Posted October 3rd, 2011 by Bill Apter

I found the walkout by everyone on Triple H very interesting. It was done slowly and had a very real and dramatic feel (I especially liked the video crew putting their cameras down and walking out).

So who is “pulling the strings” trying to make Triple H fail? My thoughts are:

1) His wife — Stephanie McMahon. Perhaps she doesn’t want a man who has more power than she in the WWE.

2) His ex-best freind — Kevin Nash. Triple H fired him and this situation was never resolved.

3)Jerry Lawler — perhaps he has more to do with this than any of us realize at this point. It’s nothing I know but a feeling I have.

I don’t pick John Lauriniutis or Vince McMahon — just too obvious.

Good, compelling finale tonight!

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  1. By Iceman2469, posted

    I would like it to turn out to be Paul Heyman.

  2. By Kevin, posted

    Actually, I just figured it out. Shane Mcmahon. Steph and Shane always had fought Vince to get control from him earlier. They always knew the company would be their’s after Vince retired, but now Vince is gone and Triple H is in charge? Naaa Shane is pulling the strings and causing the mess.

  3. By scott justice, posted

    My question is not who is behind it, But how long will they drag it out before they let us know. I just hope it’s not like the anyomous General Manager. If thats the case we will never know.

  4. By michael, posted

    If you watch CmPunk VS TRiple H.You would see John Lauriniutis he was out on the ring.He was using his phone he was text phoning someone. Few minutes later Kevin Nash comes out starts beating everyone.John wants Triple H job

  5. By Canaan, posted

    Its the anonymous GM. They still set the stupid lap top and podium and yet there is no stupid beeps and cole reading his crap. Its not dead.

  6. By Leah Rodriguez, posted

    I agree w/Triple H. What has wrestling come 2. U know back n the day it was about wrestling and entertaining. U were beaten up, stitched up, injured, etc…It was also more punishing…etc There was no complaining and whining. There were no lawyers involved…let alone this bs about no confidence!!! Talk about Triple H being out of control 4 fighting his own staff is bs!! Vince has gotten n the ring many a day! He had issues w/some of the wrestlers…etc The only 1 w/a legitimate gripe I would say is the refrees and the camera men. The only 1 who addressed him like a man is Jerry. He got n the ring and faced him like a man. I was a huge fan of Booker but no more!! Can’t believe Jerry Ross walked away. I mean 4 ex..he fired Miz and Truth for initially hitting the referees if I remember right w/ his fight he had w/CM Punk, as well as fined them. They took it 2 another level last night at Hell In a Cell!! He fined Mark Henry 4 beating up Jerry and chocking Jim Ross. Plus, Mark Henry is out of control!!! What are the female wrestlers talking about we r girls and what if something happened 2 us. No u r wrestlers and can handle yourself!! I am tired of Christian and Cody complaining!! He is a disgrace 2 his father Dusty Rhodes!! I mean r all of u wrestlers or punks!!! Sorry so long, just frustriated!!!

  7. By Matthew, posted

    What about good ol’ JR? He was not around during the whole anonymous GM crap and he has had real life issues with Vince in the past, so why couldn’t he be the man behind the curtain? I could see HHH blaming Laurinitis and then JR popping up to say it was him the whole time, starting with being the anonymous GM.

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