Posted April 2nd, 2012 by Bill Apter

I’m at Miami International Airport and just want to take a moment (as the airplane is at the gate and ready to leave soon to take me back to Philadelphia) to thank all the fans from all over the world for attending WRESTLEREUNION. We’re headed to Toronto in a few weeks (www.wrestlereunion.com for full details) WRESTLEREUNION Founder Sal Corrente and WRESTLEREUNION sponsor Highspots put together a seamless weekend of events and it was a pleasure hosting the entire weekend and hanging out with all of those who attended.

I also want to thank the large number of fans at WRESTLEREUNION, The WWE Hall Of Fame, and WrestleMania who approached me to say how you have followed my career and still do here on 1Wrestling.com. I was totally flattered by your kind words (from fans all over the world — Japan, Australia, the UK, Ireland, Scotland, Italy, India, and of course the good old USA)! Thank you

This was an amazing weekend and of course WRESTLEMANIA was quite the spectacle. Manyl fans have asked me what the highlight was for me and without hesitation it was the “Hell In A Cell” match with Undertaker beating Triple H with Shawn Michaels as the referee.

A very special thank you to Dave from Oz, Fabias from Singapore, and Matt from Ft. Lauderdale. You assistance was greatly appreciated.

Once again – thank you and as I always write, I’ll see YOU at the matches!

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