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By me, Big Vito!

I finally have some time to sit down and write about some of the good things that have been happening in wrestling to me.

One of the things I always wanted to do was reunite with Johnny the Bull and be able to team again and reform the Mamalukes.
We were WCW tag team champions and one of the best teams around. We finally got the opportunity last week in Puerto Rico for CPW.
One of the big things that happened when we were WCW tag champs was The Monday Night wars with WWE. Johnny and I were one of the top tag teams in WCW and the top tag team in WWE was DX. If you a long time wrestling fan, this is something that you really wanted to see.
If your a wrestler and you get the chance to wrestle your rivals it’s even better!

Reuniting the Mamalukes has always been one of the things I wanted to do again. I was given that chance. Big Vito and Johnny the Bull took on two members of DX: Billy Gunn and X Pac. For me,it was a dream match. I have the up most respect for both. We had two championship caliber tag teams in the ring.
It for sure wasn’t a disappointment!
Johnny and I are now tagging again and this leads me to another project working for EXW in Arizona. I have been given the chance to actually work behind the scenes and write TV, direct vignettes, work with all the guys before the matches, and be an agent as well.

To see me work in this capacity, especially with the guys who have watched me develop through the years like Val Venus, Chuck Palumbo, and Johnny the Bull. They know Vito as a hard worker and someone dedicated to the business and someone who has a love and passion for something he believes in.

I have taken a crew of young guys- each week they are learning how to be professionals and being taught the right way. I see improvement in all of them.
One thing I told them was I do not care for politics or any non sense. All I care about is hard work. Show me that and you’ll win me over.

Things have been going very well. The viewing audience has grown each and every week. I can’t say enough about how pleased I am . More great news from AZ-we have reunited the FBI- Johnny, Chuck, and myself and Nunzio soon to follow! Great having the boys back together again!

In Florida, I was given a chance by Al Shaffer of the VWA to do the same. And I can say proudly , that in my opinion we have the best, most well respected organization in all of Florida. We do prestigious events. With this, and continuing to wrestle full time , I hope this evolves into some more!

I have taught many wrestlers through out the years and I tell them all the same.

You want me to lie or tell you the truth. You have to have a tough skin in wrestling, but my truth is constructive criticism, which is how I was brought up in the business. I never got hurt feelings, it only made me strive to be the best.

One day , I hope to continue this and move forward in wrestling to a behind the scenes position which I know I would thrive at.

Being that I have been so busy with wrestling, I finally got enjoy some private time with my Fiance and my good friends The New Jersey Kilq.

Mike ” Ace Darling” Maraldo got married this past weekend. I had one of the best times of my life with all my friends and my girl by my side , it was defiantly and unforgettable event! I finally learned, after almost 22 years, how to separate wrestling from my private life.

That’s it for now.

If you would like to book Big Vito please contact me at vitobookings@yahoo.com. The Mamalukes are ALSO taking bookings as we are still, in my eyes, the best team around! HEY WWE and TNA WHAT ARE YOU GUYS WAITING FOR!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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