Posted December 12th, 2011 by Bill Apter

I see so many negative comments about tonight’s SLAMMY AWARDS. Although I am a “traditionalist” in so many ways, I’m finding the Slammy skits very light-hearted and funny. The John Laurinitius “tribute” was something I’d want to see again.

It’s also nice to see legends like Ted DiBiase, the TV return of Road Dogg, Lita (what a surprise) and more.

Sit back and enjoy it — it’s a night of fun!

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  1. By Rob, posted

    This show was not even worthy of a negative comment.

  2. By cori2121@comcast.net, posted

    Road Dogg was awesome!

  3. By bill, posted

    my only question about the show is why kane would chokeslam Cena and NOT Mark Henry, the man who injured him back in July, logic would
    say if someone put you on the shelf for five months and you came back and they were in a match against someone else, you’d help the person fighting AGAINST them, not attack the person they were fighting. Maybe the reason will be cleared up in weeks to come but for now it makes no sense.

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