Posted October 23rd, 2011 by Bill Apter

A battle of complete power, as both tossed each other around. At one point the champ easily lifted and slammed Show. They were much more active than you would think … SHow with a series of headbutts and slams Henry and calls for the chokeslam … He gets it and goes for the pin but Henry gets his shoulders up … SHow goes for the knockout punch but Henry kicks him, slams his, and tries for a pin but Show kicks out … Henry goes up to the top rope, Show slams him off and goes for the pin but only a two count … Show goes up to the top Henry climbs up and suplexes him off the ropes and the ring breaks!!! The ropes have come down!

Both are out cold and the referee and a trainer call for a stretcher! Paramedics and officials come out, John Laurinatus and Teddy Long come out, trying to figure out what to do as both wrestlers are still dazed on the mat.

Finally SHow is taken out on a motorized cart and Henry tries to crawl up hte ramp and is refusin the stretcher. Finally officials help him back to the dressing room area.

Lauriniatis takes the microphone and says no matter what injuries sustained by both competitors or the ring the WWE title match between John Cena and WWE champion Alberto Del Rio will go on as scheduled.

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