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•The show opened with Teddy Long in the ring who announced the participants for the 2012 Elimination Chamber match for the World Heavyweight Championship: Champion Daniel Bryan; Wade Barrett; Big Show; Cody Rhodes; Mark Henry; and Randy Orton.

Mark Henry then came out and said that he did not like that announcement because he had a one-in-six chance to win that match and he doesn’t like that. Teddy said since he lost at the Royal Rumble, he’s lucky Teddy is even putting him in the match. Henry then said he is the big fish on SmackDown and he should be taken out of the Chamber match and given a shot against Bryan on that show. Teddy then said he took him out of the Chamber, and he will not give him a match on SmackDown either. Henry said that Teddy is replaceable and he should do the right thing. Henry then put his hands on Teddy Long and Teddy suspended him indefinitely. Henry said that if he is getting suspended he may as well get his money’s worth out of it.

Sheamus then came out and gave Mark Henry the Brough Kick. Teddy then asked Sheamus if he knows what title he is going after at Wrestlemania. Sheamus said no and that he will wait until after the Elimination Chamber to decide.

Cody Rhodes then came out and said that he didn’t wish to fight Sheamus, but to warn him. Cody said that no one will remember that Sheamus won the Rumble and that Cody eliminated the most people in the Rumble – six. He then said that at the Chamber, he will win and be the first dual-champion since the Ultimate Warrior. Cody said that like the Warrior, he can’t understand what Sheamus and Teddy are saying half the time. Teddy then made a match between Cody and Sheamus for after the break.

•In a non-title match, Sheamus defeated Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes.

•Justin Gabriel and Hunico wrestled to a no contest when Cody attcked Justin Gabriel from behind and Camacho joined in on the attack. Then, the Great Khali came out and saved Justin Gabriel.

•WWE Tag Team Champions Primo and Epico, accompanied by Rosa Mendes, defeated Santino Marella and “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan when Primo pinned Santino.

•Michael Cole interviewed Daniel Bryan in the ring. Cole said that he never thought Bryan would make it in the WWE and said that he did win at the Rumble, and admitted that he was wrong about Bryan. Bryan then said he appreciated what Cole said and then said that not everything is about Cole, but this was about him and asked Cole to leave the ring. Bryan then said that he beat two monsters at the Rumble and that proved that he is a great champion and role model and that everyone should be like him – be a Vegan and that the audience members were some of the worst offenders of eating meat and that since he is a Vegan, he is the healthiest person in the arena. He then said that he has dominated the Big Show time and time again and that Show is a failure and that if Teddy long does not take Show out of the Chamber – he will take his case to the WWE Board of Directors. Big Show then came out and said he would have interrupted Bryan eariler – but he was in the back finishing a steak. He said that a real role model leads by example and that he thinks Bryan is a pompass arrogant ass and that after the Chamber – he will still be one – just one without a title. Bryan then taunted Show who wound up attacking Bryan until AJ came out wearing a neckbrace and stopped Show from knocking Bryan out. AJ and Bryan then embraced and left.

•Divas Champion Beth Phoenix and Natalya defeated Aksana and Tamina when Beth Pheonix pinned Aksana. After the match, Natalya went to put the Sharpshooter on Aksana – but received a kick and superfly splash from Tamina instead.

•The commentators announced that due to his suspension – The Great Khali will replace Mark Henry in the SmackDown Chamber match.

•Matt Stryker interviewed Randy Orton backstage and Randy said that he has no problem with Wade Barrett throwing him down the stairs because he would have done the same if he could and that he is back and more venomous then ever – and that he will win the Chamber match and become champion. 

•In the main event, Randy Orton defeated Wade Barrett in a no disqualification match with an RKO on a steel chair. After the match, Teddy Long told Daniel Bryan that he would face Orton next week. While Orton was celebrating his victory in the ring, Bryan came out and taunted Orton to end the show.

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