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The PWD Compound was filled to capacity and beyond for the first Pro Wrestling Destination show of 2012. It was a night of debuts and title defenses.

Challon returned to take on the role of Ring Announcer. She had missed the last show, due to her audition for America’s Got Talent. She welcomed the crowd to the show and ran down the rules and the matches for the night. She then sang the National Anthem. As she went to began the matches, play-by-play announcer, J.C. Scott, asked for a minute to talk about one announcement that she had omitted. He got in the ring and announced that the fans should keep their fingers crossed as Challon was in good shape to be on the next season of the national talent search program, America’s Got Talent. The fans erupted at the mention that one of their own might get her big break.

After that, Challon brought out The Dreamachine, Dustin Ardine. He also welcomed everyone to the show and pumped up the already enthusiastic crowd. As he was trying to talk about the PWD Compound and the great young kids that are learning about the business, the music of the Silver State Champion, Vinny Poochanelli, rang out. The arrogant Vinny, along with his manager, Funky Brewster, walked from the back to a chorus of boos. The crowd was quite hostile towards the title holder as he berated them for daring to interrupt his words. Vinny complained about not having any competition and demanded to face someone worthy of him. Ardine said PWD Management was actually going to let Vinny have a night where he didn’t have to defend the Silver State title, since Vinny was in the tag team main event. However, since Vinny so wanted competition, Ardine said there was one man who Vinny had never faced and who, PWD Management felt, deserves his chance to wrest the title from Vinny’s iron grip…”The Albino Luchadore, O’Cat!”

Match #1
Vinny Poochanelli vs “The Albino Luchadore”, O’Cat
Silver State Title Match

The crowd were stunned to see O’Cat come out. These two men had been in the company since day one but, for some odd reason, they had never faced each other. This was a fast-paced match that saw both men take and lose the advantage. Funky Brewster got involved, as did Dustin Ardine. Miscommunication between Funky and Vinny led to the manager bashing his own client with his infamous cane. O’Cat hit the Triple Nacho Supreme and the 7-7-5 as the set-ups for his finisher, El Gordita Crunch. The crowd absolutely exploded when O’Cat was announced as the new Silver State champ! O’Cat grabbed the strap and ran around the arena…and out into the parking lot…to scream to all who could hear that he had won the title.

Your Winner (and New Silver State Champion): O’Cat
Grade: A (95%)

Match #2
“Hang Ten” Tyson Raines vs Experiment 774

The Hawaiian native, Raines, partied it up with the crowd before getting into the ring. The happy mood went dark as the behemoth from Leningrad, Russia slowly emerged from the locker room. Tyson was launched across the ring, rime and again, by the juggernaut from the former Soviet Union. Rained got one good bit of offense with a trio of Ax Bombers from three of the four corners. The third one took Experiment down to one knee. Raines’ over-confidence became his undoing. On the fourth Ax Bomber attempt, Experiment caught Raines on the fly. Experiment then put an end to Tyson with his Fusion Bomb finisher.

Your Winner: Experiment 774
Grade: B+ (88%)

Alita Blaze vs “The Dark Princess” Vikki Vanity
PWD Women’s Title Match

The members of Perfection Personified were on pins and needles, due to their leader’s earlier loss of the Silver State title. This was a rematch from the Compound Cup, last month. The two women went at each other with all they had. Near the end of the match, Funky Brewster got involved by getting up onto the apron to distract the ref. J.C. Scott, who had been struck by Funky and his cane, during the opening match, left the announce booth to block Funky’s escape from Blaze’s pursuit. Funky stopped and tried to figure out if Scott was planning to strike him. He didn’t have to, as Blaze spun Funky around and slapped the sapphire shades off his face. Blaze slid back in the ring and continued the match. Blaze nailed her Flashpoint finisher and then went to Ice the Cake with a Top Rope Splash. Vikki somehow managed to roll out of the way to save herself. The two continued and Vikki rolled up Blaze, with her feet on the ropes.

Your Winner: “The Dark Princess” Vikki Vanity
Grade: A (94%)

After the battle, Blaze grabbed the house mic and chided the champion for always cheating to keep her championship belt. At Fan’s Choice 2012 (2/11/12), Vikki will be facing Crystal. Blaze warned Vikki that she would be in Crystal’s corner to counter-act Vikki’s manager, Funky Brewster.

