Posted November 30th, 2011 by 1Wrestling News Team

•The show started with Mick Foley (dressed in a Santa Claus suit) coming to the ring and wishing everyone a happy holiday and said that he is a Christmas fanatic. He then announced, as Guest Host, that there will be a World Heavyweight Championship match between Daniel Bryan, who won a fatal-four-way last week – and World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry – that would take place inside a steel cage! He also announced a Miracle on 34th Street Fight and an All I Want for Christmas 20-Man Over-The-Top Battle Royal. He then announced Michael Cole – who came out in a reindeer suit! Mick then introduced Booker T, who also came out in a Santa Claus suit. He then asked Booker T, for the Jewish viewers, to do a Spinarooni to the Dreidel song – and he did. Cody Rhodes then came out and said that now that he has no mask, he sees things a little more freely and said that Booker T is a lowly announcer. Mick Foley then said there would be a match between Cody Rhodes and Booker T later that night.

•In a Divas Mistletoe on a Pole Match, Brie Bella climbed over her sister and grabbed the misteltoe and won the match and the opportunity to kiss any WWE Superstar from now until Christmas.

•Justin Gabriel defeated Jinder Mahal. During the match, Ted DiBiase Jr. came out handing out presents to the fans and distracted Jinder Mahal – giving Justin Gabriel the opportunity to win.

•During a backstage interview with Matt Stryker, Booker T was attacked by Cody Rhodes and their match that Mick Foley made never took place.

•World Tag Team Champion Kofi Kingston defeated Tyson Kidd. During the match, Kofi took off Michael Cole’s reindeer hat and nose – put it on – and flew off the top rope as a flying reindeer to end the match.

•In a Miracle on 34th Street Fight, a match with no rules and falls count anywhere, Randy Orton defeated David Otunga. During the match, Orton put Otunga through the entire Christmas set, and then Wade Barrett came out and tried to hurt Randy Orton and give David Otunga the win, but Randy kicked out and gave Otunga the RKO for the win.

•In the All I Want for Christmas 20-Man Battle Royal, Hornswoggle won by eliminating Sheamus! He was given one Christmas wish – that he can have the ability to talk – and now he does.

•In the Steel Cage Match for the World Heavyweight Championship, Champion Mark Henry defeated Daniel Bryan by pinfall.

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