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Pro Wrestling Destination’s 2-Year Anniversary Spectacular

Where: Neil Road Rec Center, Reno, NV
When: Saturday, November 5, 2011
Referees: Earl and Goggles
Timekeeper: Tony Jacobs
Announce Team: Don Mega and J.C. Scott

Pro Wrestling Destination celebrated their second anniversary in grand style. The place was close to a sell-out, despite a winter storm. It might have been freezing cold, outside, but it was red hot inside the Rec Center.

J.C. Scott came out to the rocking “Big City Nights” by The Scorpions. He introduced himself and his PWD Primetime teammate, “The Man, The Myth, The Legend”, Don Mega. J.C. ran down the house rules and then asked everyone to stand for the National Anthem. Challon, the original ring announcer, had left a recording of her wonderful voice singng the Anthem, since she had gone back East. Just as the recording was about to begin, Challon emerged from backstage for a surprise live appearance. The crowd popped huge to see the lovely songbird back in their midst. She sang one of the best versions of the tune that she had ever performed.

When she finished, J.C. asked her to join him in the ring. He explained that he had received news from PWD Management that Challon had transferred back to Reno. He reminded her that when he took over as the ring announcer, approximately six months earlier, he promised her that if she ever returned to Reno, he would return the ring to her capable hands. He said it would be his distinct honor to return the ring to its rightful owner. The crowd erupted as they realized that the PWD Original was back.

J.C. then started to exit the ring but Challon stopped him. She told the crowd that after the original play-by-play announcer, Adam Aries, got deployed with his military unit, J.C. stepped in to fill in for Adam. Challon said PWD Management was so impressed with his knowledge and skills that they wanted to make the position a permanent one. So, Challon is back as the Ring Announcer/Vocalist and J.C. Scott was made the full time Play-by-play announcer for the weekly television show. J.C. even got a “Thank You” chant from the crowd for his in-ring announcing work.

With J.C. already running down the house rules and reminding the fans about the concession area and the raffle, Challon said it was time to get the party started…

Match #1: Crystal vs Davina Rose
Number One Contender to the PWD Women’s Title

The Finish:

After a very hard-fought war, Crystal planted Davina Rose with her version of the World’s Strongest Slam, which she calls The Last Kiss. At 6’1″ and 240 pounds, the Amazonian Powerhouse was able to get past Davina, who was the first woman to hold the PWD Women’s title.

Your Winner: Crystal
Grade: B+ (87%)

Match #2: Team Beast (Beast Godryk, The Jake, Jack Moves and Mike Nothing) vs Team O’Cat (O’Cat, Max Tsunami, Adan Reyes and Brad Landen )
8-Man Match

The stars of TWF (Sacramento, CA) joined PWD for the night to help celebrate PWD’s big night. Beast Godryk led his men into battle against the south-of-the-border fan favorite, O’Cat,¬† Japanese superstar, Max Tsunami, and Adan Reyes and Brad Landen, PWD’s newest tag team sensation, Media Mayhem.

The Finish:

The match broke down into total chaos as all 8 men hit the ring to slug it out. Team Beast annihilated Max with a Triple Team that¬† saw Max got from a Full Nelson Lift through an Enziguri and into a Code Breaker. “That was Awesome!” exploded from the hundreds of fans in attendance. The cohesiveness of Team Beast was just too much for the hometown heroes.

Your Winners: Team Beast
Grade: A- (92%)

After that wild war, Challon got back in the ring. she asked Pro Wrestling Destination’s CEO, Tina Serrano, to join her in the ring. Tina came out and explained that she was not only the top member of PWD Management, but also a loving mother to one of PWD’s top stars. She then revealed that she is the mother to “Dreamachine” Dustin Ardine, as well as PWD Official, Bulldog, and Ring Announcer, Challon. She explained at the 1-year anniversary for PWD, the boys in the back presented her with roses as a thank you. This year, it was her turn to give back.

Dustin Ardine and his Biggest Fan
“Dreammachine” Dustin Ardine and Tina Serrano

She told stories about her son’s love of wrestling. At age 4, Dustin crawled up onto the roof of their house. He had earlier dragged several mattress outside and laid them out. As Tina begged her child to come down, he obliged by doing “a Foley Flop” off the roof and onto the mattresses. She knew then that he was serious about being a wrestler. She went on to talk about his training, as a teen-ager, under Dory Funk, Jr. (as “Dreamachine” Chris Cage), A.J. Styles, Super Hentai and others. Someone in the crowd couldn’t believe it, but I’ve sat in Tina’s house with Dustin and the crew of PWD and watched a match where Dustin, as Chris, took the tag belts from Paul London and his partner at the Funkin’ Conservatory. The video will be posted on YouTube in the near future.

