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IMPACT Wrestling Wrestlers of the Week 3.8.12
By Neil Borenstein

Each week here at, I will select three of the top wrestlers from TNA’s IMPACT Wrestling and present them to you in inverse order as the show’s Wrestlers of the Week. In choosing the show’s top three superstars, performances from that week’s IMPACT Wrestling and any relevant preceding programming – such as Pay-Per-Views – will be taken into consideration.

IMPACT Wrestling Wrestlers of the Week for March 8, 2012

3. Crimson and Matt Morgan – for rebounding from TNA World Tag Team Title losses by defeating Robbie E and T, though they still aren’t on the same page:

The duo of Crimson and Matt Morgan is not doing too well as of late. They have lost the TNA World Tag Team Championships that they managed to grasp almost the instant they were put together. And in their rematch against Samoa Joe and Magnus, a lack of cohesive and communication prevented them from reclaiming those straps. Blame is being thrown around left and right by both competitors. And it seems as if the bond that was almost forced upon them months ago by Sting is slowly breaking apart for what seemed to be such a dominating tag team in TNA.

For now, though, Crimson and Morgan remain committed to trying to work things out. They promised to move forward and work together as a team during this week’s episode of IMPACT Wrestling. Such a stance would be critical considering they were scheduled to face Robbie E. and Rob Terry in a match where the winner would earn a shot at the TNA World Tag Team Championships.

Crimson suffered a great deal of punishment at the hands of Robbie E. and Robbie T., albeit with a slight bit of cheating when the referee wasn’t paying attention. But a sudden spinebuster to Robbie T. enabled him to crawl to his corner for a tag to Morgan, who entered the ring on fire by taking down Robbie E. and closelining Terry to the outside. With the big man out of the equation, Morgan turned right back to Robbie E. for the Carbon Footprint that dropped him straight to the mat. For all the work Morgan did that after Crimson had his butt handed to him, it would seem only fair that “The Blueprint” pick up the pinfall. But Crimson thought otherwise and made the blind tag to steal the pin for the team.

Morgan was upset and they did argue about Crimson’s actions. But that doesn’t erase the fact that these two are back in line for an opportunity to reclaim the tag straps. Unfortunately, these two are not even remotely on the same page and are going to find it very tough to take the gold away from Joe and Magnus if they continue to fight with each other.

2. Garett Bischoff and Jeff Hardy – for joining forces to defeat Gunner and Kurt Angle in tag team main event action:

Garett Bischoff is apparently a big deal in TNA these days, a revelation that a rather big shocker to me. Over the past few weeks, he has received warnings about a target being on his back from the likes of Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair. In fact, “The Nature Boy” informed him that it might be wise to not even show up this week. But alas, the future of the business appeared at the IMPACT Zone and stepped right into tag team main event action.

Bischoff, Flair and Gunner opened the program to announce that tag team bout, which began as a bit of a mystery. Bischoff got Sting to agree to make the match happen, with Gunner teaming up with a partner to be named against Gunner and an opponent of his choosing. Gunner’s opponent was revealed pretty much right away, with Kurt Angle coming to the ring much to the surprise of the elder Bischoff. Garett’s partner, on the other hand, would make his presence felt just in time for the main event. And that man ended up being Angle’s opponent at Victory Road, Jeff Hardy.

For some reason, that caught Gunner and Angle completely off guard. But they were still eager to do what they set out to do to Garett and had no qualms about taking care of Hardy in the process.

Unfortunately for Bischoff’s henchmen, things did not quite go according to plan in that regard. Angle and Gunner did do a very effective job cutting off the ring on Hardy for much of the matchup. But the punishment dished out to Hardy was never enough to put him away and a reverse enziguri kick deep into the matchup finally enabled him to make the hot tag to Garett.

He drilled Angle with a closeline and then knocked Gunner off the apron. He came off the ropes for a double axe handle to Angle and then a closeline, followed by a back elbow. Garett sent Angle to the ropes this time and put him face first into the mat before preventing Gunner from getting back onto the apron with a dropkick that sent him right back down to the floor. Gunner kicked Angle in the gut and put him down on the mat with a cutter type move to get a pinning opportunity. Gunner broke this up and tried to double team Garett as Angle made his way back to his feet. But Garett countered them with a double closeline that sent Gunner rolling back to the outside and Angle conveniently placed right near the corner. Hardy took Angle’s positioning as an opportunity to go for the Swanton Bomb, which he nailed and immediately hooked the leg for a three-count.

That really was quite a win for Garett and Hardy. Hardy was taken to task for most of the match and really relied on Garett to get the team back on top once a tag was finally made. The junior Bischoff was able to do just that with a very effective offense against both Angle and Gunner, leading all the way up to Hardy finding the right moment to get back in to finish things. Garett may have a bounty on his head. But he knows now that there’s at least one man in that locker room that has his back. And they were able to come away with a huge tag team victory Thursday night.

1. Eric Young and ODB – for becoming the new TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championships before participating in an awkwardly charming marriage proposal:

It’s safe to say to this point that things are pretty serious between Eric Young and ODB. They’ve been together ever since forming randomly in the Wild Card Tag Team Tournament and have bonded romantically since. It’s disturbingly charming in a way.

That level of cohesive is not nearly as present in regards to the team of Madison Rayne and Gail Kim – even without the romantic overtones. They are set to square off for the TNA Knockouts Championship at Victory Road in a match Kim wants nothing to do with and Rayne assures will provide the champ the high-level of competition she deserves. Needless to say, they are not on the same page.

But they were still TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions. And a defense of those titles would be required on their part this week on IMPACT Wrestling. While Sting was talking to himself in the mirror backstage, Young went to see him to talk about ODB. And Sting ended up granting the two of them a shot at the Knockouts tag team gold. It was unorthodox move to say the least – but that seemed to be the trend considering all the elements involved.

Considering Young is a man and all, it would have appeared Kim and Rayne were really at a disadvantage here. But Young was hesitant to put his hands on either one of them and forced ODB to tag herself in when he refused to do much of anything early on. ODB did well, but Young did eventually end up back in the ring and finally came to his senses when he performed an airplane spin on both Kim and Rayne concurrently in the middle of the ring.

That move enabled him to go for a cover on Kim, but it was broken up by Rayne. Some closelines were delivered to Young and the champs looked to deliver a double closeline to him that may have actually sent him over the top rope. But as they turned around, ODB took them both down with closelines of her own and then sent Rayne to the outside. She tried to whip Rayne into the steel ring steps, but it was reversed by Rayne and she was sent into the steps shoulder-first instead.

Meanwhile, Kim was delivering shots to Young in the ring as he decided it was time to drop some trou. While the referee was checking on ODB, Rayne took this opportunity to grab the Knockouts Championship to use inside the ring. While Young had his back turned to her and was grabbing on Kim, Rayne nailed him in the back with the strap. Unfortunately, that just forced Young to fall forward right on top of Kim. As she struggled to get out from underneath him, the referee turned back around and counted the pin all the way to three to crown new TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions.

For as exciting as this championship victory was for Young and ODB, it was nothing in comparison to what was coming. Young got down on a knee and proposed to ODB, who then turned the tables and proposed to Young. He said yes, ran a lap around the ring and then got back inside for a make out session with his new fiancé.

So, it was an all-around great night for the happy couple. To capture the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Titles – a championship Young probably never expected to hold – and get engaged in the same night is a pretty solid series of events for Young and ODB.

Neil Borenstein

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