Jim, ordered Iceman to stay back and he began to count. He reached ten and called for the bell.

Sonny Poochanelli, Ryan McQueen and Ryu Lee all rushed out to protect the downed champion. they helped him to the back.

Your Winner (by count-out): The Iceman
Grade: A (96%)

O’Cat retained his title due to the loss being by count-out. Iceman seemed to not care that he didn’t win the title. He was simply there to hurt the champion. Why? Who is behind all this? I tried to ask Iceman, after the match, who was setting all this up? He patted me on the shoulder and stated “Jay, all I will say is the person wanting this will reveal their identity when they are ready. The money is good and I ask very few questions. It might be good for your health not to ask too many either”. Ok, understood and noted.

The crowd then filed out into the chilly night. The buzz was all about how Alita overcame the odds to beat Vinny. They also wondered just how hurt was O’Cat and what would he have next for his nemesis. Be sure to check out the website: for future House Rules shows, as well as some spectacular news stories that lie just around the corner.


–Jay Shannon

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