Posted January 21st, 2012 by 1Wrestling News Team

•Daniel Bryan came out and said that last week, Big Show committed a sin by hurting AJ and said that what Big Show did was intentional because he is bitter because his title reign was only 45 seconds when Daniel cashed in his Money In The Bank suitcase and beat him. Daniel said that AJ suffered head trauma and cervical sprain and that her career may be over. Daniel then said that Big Show should do the right thing and quit.

•In a Player’s Choice Match, Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes was allowed to pick his opponent, which was Hornswoggle. Then, Justin Gabriel came out and said Cody should pick on someone his own size – and Cody accepted. Cody Rhodes defeated Justin Gabriel.

•In a Tag Team Tornado Match, WWE Tag Team Champions Epico and Primo defeated The Usos when Primo pinned Jimmy Uso.

•In a Dance Off, Brodus Clay defeated Vickie Guerrero. Steven Regal then came out to defend her from the fans that were booing her. Brodus then challanged Steven Regal to a dance off – and during Regal’s dance – gave him the “Oh, Funk It.”

•In a Tables Match, Wade Barrett defeated Sheamus because Sheamus was distracted by Jinder Mahal. Then Jinder tried to put Sheamus through another table, but Sheamus gave Jinder the Brough Kick and put Jinder through the table instead.

•In a Flag Match, Ted DiBiase defeated Hunico, who was accompanied by Camacho.

•In a Blindfold Match, Santino Marella defeated Drew McIntyre.

•In a Lumberjack Match, World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan and Mark Henry wrestled to a No Contest when the lumberjacks entered the ring and began to fight each other. While all the Superstars were in the ring, Daniel Bryan grabbed the World Heavyweight Championship and tried to head to the dressing room when he was intercepted by Teddy Long who told him that at the Royal Rumble – he will have to defend the title at the Rumble against both Big Show and Mark Henry in a steel cage. Daniel Bryan stood backstage angry as the show went off the air.

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