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TCW “Holiday Homecoming” shocks fan with new owner, future title implications

CLARKSVILLE, Ark. – More than 600 fans packed the Marvin Vinson Center last night in Clarksville, Ark., to witness Traditional Championship Wrestling’s “Holiday Homecoming” that saw the debut of a new company owner and the beginning of a major rivalry for the TCW International Title.

Brian Thompson, who has worked for TCW for the past two years in a managerial and announcer’s capacity, told the fans in attendance that he has purchased the company in an effort to keep TCW’s regional fanbase alive as opposed to falling into a corporate structure.

The announcement of Thompson’s takeover came at the conclusion of a TCW Junior Heavyweight Title contest that saw Thompson’s former associate “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony regain the title from Matt Murphy, who had won the gold two weeks prior at an event in Pine Bluff, Ark. After the title bout last night,’s own Bill Apter entered the ring to speak with Anthony about his title victory. Thompson and wrestling great “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton arrived and after a verbal back-and-forth regarding Anthony’s recent sneak attack on Thompson, it was revealed that Anthony’s former manager is now in control of TCW’s operations.

In a TCW International Heavyweight Title match, champion Tim Storm successfully defended his gold against “All That” Alan Steele in an incredible match that saw outside interference from Steele’s tag team partner “Mr. Saturday Night” Michael Barry and manager Rich Rude. After the contest, Killer Nikels and fellow members of the Bradford Exchange, manager Boyd Bradford and “Boink” the Clown (Matt Borne in his latest circus-like incarnation) came to ringside and a staredown between Nikels and Storm ensued. The staredown led to a wild punch-trading brawl that caused the entire TCW lockerroom to empty in an effort to break up the two competitors.

Despite falling just short in his TCW International Title bid, Steele and partner Barry were successful in their defense of the TCW Tag Team Championship against Galan Ramirez and Jacob Kilgore, collectively known as “The Texas Tornadoes.” The match was a 20-minute classic that included many new falls and established the “Tornadoes” as the true top contenders for TCW gold.

VH-1 CelebReality Star Matt Riviera defeated TCW newcomer “King” Shane Williams in a one-on-one feature bout. Even in defeat Williams showed that a bright future is ahead of him in TCW rings and Riviera continued to prove why is without question one of TCW’s most popular superstars.

In the show’s main event, former WCW and WWE superstar Fit Finlay defeated Killer Nikels after a wild series of events that included interference from “Boink” the Clown and Boyd Bradford. Although a loss for Nikels, the young violent star did established himself in wrestling’s upper echelon with his performance.

In other action last night:

- Santa Claus (that is not a typo folks!) defeated Prince Al Farat with a roll-up moments after a mistimed “SantaSault” moonsault;
- A scheduled bout with “Darling” Dustin Heritage and former TCW International Champion Jeff Jett was thrown out as Jeff attacked and annihilated Heritage as the young star was making his way to the ring;
- Former WCW female star Malia Hosaka defeated Claudia del Solis; and
- “Boink” the Clown (with Nikels and Bradford) defeated Les Mayne.

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