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•The show started out with a video of Triple H’s “career” as COO and how RAW has unraveled and when, on last Monday’s RAW, everyone walked out.

•Teddy Long was shown talking to Triple H on the phone and said that Triple H did not want to risk a walkout on SmackDown, so he left the show in the hands of Teddy Long, who said that RAW’s loss is SmackDown’s gain.

•Vicki Guererro is shown in the ring with Christian, Wade Barrett, Jack Swagger, David Otunga, Cody Rhodes and Dolph Ziggler. Vicki welcomed everyone to the first anniversary of SmackDown on SciFi. Christian then said the walkout was because of him. Dolph Ziggler then said that the walkout was because of everyone in the ring and the rest of the Superstars followed their lead. David Otunga then said that if Triple H does not step down, they are prepared to walk out on SmackDown, live events and pay-per-views. Wade Barrett then said that all the chaos is Triple H’s fault. Cody Rhodes said that since those in the ring united, there is now hope. Jack Swagger said to show some respect for Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio then came out and joined those in the ring and said he inspired everyone to walk out on RAW and they are never going back until Triple H resigns. He then said he came to SmackDown to compete. Teddy Long came out and said that the main event would be Randy Orton and Sheamus against Christian and Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes, and that Alberto Del Rio would face the opponent he requested – Sin Cara.

•WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio defeated Sin Cara “Azul” – meaning “Blue” in Spanish via submission. After the match, Sin Cara “Negro” – meaning “Black” in Spanish, came out and attacked Sin Cara “Azul.”

•Jack Swagger and United States Champion Dolph Ziggler defeated WWE Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne in a non-title match. Before the match, Ziggler and Swagger attacked Kingston and Bourne before the match even began. Then, Swagger pinned Bourne after a powerslam.

•Divas Champion Beth Phoenix easily defeated Alicia Fox in less than 30 seconds. After the match, Natalya put Alicia Fox in a submission move while Beth held the mic to Alicia’s face and asked her to scream.

•The Big Show returned and said that it has been hard to be gone for four months and said that he watched the footage of what Mark Henry did to him over and over again. Through tears, he said that Mark Henry humbled him and he couldn’t do normal things he took for granted. He then said that all the pain Mark Henry caused him he would repay ten fold. He then said he would take the World Heavyweight Championship from him and called him out. Mark Henry then came out and said that the Hall of Pain is getting crowded. He then said that Big Show has not earned a shot at the title and said he would let Big Show know if he will get a shot. Big Show said that if he didn’t get the answer he wanted, he would put Mark Henry through the table.

•Ezekiel Jackson defeated Jinder Mahal by making him submit to the torture rack.

•Randy Orton and Sheamus defeated Christian and Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes when Randy Orton pinned Cody Rhodes after giving him an RKO.

•Mark Henry came out and said that he fears no man and said no to Big Show’s request for a title match. Big Show ran out to the ring and attacked Mark Henry. Security tried to stop Big Show but he kept pushing them away. Big Show then took out all the security guards and then asked Mark Henry for the match, and Mark Henry said no again. Big Show then went after Mark Henry again and then prepared to put Big Show through the announce table – but Big Show countered and put Mark Henry through the announce table with a choke slam instead. Big Show then grabbed a chair, put it around Mark Henry’s ankle and was going to splash his ankle off of the steel steps when Teddy Long came out and said that Big Show got his title match – but only if he does not do that. Big Show did not – but instead hit Mark Henry in the back with the chair and left him laying when the show went off the air.

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