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Chicago, IL to Canada – The name Kevin Steen will only resonate with a few of you who are reading this, and if you don’t know, you need to know. I don’t want to get into a long diatribe about Steen’s career and his highlights, so I’ll keep it short. He’s Canadian, where you either play hockey or you wrestle. Luckily for us, Steen is a pro wrestler. He’s not a sports-entertainer; he’s a pro wrestler, which is precisely why you haven’t heard of him yet — assuming you haven’t. I was lucky enough to sit down at my inbox and ask Steen some questions. I was also lucky enough that he sat down at his inbox and answered those questions. I ask about Jim Cornette, Steve Corino, ROH, saving wrestling, WWE, Twitter, and more!

Ford Denny: In Three Words Describe Kevin Steen?

Kevin Steen: Husband, Father, Maniac

FD: You recently returned to Ring of Honor after a lengthy absence; how was the time away from Jim Cornette?
KS: It was good to be away from all of his politics that be brought over from the other companies he’s worked for, but I was basically being kept away from doing what I love and what I was born to do, so that part wasn’t much of a thrill. Thank God for PWG, C*4 and NSPW, among other promotions, keeping me sane.

I’m still convinced that Cornette is stuck in the seventies and will continue to be until someone can convince me otherwise. Perhaps I am biased as I have a lot of admiration for Vince Russo. I know they do not get along, and I know that Cornette was against Russo back in the WWF. The only thing Russo went on to do was that whole thing we called the “Attitude Era,” which is why I LOVE the current storyline of Steen being sick of ROH, and a pain in the ass to Cornette. It makes me smile.

I continue with Kevin Steen…

FD: On the topic of your return, how was working with a legend like Steve Corino? What did you learn from him?
KS: I’ve known Steve for quite a while. Despite what I think of his current direction, wrestling with or against him or having him in my corner for my matches is always an absolute honor and thrill. He’s one of my idols, and I appreciate every time I get to work with him in any capacity. And I’ve learned many things from him, but I would say the most important one is how to be a good father while still being a pro wrestler.

The sole purpose for me ordering Final Battle back in December was to see the payoff between Steen & Corino. This match did not disappoint. If you missed it, I suggest you do what you can to see it. The brutality in the match fit the story perfectly.

Now we move to ROH…

FD: How much is your animosity towards ROH a shoot and how much of it is a work?

KS: This may be hard to believe for some people, but everything I say about ROH and the people that work there is 100% genuine. I feel I was cheated out of a year of my career by them, and I despise everyone involved. It was a BS move — pure and simple. Now that I’m back, I intend to show everyone that I belong, that I should have never been kept out.

Is Steen working us? I would like to think not. I will say this: they’ve always said the best way to get the most out of wrestlers is to have them be themselves, so it’s reasonable to think that Steen truly is pissed at ROH, which makes for great TV. Check your local listings at

FD: Can Kevin Steen change the state of pro wrestling?

KS: No, but he can make the pro wrestling he’s a part of a lot of fun. That’s all I want.

Look, if Kevin Steen is allowed to be himself and voice his true feelings (like Steve Austin did at ECW), this guy CAN save pro wrestling, so I will politely disagree with him. It’s storylines and angles like the one that Steen is currently in that are the launching pad for greatness. It’s also easy to say that for Steen to truly save wrestling, he needs to get to the WWE. We’ll have more on that later.

FD: Someone tweeted you to “get to the WWE soon,” to which you replied, “OK, coming!” Is that the ultimate goal?
KS: Not really. I’d love it, of course, but a blind man can figure out why I don’t belong there in my current state. My ultimate goal is really to just be able to make a good living from wrestling so that my family and I can be happy and they can have everything they deserve and need. Is working for WWE the only way to achieve that? Possibly. So it’s a tricky question with a complicated answer, and I’m too tired to go more into it. NEXT!

I think him saying, “A blind man can figure out why I don’t belong there in my current state” means he’s referring to his build? Possibly, and if that is the case, he’s right. The WWE really only likes guys who have that “made in a lab look.” At least, that’s who seems to ever get a real push. Of course, the current run of world champions do not look like that, but generally, they do.

Now to get off the topic of wrestling, let’s turn to Twitter…

FD: What’s your biggest pet peeve when it comes to people on Twitter?
KS: People I don’t know that ask me to follow them. Ninety-nine-percent of the time, I won’t simply because if I do, then my timeline gets too busy and I miss tweets from my friends or from news sources that I’d want to see. It’s nothing personal or anything.

I think Steen should follow me (@FordDenny). Now, back to his answer…

And also, I always have a hard time with people who can’t spell or write properly. I just don’t get it.

Or people that ask me to do stuff for them. This one fan once asked me ”hey wen is rOH cummin bck to Cali?” and once I replied that ”I have no f!#!@#! idea”, he came back with ”Wel ask sum1 u know dat work der n tell me lolll”

I then blocked him, and he proceeded to tweet insults about me to other wrestlers for months with his horrible spelling and ridiculous ”hip-hop style” (his words) writing.

I love to ask this next question as the final question. I’ve been doing it for years when I was doing internet radio, and I’ll do it here in my first EVER written interview…

FD: Where is Kevin Steen in five years?

KS: The only answer I can give is, I know that whatever I’m doing or wherever my career has taken me or not taken me at that point, I’ll be with my wife, son, cats, probably another kid, and possibly a dog and / or snake, and I’ll be enjoying life.

And changing the business.

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