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I have a NASCAR analogy so bear with me on this one. Tony Stewart is the current NASCAR champion and previous
to Tony, Jimmie Johnson was a five time champion for the sport. Through all of this though the true face of the sport
is one Dale Earnhardt Jr. Arguably the man who dominates both the merchandise table and the TV commercials is a
man that cannot win a race if he was the only driver on the track in Dale Jr. The funny thing is that Dale does not need
to be the champion or even competing for the championship to be the biggest fan favorite of the sport. Not truly being
in the mix does not hurt Dale’s merchandise sales or his commercial success. NASCAR has Dale Jr front and center as
the spokesman of the sport even though NASCAR knows he is not a very good race car driver. NASCAR realizes you
do not need to be both the face and champion and in fact, probably likes the fact that NASCAR has a fan favorite and a
champion whom the sport can push simultaneously and independently.

This is a valuable lesson WWE can learn from. WWE needs to understand that one man or two men do not need to
be both at all times. Which is why right now WWE should look at the company and realize WWE is doing exactly
what it is that should be done and should continue doing business in this manner. I do not like having two heavyweight
champions but so be it, if WWE must they must. Point is that even though WWE want to push both John Cena and
Randy Orton as the faces of the company, neither needs to be champion or even competing for the title in the main
events. Having the top two faces in other meaningful matches, it then fills in the PPV’s more and makes spending
money on those PPV’s more worthwhile for the fans. Instead of just pushing Cena and Orton, WWE can push those
two plus Henry, Punk, Bryan, and Del Rio. That gives WWE far more options at the top.

At the same time Cena and Orton can still do the commercials and be considered the faces of the company. Not
wrestling for the championship will not hurt or compromise their merchandise sales whatsoever, and pushing
these other talents should in fact help boost other merchandise sales in the process. Punk is already one of the top
merchandise sellers in the company already, imagine Punk had as much merchandise as Cena or HHH out for the fans
to buy? WWE needs to build new stars and WWE can do this very thing without losing the faces that the company has
already established. I am sure NASCAR wishes Dale was more proficient at racing and could win more to please his
fans but as long as the fans still monetarily support Dale through the losing, then NASCAR is in an enviable position.
As long as the talent is competitive then their fan base will be appeased.

WWE has a hard time separating the face of the company with being the WWE or World champion. Right now WWE
is doing that very thing and I commend them for it, I just hope this remains for the foreseeable future. This is how
WWE will create new main event stars. This is how WWE will create revenue at the merchandise table. This is how
WWE will help TV ratings and PPV buyrates. Having two or three top flight matches per PPV card is what will entice
fans to spend their hard earned money on every PPV. Fans want choices and want variety and if given, fans will
respond. WWE does not need to be afraid of removing Cena and Orton from the main event and then losing their spot
in the company or at the merchandise table. Cena and Orton alone do not draw ratings but Cena coupled with Punk in
two separate top of the card programs will.

I know throughout wrestling history the champion has been the face of the company also, not always but for the most
part. NASCAR has proven for many years that it is not a necessity at all so why not see how it works in wrestling?
Cena said it 100% right on Piper’s Pit on Raw, fans pay to come to see the show and can boo and cheer whom the fans
want. WWE does not need to force-feed us ideas.angles, or wrestlers. We are more than capable of choosing the talents
we like and are willing to support whether that wrestler is the face of the company, champion or neither. Fans are smart
enough to support their favorite regardless of where they appear on the show. Zac Ryder is a prime example of this.
Fans will support Ryder, fans just ask that Ryder be apart of the show so fans can enjoy one of their favorites. Fans just
want choices, not the same thing over and over again.

I am not saying that my NASCAR analogy is be all end all of what ails the WWE and if WWE did this all problems
go away. I am saying that it needs to be looked at by WWE officials so that WWE realizes that Cena, Orton, and HHH
can all still have spotlight without having to be champion or even the main event. Fans will still care and support those
wrestlers while supporting others at the same time. If fans see that WWE is truly pushing and getting behind other
talents then fans will support and ratings should improve. Fans were all set to fully support Punk and former fans
returned to the show to show that support, but when the push was short lived, so was the boost in fans that were willing
to give wrestling another chance. WWE needs to hook those fans and get them to come back regularly.

John Cena will continuously be the face of the WWE regardless of whether Cena is champion, in the main event, or
curtain jerker. Cena has gotten to that point in his career and has earned that support. Now the obvious difference
between Cena and Earnhardt is that Cena has won a lot of matches and championships and Dale has won almost

nothing. I also realize one is pre-determined and one is a real sport but still the point is that fans like who they like
and will support who they want. Cena can be on talk shows, on the most t-shirts, and be in movies, Cena just does not
need to be champion to be the face of the WWE.

You have just read another chapter of the Forzese Files and as always
feedback is greatly appreciated.

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