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The first ever Smackdown in Mexico City opened with WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio, who came out to a standing ovation. Del Rio grabbed the mic and said that although it has always been his dream to compete in his hometown of Mexico City, he will be unable to do so due to Cena’s attack on this past Raw. Footage was shown of Cena throwing the ring stairs at Del Rio.  Teddy Long came out and stated that doctors gave him medical clearance and as a result, the match with Big Show remained on.

In a huge moment, Mark Henry came out for a scheduled match against John Morrison in a non-title match and for a brief moment, BOTH the WWE and World Heavyweight champions were in the same ring together. It was at that moment that SmackDown went to a commercial break and by time they returned, Del Rio had already left the ring.

Mark Henry fought John Morrison and dominated him until a very well placed knee upended the champion and Morrison took advantage and landed a full force Starship Pain on Henry to the roaring approval of the 18,000+ fans in attendance. Henry however, easily threw Morrison off, vaulting him into the air and followed that up with a World’s Strongest Slam and pin for the win.

Teddy Long told Vicki Guerrero that her man Dolph Ziggler will be defending the US title at Vengence against Zack Ryder. This means that Dolph Ziggler, who is already slated to team up with Jack Swagger to face Air Boom for the WWE Tag Team Titles will be competing TWICE at Vengeance. Teddy Long also informed Christian that he will be given “one more match” at Vengeance facing The Great White Sheamus.

Wade Barrett fought Daniel Brayn, who vowed to not shave until the night he cashes in his Money In The Bank briefcase at WrestleMania 28. The back and forth match ended when Brayn attempted a Labelle Lock, but Barrett escaped and hit him with his wasteland finisher for the pin.

Sheamus and Zack Ryder fought Dolph Ziggler and Christian. Christian avoided tagging into the match, much to the chagrin of Ziggler. Sheamus then landed a devastating kick to Ziggler for the pinfall victory. Cody Rhodes addressed the crowd boasting about how he “bagged” Randy Orton and showed the footage. He than called out Orton, wanting him to confess that the bagging incident was the most humiliating moment in his life. Orton came out and said that the bagging did NOT humiliate him, but only served to make him even angrier than he already was and that he thrives on anger. The two then started trading blows and Orton tossed Rhodes out of the ring. Rhodes’ paper baggers then attempted to intervene and Orton made them all pay.

Sin Cara Negro (Spanish for Black) fought Sin Cara Azul (Spanish for Blue)in a Mask vs. mask match. Both were introduced simply as Sin Cara and both did the amazing leap into the ring to start the match. After several near finishes for both Sin Caras, the match ended when Sin Cara Blue gets Sin Cara Black into an arm bar submission hold, forcing him to tap out. Sin Cara Black then refused to unmask as per the match stipulation and tried to leave the ring. Sin Cara Blue then stopped him and ripped the mask off Sin Cara Black and exposed his face for all to see.

Divas Champion Beth Phoenix and Natalya were in the ring and said that they were not jealous of the Barbie Doll Divas but were angry at the fans for liking them and claimed that the Divas of Doom will make all the fan favorite Barbie Dolls cry. Eve Torres came out and said that she is no barbie doll and shoved Beth Phoenix down and warned her that it will be Beth Phoenix that will be the one crying sunday night.
Alberto Del Rio fought the The Big Show in a non-title match. Del Rio came out in a 2011 Mercedes worth $125,000, while Women were screaming as Del Rio pranced his way to the ring. The Big Show dominated early. Del Rio got his arm lock submission hold on The big Show but Show lifted Del Rio up from that position and slammed him. Del Rio’s Ring announcer Ricardo Rodrigez then jumped into the ring and attacked Show, resulting in a disqualification. Big Show pulled Rodrigez off of him and blasted him with a super punch knocking him out. Big Show then turned and knocked out Del Rio as well. The Big Show then stood over the both of them and raised his hand in victory. After the match, Mark Henry did a run-in while The Big Show was celebrating the fact that he knocked out both Del Rio and Rodrigez, but Big Show cought him and knocked him out as well. Smackdown ended with Big show standing in the middle of the ring with his three knockout victims laid out in the ring.

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