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Smackdown started with John Laurinatis saying he should be the one to run RAW and Smackdown and he would prove it.

The first match was a steel cage match between Santino Marella and Jack Swagger. Santino escaped from the cage and won the match, much to the chagrin of Vickie Gurrero, who was at ringside and tried to slam the door on Santino, but instead slammed it on Swagger. After the match, Teddy Long came out and gave Santino a congratulatory hug.

Backstage, Laurinatis and David Otunga discussed his status as GM of RAW.Then Teddy Long came over to Laurinatis and Laurinatis said that on last week’s Smackdown, he agreed to let Kane fight Oksana during Smackdown. Teddy Long protested the match, but Laurinatis told him he was going to make the match happen. Then Teddy Long tried to make up with Laurinatis and he said no. Teddy Long asked Laurinatis not to put Oksana in harms way. Laurinatis then got Teddy Long to apologize to him for his bad behavior. Laurinatis said he wanted to settle their differences in a match tonight. Laurinatis said that if Teddy Long beat him in a match, Oksana would have to face Kane in the ring.

Drew McIntyre then came out and said he was there because Laurinatis gave him a chance to get his job back if he faced a mystery opponent that Laurinatis chose. McIntyre asked who Laurinatis had for him and The Great Kahli came out. Before the match could begin, David Otunga came out and told The Great Kahli to get out of the ring, because he was not in the match. Instead, Hornswoggle came out to wrestle Drew McIntyre. When Drew body slammed Hornswoggle, the ref declared that Hornswoggle could not continue the match and therefore, Drew McIntyre won the match. The Great Kahli then jumped back into the ring to check on Hornswoggle.

Backstage, Teddy Long was getting ready for his match against John Laurinatis and Oksana came to him and begged him not to fight Laurinatis. Teddy Long said he had to fight in the match because Laurinatis insulted his manhood and he needed to be taught a lesson.

Ezekiel Jackson then faced Mark Henry in the ring. Mark Henry pinned Ezekiel Jackson for the win.

Laurinatis and Teddy Long came out with David Otunga and Oksana in their respective corners, and Laurinatis asked Teddy Long if he was really going to do this. Laurinatis stated that Kane was backstage and ready to come out. Laurinatis asked Teddy Long why he would put Oksana in harm’s way and asked Teddy Long to lay down. He refused and then Kane made his entrance. As soon as Kane attempted to get into the ring, Randy Orton came out and gave him an RKO. Because Laurinatis was distracted, Teddy Long pinned him and won the match.

Kofi Kingston then came out for a tag team match with Kofi and R. Truth against Epico and Primo. Kofi Kingston and R. Truth defeated Primo and Epico.

Michael Cole then interviewed Sheamus and Daniel Bryan in the ring. Sheamus insulted Daniel Bryan’s girlfriend AJ, who was in the ring with him. Daniel Bryan then said that AJ has gotten in the way of his success. Shaemus told Daniel Bryan he’s going to beat him for the World Heavyweight Championship belt at Wrestlemania.

In the last match of the night, The Miz, Cody Rhodes and Daniel Bryan faced The Big Show, Randy Orton and Sheamus. The Big Show, Randy Orton and Sheamus won the match. Smackdown ended with Kane coming out and fighting Randy Orton.

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