Posted October 23rd, 2011 by Bill Apter

The ropes are still down from the WOord title match and one of the corner posts are still down. The stipulation in this match is whoever can’t get to their feet for a 20 count loses.

Ricardo Rodriguez ran in at the beginning and Cena put him up on his shoulders but Del Rio kicked Cena, who dropped Ricardo and Del Rio continued the attack.

Early action on the ringside floor and Del Rio bashing Cena’s head into one of the steel ring posts … Cena comes back with a backdrop and body slam and the a series of elbow smashes.

Del Rio with three powerful backdrops … Suplexes again by Del Rio that stuns Cena … Cena with shoulder-blocks and “five knuckle shuffle” goes for the finish but Del Rio with another suplex … Del Rio stunned by Cena but comes back again with a series of kicks.

Del Rio uses the broken ring as a weapon, bashing the steel cornerpost onto Cena’s mid-section … Cena with an “Attitude Adjustment” — surprises Del Rio as he gets back in the ring… Cena tires again, Ricardo interferes, but Cena kicks him out, but that gives Del Rio a chance to attack Cena … Sleeper hold by Del Rio, Cena is out but gets up by the 7 count and Cena tosses Del Rio out of the ring into the barrier full force.

Both outside now and Cena bashes Del Rio’s head into the barrier but Del Rio manages to catapult Cena into the steel ring steps … Cena “posts” Ricardo on the ring post … Cena trips Del Rio on the ring post …
Cena tries to toss the stelle steps at Del Rio but misses and Del Rio slams Cena into the steps … Del Rio gets another section of the steps and kayoes Cena and the referee counts but he gets up and fights back … THe action is now going into the locker room area and Del Rio is tossed into a table … Cena collapses a storage containter on Del Rio but he gets away … Cena is now down on the platform … He gets up and Del Rio takes the set of the WWE interview area and buries Cena under 7 or so steel backdrops … The referee counts and Cena somehow gets up at the nine count and then continue the battle backstage!

Now they are now back in the arena area … RIchardo attacks again and Cena is thrown through a huge steel support beam by Del Rio … Del Rio now with a table, He climibs a beam and is about to dive off when Cena pulls him down and through the teable … Del Rio is out and the referee counts but Del Rio gets back up …Now they are back by the ringside area.

Cena is tossed into the broadcast table … Cena fights back and crashes Del RIo into a barrier and clothleslines Ricardo … Del Rio tries a dropkick on Cena by the steel post but Cena moves and Del Rio crashes his knee into the post…Cena picks him up carriess him up steps and crashes him with an “attitude adjustment” through the announce table … Miz and R-Truth run in and attack Cena and ther referee does not see it … The referee counts and Cena gets up .. .Del Rio bashes his title belt into Cena’s head and falls out of the ring … both are down, Del Rio outside, Cena inside … Alberto gets up (with help from Ricardo) just as the count reaches 10 but Cena, cannot meet the count and Del Rio wins.

Excellent fight!

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