Posted December 17th, 2011 by 1Wrestling News Team

•The show opened with Josh Matthews introducing Booker T in the ring. Josh asked if Booker is ready for his match against Cody Rhodes and he said he is ready. Booker said this is about Cody Rhodes trying to make a name for himself off of Booker T. Josh then asked Booker T if he wins, will he return to the ring full time – and Booker said he would cross that bridge when he comes to it. Cody Rhodes then came out and said that what is going to happen when Booker realizes he has ring rust and that he would fall to Cody. Cody then said that he is going to face Daniel Bryan and if Booker interferes, their match at TLC is off and then told Booker T to get out of the ring.

•Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes defeated Daniel Bryan with Cross-Rhodes.

•Alicia Fox defeated Natalya with a rollup. After the match, Alicia said that she is pathetic and that she just got “outfoxed.” Natalya then came in the ring but Alicia got the best of her with a standing moonsault legdrop.

•Primo and Epico, accompanied by Rosa Mendes, defeated The Usos when Primo pinned Jay Uso with the Backstabber.

•Big Show defeated Jack Swagger with the Weapon of Mass Destruction knockout punch. During the match, Mark Henry came out to watch it. After the match, Big Show threw Jack Swagger outside the ring – and Mark Henry hit Jack Swagger and a cameraman with a steel chair.

•Ted DiBiase defeated Heath Slater. After the match, Jinder Mahal attacked DiBiase and put him in a camel clutch. Teddy Long then came out and said that if he wants to fight so bad, he can fight Sheamus right now.

•Sheamus defeated Jinder Mahal with the Brouge Kick.

•Randy Orton and Zack Ryder defeated Wade Barrett and United States Champion Dolph Ziggler when Randy Orton pinned Dolph Ziggler after an RKO. After the match, Randy and Wade Barrett had a staredown when the show went off the air.

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