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La Parka Jr. received a great honor yesterday as he was inducted as the 5th star in the Pasao de Estrellas (Walk of Stars) in Toluca for his long work in the community at a ceremony attended by many children and he felt very humbled by the honor. Parka said that when he began his journey as a wrestler some 20 years ago that wrestlers were mainly known for just their work in the ring and they were considered the ugly ducklings of the sporting world but he is glad that he has become one of the main figures that has brought the status of being a wrestler up to a higher level outside the ring. Parka said that the support of the children has been extremely crucial in his success and that meeting with kids with cancer and other illnesses has made him a better man because they have made him learn to love what you are doing because you never know when it can be taken away from you. Parka said that his career is far from over and that the fans are what drives him to keep going not championships or money. This man is currently a rudo in AAA if you didn’t know.


AULL 12/18 – Arena Lopez Mateos
1. Cuadrangular de Parejas – Semifinals: Super Panda & Lady Rabbit beat Tigre de Bronce & Felina Metalica
2. Cuadrangular de Parejas – Semifinals: Juan el Ranchero & Big Mama defeated Tortuguillo Ninja & Mujer Pantera
3. Cuadrangular de Parejas – Finals: Juan el Ranchero & Big Mama beat Super Panda & Lady Rabbit
4. Chucho el Roto/Iron Love/Karma/Terry Dos Mil defeated Chico de Barrio/Epitafio/Ronny Ventura/Tormento
5. AULL Welterweight Title: Herejia beat Yakuza to win the title.
6. Street Fight: Judas el Traidor/Micke Segura/Rocky Santana defeated Angel o Demonio/Daga/Super Mega
7. Los Villanos (Villano III/Villano IV/Ray Mendoza Jr.) beat Los Payasos Tricolor (Coco Amarillo/Coco Azul/Coco Rojo) when Ray Jr. fouled and pinned Amarillo.

EMLL 12/18 – Arena Mexico
1. Hombre Bala Jr./Sensei/Super Halcon Jr. beat Inquisidor/Los Rayos Tapatios I y II by DQ when Rayo II ripped off Halcon’s mask.
2. Lightning Match: Angel Azteca Jr. defeated Apocalipsis
3. Cuadrangular de Parejas – Semifinals: Dragon Lee & Fuego beat Puma King & Virus
4. Cuadrangular de Parejas – Semifinals: Euforia & Polvora defeated Titan & Triton
5. Cuadrangular de Parejas – Finals: Euforia & Polvora beat Dragon Lee & Fuego
6. La Nueva Fuerza TRT (Damian el Terrible/Rey Bucanero/Tiger) defeated Angel de Oro/Hijo del Fantasma/Metro
7. Atlantis/Marco Corleone/La Mascara beat Los Nuevos Guerreros (Dragon Rojo/Rey Escorpion/Ultimo Guerrero)

Global Promociones 12/17 – Parque Revolucion de Culiacan
1. Draco beat Lobo Extreme
2. Orion & Relampago defeated Doberman & Mario Mora
3. Lycan & Machete beat Asrael & Avalancha
4. Mr. Iguana defeated Monster Truck and both agreed to a mask/hair match in 2012.
5. Street Fight: The Psycho Circus (Monster Clown/Murder Clown/Psycho Clown) beat Los Perros del Mal (Halloween/Nicho el Millionario/X-Fly)
6. L.A. Par-K & La Parka Jr. defeated Dr. Wagner Jr. & Electroshock by DQ when Par-K threw his mask at Doc who was caught with it.

Independent 12/15 – Arena Pavilion del Norte de Saltillo
1. ?
2. ??
3. Coahuila Welterweight Title: Piloto Dos Mil beat Hijo del Signo to retain his title.
4. Hijo del Mascara Ano Dos Mil & Mascara Ano Dos Mil Jr. defeated Espartaco & Latino when Hijo ripped off Espartaco’s mask and pinned him.
5. Green Demon/Rey Bucanero/Ultimo Guerrero beat Atlantis/Zorro Plateado/Bello Rubi when Zorro accidentally fouled Rubi.

IWRG 12/18 – Arena Naucalpan
1. King Drako beat Rolling Boy
2. Los Gemelos Fantasticos I y II defeated Astro Rey Jr. & Saruman and the Gemelos want a masks match with the Astros.
3. Alan Extreme/Black Terry/Carta Brava Jr. beat Astro de Plata/Eragon/Triton
4. Los Gringos VIP (Apolo Estrada Jr./Avisman/Hijo del Diablo) defeated Multifacetico/Saruman (subbing for Solar I)/Super Nova when Apolo pinned Multifacetico after interference from their valet Sherry.
5. Canis Lupis/Head Hunter I/Mascara Ano Dos Mil Jr. beat Electroshock/Hijo del Texano/Solar I (subbing for Toscano who is already missing shows) when Head Hunter fouled and pinned Electro.

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