Tina then asked Dustin to come out and join her. She then presented the founder of Pro Wrestling Destination with a plague. She then explained to the crowd how much he gives to make sure that PWD is successful. She and his siblings felt that Dustin could use a vacation. Thanks to a few connections that Tina has in the business, she was able to present Dustin with the most special of vacations: Wrestlemania! Dustin will be attending the Hall of Fame ceremony, as well as sitting on the floor for Rock vs Cena.

Dustin was choked up as he thanked his mom and sister for the precious gifts. He explained that not everyone likes him but that was fine. What HE cares for is the PWD Fans. It was his pleasure to work so hard to bring the fans the best indy wrestling possible. A “Dreamachine” chant from the crowd was interrupted by the appearance of The Prophet, Izekiel. The PWD World Champ Speared Dustin into the middle of next week. Izekiel grabbed the house mic and cut a scathing rant where he explained he was there to destroy all the false idols in Pro Wrestling Destination. The crowd reached a near riot stage as Izekiel left the ring. Dustin rolled out of the ring and hit the floor, hard. Corey Bond and Ricky James, PWD Security, helped the injured Dustin to the back.

A very shaken-up Challon returned to the ring to start the next match. She explained that the next big show would be on January 21, 2012, back at the Neil Road Rec Center. Details would be available, soon, at the company’s website:

Match #3 — Aaron Solo vs Ryan Von Kool

The two men are top stars at the Fremont, CA-based Big Time Wrestling (BTW) organization. They were also two of the men who helped start PWD, 2 years ago.

The Finish:

After a flurry of high-flying moves and counters, Ryan dropped Aaron and then used the ropes to take the illegal pin. The ref didn’t see Ryan’s feet on the ropes so made it official.

Your Winner: Ryan Von Kool
Grade: A (94%)

Match #4 — “Rockstar” Johnny Vega vs Vinny Poochanelli
Silver State Title Match

This feud has been going on for almost the entire time that Pro Wrestling Destination has been in existence. Both men had issued statements on the weekly television show, PWD Primetime, about how determined they were to wear the gold.

The Finish:

“Rockstar” caught Vinny with a wicked Tope Con Hilo. Funky Brewster and Vikki Vanity did their best to distract the ref. Vega hit a wicked Standing Sliced Bread. Vega hit an incredible Mega Diamond Cutter off the top rope! Perfection Personified continued to distract the ref. Vikki Vanity slid in the ring and caught Vega with her Vanity Press finisher (Litacanrana). Vinny then finished off Johnny Vega with his “Bite the Bullet” finisher (Go-To-Sleep).

Your Winner (and New Silver State Champion): Vinny Poochanelli
Grade: A+ (96%)

It was then time for intermission. Greg “The Hammer” Valentine and Winter came out to meet with the great PWD fans. I spent some time backstage saying hi to a few old friends that I hadn’t seen in awhile and making a lot of new ones. It was really great to see 3 wrestling organizations (PWD, BTW and TWF) working together for the benefit of the fans. 4 lucky fans won raffle prizes: an autographed photo of Winter, an autographed phot of Greg “The Hammer” Valentine, a $10 Gift Certificate to the PWD Store and Dinner for two at the Atlantis Hotel and Casino.

Match #5 — Winter vs Vikki Vanity (with Funky Brewster)
PWD Women’s Title Match

This feud not only erupted on PWD’s weekly televison show, but also bridged over to Facebook. The two women sent cryptic messages of doom to each other. Vikki had both Funky Brewster and Vinny Poochanelli as her seconds. Winter came out alone.

The Finish:

Both Vinny and Funky tried to distract Winter. Winter went over and nailed Funky. That proved to be her downfall, as Vikki snuck up behind Winter and rolled her up.

Your Winner: Vikki Vanity
Grade: B+ (88%)

After the match, Winter grabbed Funky’s cane and clocked Vinny with it. Funky screamed out “She stole my weapon!” He immediately realized what he said and said “I…I mean she took my cane and Used it as a Weapon”.


