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IMPACT Wrestling Wrestlers of the Week 11.24.11

By Neil Borenstein
Each week here at, I will select three of the top wrestlers from TNA’s IMPACT Wrestling and present them to you in inverse order as the show’s Wrestlers of the Week. In choosing the show’s top three superstars, performances from that week’s IMPACT Wrestling and any relevant preceding programming – such as Pay-Per-Views – will be taken into consideration.

IMPACT Wrestling Wrestlers of the Week for November 24, 2011

3. Matt Morgan and Crimson – for dominating the former TNA World Tag Team Champion in a successful first title defense against Mexican America:

Matt Morgan and Crimson were reluctant partners last week after coming off a hellacious battle at Turning Point. But thanks to some convincing from Sting and the fact that the TNA World Tag Team Championships were on the line, the two big men put their differences aside to join forces and successfully unseat Mexican American’s Hernandez and Anarquia as the top dogs of the tag team division.

It didn’t take Morgan and Crimson long to have to defend those belts. Just one week after securing them, they put them on the line in a title rematch against Mexican America on this Thurday’s episode of IMPACT Wrestling.

Unlike last week’s bout, Hernandez and Anarquia really never got any sort of offense in during this match. They were dominated from bell-to-bell in a quick matchup that showed quite a bit more cohesiveness from the new titleholders.

Anarquia took most of the punishment and ended up taking the loss. Hernandez’ only involvement was taking a big boot off the apron from Morgan, who then tagged Crimson into the match for a double shoulder block and double chokeslam that led to the pinfall.

TNA is clearly trying to push these two former foes as the dominant tag team even despite having only partnered up for two weeks now. Burying the former champions in just a couple of minutes is a sure fire way to accomplish that. Now they just need to find more competition for them.

2. Eric Young – for bringing back former senior referee Rudy Charles and the turkey suit for match against Robbie E.:

It’s hard to remember the last time Eric Young wasn’t off his rocker, as the man is clearly insane. But he’s also a hell of a lot of fun and took things up yet another level on this week’s IMPACT Wrestling.

Being Thanksgiving and all, he decided to return two things to the show that haven’t been around for a while. One was former senior referee Rudy Charles, who left the company back in 2009 after having been there since its inception. The second item brought back to the TNA by Young was that wonderful turkey suit that would generally be forced onto the loser of a main event match on the Thanksgiving episode of IMPACT!.

Young and Charles met up with current TNA Television Titleholder Robbie E. to inform him that they would be in a match involving the turkey suit. Robbie wasn’t happy about this, but was forced to go along with it after Young basically lied to him about Sting threatening to strip him of the TV Title and suspend him.

The match itself was kind of funny and included a moment where Robbie beat up the turkey suit. But it wasn’t all laughs when Robbie took advantage of an unfocused Young and blasted him with a foreign object unbeknownst to Charles. The ref made the count and Robbie was announced the winner.

He remained that way very briefly, however. When his arm was raised, the foreign object dropped to the mat and Charles noticed it. He immediately called for the match to be restarted and it didn’t take long for Young to hit Robbie with a jumping piledriver that scored the pinfall.

Since Robbie E. was laid out and Young figured there was no way he’d be able to get the suit on, they found a solid replacement in the form of his bouncer – Rob Terry. Terry reluctantly forced the much-too-small suit onto himself under the threat of Robbie E. being stripped of the gold.

Young and Charles later celebrated the win by training for next year’s turkey suit match. That was, of course, until Charles crashed his bike into a trailer and Young had to help him walk it off.

That was a fun segment to break up the show and brought back one of the key segments from IMPACT’s past in the turkey suit matchup. This also clearly shows Young and Robbie E. aren’t finished up with each other just yet. And all that means is Young could easily be staring down the possibility of another crack the Television Championship.

1. AJ Styles – for picking up the win for his team in an eight-man elimination tag team main event matchup:

Nothing says good matchmaking like putting together an eight-man tag team matchup to main event the programming, and have its captains not even be competing members in it. That’s what took place on this week’s show when Team Angle – consisting of TNA World Heavyweight Champion Robert Roode, Christopher Daniels, Bully Ray and Jeff Jarrett – squared off against the combination on Team Storm – AJ Styles, Rob Van Dam, Mr. Anderson and Jeff Hardy.

Angle and Storm started the evening’s broadcast off with a little faceoff over Angle’s attacks on Storm over the past few weeks. Storm was ready to go off on Angle, who explained that he did what he did as a way to repay Storm for screwing him out of the world title. When the members of Team Angle made their way to the ring and sort of cornered The Tennessee Cowboy, Storm decked Angle and quickly moved out the ring. The rest of his team hit the ring and brawl ensued for several moments before all involved could finally be separated.

This wasn’t the last time these men would do battle prior to the actual main event taking place. Jarrett took some time later in the show to mock Hardy, which prompted The Charismatic Engima to run down to the ring and attack Jarrett. Members of the two teams joined the fray and another brawl went down until they were separated yet again.

When the main event finally did take place, it actually did turn out to be a pretty solid match. Hardy was absent at the beginning of the contest licking his wounds from that previous melee.

Roode’s involvement in this match was minimal and rather distant from the rest of the team. He came out to a separate entrance, joined Mike Tenay and Taz on commentary as the match started and then finally made his presence felt by stealing a pinfall from Ray over Mr. Anderson. When Styles came into the ring following that elimination, the two brawled a bit before Roode nailed him with a low blow right in front of the referee. Roode was sent to the back and the teams were evened up at three apiece.

Van Dam was the next man to go when he decided to go up top for a likely Five Star Frog Splash, but he missed Angle hopping the apron behind him. RVD was shoved off the ropes and left lying there for Daniels to pick up an easy three-count to give his team the advantage.

By this point, Styles was in a three-on-one situation and did the best he could to fend off the members of Immortal. He got the boots up to defend a best moonsault ever from Daniels and then ducked a closeline from Ray that nailed Jarrett instead. All four men ended up on the mat when Styles drilled Ray with an enziguri kick. That’s when help made its way to the ring in the form of Hardy.

Hardy got the tag right away and took Daniels out of the match with a Twist of Fate. Jarrett got out of a Twist of Fate, but still ended up being rolled up by Hardy with a small package for a three-count to leave Ray as the last man left for Team Angle. Ray took Hardy down with a boot to the face and covered. But he only got a two-count and then ate a springboard forearm from Styles after The Phenomenal One made a blind tag. Styles covered right away and took the pinfall to capture the victory from his team.

Styles’ night didn’t end in the best of circumstances when Roode returned to the ring and drilled him with the championship belt. But sneaks attacks like that aren’t going to be possible when those two square off at Final Resolution for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship in a 30-minute Iron Man Match. Roode will need to have much more up his sleeve to get past a very game Styles come that pay-per-view.

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