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Saturn Returns To The Ring After Nine-Year Absence

Perry Saturn was at the top of the game with a lengthy run in ECW, WCW and WWE that had him a regular fixture on Monday nights and Sunday nights. And then … poof … it was all gone.

A knee injury put Saturn on the sidelines in 2002, and his life spiralled out of control once he was away from the structured life that is professional wrestling. He fell into drug abuse and was even homeless for a short time before getting things turned around.

One of the great mysteries in wrestling in recent years has been – will Perry Saturn ever make a comeback?

Saturn steps into the ring this Saturday night at Awesome Wrestling Entertainment’s Pay-Per-View event that will be aired LIVE on InDemand (CLICK HERE FOR FULL DETAILS). His opponent plans to squash Saturn’s comeback, and that man is C.W. Anderson.

“ “I had a great big screwup in my life, getting lost on drugs for a long time. I’m just trying to earn some redemption, trying to make an opportunity to turn my life around,” Saturn said.

The match will be a comeback of sorts as well for Anderson, who is returning to pay-per-view after a long absence following a successful run in ECW. For his part, Anderson doesn’t seem to mind all the attention on his match being on Saturn’s return.

“Every time this Anderson is on pay-per-view, he’s the match of the night, he’s the match everyone talks about. Come Oct. 15, whoever this Anderson steps in the ring against, watch me steal the show and take it to the extreme,” Anderson said.

Saturn has been in training for several months for the return, and he doesn’t expect to hear anybody talk about C.W. Anderson when the night is done.

“I don’t plan on coming back after all this time and falling on my face,” Saturn said.

The next stanza of Perry Saturn’s life starts on Saturday night and he is intent on making a statement in the ring against Anderson!

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