Match #6 — Greg “The Hammer” Valentine vs The Prophet, Izekiel
PWD World Title Match

The 61 Year Old WWE Hall of Famer wanted to make sure that everyone knew that he still had it, so he went after the biggest and baddest man on the PWD Roster, the PWD World Champion, Izekiel. Izekiel, who shows no mercy, took the fight to the Legend. If he was at all intimidated by facing a man with 41 years of in-ring experience, he didn’t show it.

The Finish:

Izekiel caught Valentine by surprise and knocked him off his feet. Izekiel then drove an elbow into Valentine’s chest, knocking the air out of him. Izekiel then pinned Valentine, with his feet on the ropes.

Your Winner: The Prophet, Izekiel
Grade: B (85%)

After the match, Greg attacked Izekiel and slapped on the infamous Figure Four Leglock. Izekiel, for one of the few times in his career, seemed to show pain. THe crowd exploded as the hated champion got his come-uppance.

Match #7 — The Reno Rumble

The winner of this 25-person match would get a future title shot against the champion of their choice in any type of match that they would choose to put the champion into.

The Rumble Order of Entry:

1. Beast Godryk
2. Lockjaw
3. Brad Landon
4. Hobo Joe
5. Ryan McQueen — in his very first match
6. Jack Moves
7. O’Cat
8. Davina Rose
9. Jerry Midas
10. “Iceman” Tyson Raines
11. The Jake
12. Ryan Von Kool
13. Jane-Saw Massacre
14. Christian Black
15. “Dreamachine” Dustin Ardine
16. Joey Vega
17. Aaron Solo
18. Julie Cash
19. Adan Reyes
20. Experiment 774
21. Max Tsunami
22. Mike Nothing
23. Ottirub
24. Crystal
25. Funky Brewster

The Finish:

Each person came in at 30 second intervals. After almost a half hour of wild action, the Rumble was down to the final four: “Dreamachine” Dustin Ardine, Experiment 774, Mike Nothing and The Jake. Jake and Mike tried to convince the masked Russian (Experiment) to throw out Ardine. There seemed to be some communication errors, as Experiment does not speak English. Jake and Mike got frustrated and sent Experiment out of the ring. Mike was the next to fly over to top rope. That left The Jake and The Dreamachine. A Cactus Clothesline sent both men sailing over the ropes. They landed at the exact same time on the floor.

Co-Winners: “Dreamachine” Dustin Ardine and The Jake
Grade: A+ (98%)

Moves of the night:
Ryan McQueen worked against “Iceman” Tyson Raines during the Rumble. Tyson pitched Ryan over the ropes but Ryan held on. He then Skinned the Cat and locked his legs around Tyson’s neck. Ryan flipped Tyson onto the apron and used a Springboard Dropkick to send Tyson to the floor. And this was Ryan’s Very First Match. Kudos to both Tyson and Ryan for one of the most exciting moments in the Rumble and in the show, over-all.

The next big show is scheduled for January 21, 2012. Who owns the Royal Flush Briefcase from the Reno Rumble? Who will be the next Superstar to try and wrest the World Title from the iron grip of The Prophet, Izekiel? Can Crystal finally bring Vikki Vanity’s title reign to an end? These questions and many more will be answered just after the Holidays.

To finish up, I was asked to pass along a message directly from PWD Management.

“We want to thank Kirk White for his inspiration and advice for the past two years. We also want to thank Shane and Shannon Ballard for their insight into this business that has helped so many of our stars rise to where they are now and where they are headed. We want to thank the Legends: Brutus Beefcake, Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart, Paul London, The Iron Sheik, The Honky Tonk Man, Michael Shane, Daffney (Unger), Hurricane (Gregory/Shane) Helms, Val Venis, Generation Me, “Diamond” Dallas Page, Short Sleeve Sampson, Brian Thoe, ODB, Winter, Greg “The Hammer” Valentine, and The Monster Abyss. Our ladies and gentlemen have learned so much from each and everyone of you.

We want to thank all of those who have worked both in front of the fans and behind-the-scenes to make our little wrestling company successful.

Most importantly of all, we want to thank our loyal fans for being there as this little dream of ours has grown into a successful wrestling organization. With your help, there is no limit to just how far we can go.”

–PWD Management

I also want to thank the fans for letting me live my dream of working with a great bunch of people in my favorite sport in my own home town. 2 years ago, my family was limited to a wife, 2 daughters and 3 grandsons. Now, I have more “cousins” that I can count.

God Bless and Peace

–Jay Shannon

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