Match #4
Tenshi vs The IceMan

This was a battle of mystery men as both were making their PWD debuts. Tenshi, Japanese for Angel, hailed from Osaka, Japan. His opponent, a huge brute from Los Angeles, was a former military operative that had decided to switch to the private sector to work as a mercenary for hire. His business cards read as follows:

The IceMan
“You Bring the Green, I’ll Bring the Mean”
(775) ***-****
(number omitted for the protection of others)

The oriental masked man opened up on IceMan with vicious karate chops. Unfortunately for him, they had no effect. IceMan Goozled Tenshi but the Japanese rookie broke the grip with chops to the wrists. Tenshi escaped to the relative safety of the apron. Tenshi Shouldered IceMan, through the ropes, and the big man took a couple of steps back. Tenshi thought he was getting the advantage but, in reality, IceMan just wanted to give Tenshi room to get back into his Arean of Destruction. IceMan grabbed Tenshi and hit a bone-jarring Chokeslam that left the masked man out cold. IceMan didn’t wait for the ref to raise his hand, he simply left the ring and went on to his next job.

Your Winner: The IceMan
Grade: B+ (87%)

After that devastation, the crowd was definitely ready for a break. Intermission saw the fans interact with the stars. They also enjoyed some great concessions and got their tickets for Fan’s Choice 2012. As a special surprise for the fans, Challon sang the audition piece that she did for America’s Got Talent. She then did the raffle and got back to the action.

Match #5

“Flyin’” Ryan McQueen vs Max Tsunami

Max is one of the most senior members of the PWD Roster, while Ryan is one of the newest. Max took exception to Ryan getting the attention that he felt that he deserved. Max tried to humiliate the youngster, but Ryan gave as good as he got. This was definitely “Match of the Night”. This match was a clinic of moves and counters. Both men showed just how good the training at the PWD Compound is. Frustration began to creep into Tsunami’s mind, when he couldn’t defeat Ryan. He used underhanded shenanigans to get the tainted win.

Your Winner: Max Tsunami
Grade: A (96%)

After the battle, Ryan went off on Max for having to stoop to such devious means to get a win. He questioned Max’s claim of being the “Future” of Pro Wrestling Destination. Ryan took a bold step by challenging Max Tsunami to a “Loser Leave Town” match at Fan’s Choice 2012. Max initially declined to accept the challenge. After a bit of goading from Ryan and the fans, Max smiled and said he would look forward to ending the career of Ryan McQueen. It was a done deal…either “Flyin’” Ryan McQueen or Max Tsunami will have their final match in PWD on February 11, 2012

Match #6 — Tag Team Main Event
Media Mayhem vs Vinny Poochanelli and The Prophet, Izekiel

When Vinny, who had been in a horrible mood all night, found out that the tag team of Adan Reyes and Brad Landon were in the house, he decided to make an example of them. He used his connections to enlist the aid of the PWD World Champion, The Prophet, Izekiel. Izekiel, who has been on a holy mission to “destroy all the false idols” of PWD, agreed to a one-night union against common enemies. The fans were brutal to Vinny with the “Where’s Your Title?” chant, over and over.

Vinny and Izekiel did their best to dissect the popular duo of Adan and Brad. Media Mayhem used their superior speed to keep the makeshift team off their game. Vinny injured Adan’s back and thought he had things won. His own arrogance, his biggest liability, led to his downfall. After slamming Adan down, which caused the injury, Vinny screamed and yelled at the crowd. That started the “Where’s Your Title?” chant, again. While Vinny grumbled about the disrespect, Brad managed to tag in to the match. He rushed up and took down Vinny for the pin.

Your Winners: Media Mayhem
Grade: B+ (87%)

After the match, an EMT checked on Adan. Fortunately, the injury wasn’t as bad as initially believed. Adan was in good spirits as he thanked the fans for coming and talked with a few that stopped by to see if he was ok. Meanwhile, The Prophet, Izekiel and Vinny Poochanelli had issues, in the ring. The two started to go at each other until PWD Management sent representatives to break up the altercation.

It was a great night with the largest crowd ever at the PWD Compound. Fans were happy as they left and were very enthusiastic about the upcoming Fan’s Choice 2012 card at the Neil Road Rec Center on February 11th. You can still get tickets, though they are going fast, by calling (775) 223-4699 or going to the website at


–Jay Shannon

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