Posted October 2nd, 2011 by Bill Apter

This is in the cage. Referee is Scott Armstrong.


Orton starts off fast with punches and kicks the champ out of the ring and tries to bash im on to cell … Henry picks him up and tries to bash im in but Orton reverses it and gets back in the ring … Orton’s head pushed into the steel ringpost by Henry and his left arm then stretched on the same ringpost … Orton back in charge for a moment but Henry picks him up and smashes him back first into the cell … Back in the ring again Power Slam by Henry and failed pin attempt … Outside the ring both punching but Henry picks him up and powerslam on the floor … Henry the ring steps apart and with Orton near the cage, tosses the steps at him — Orton gets out of the way.

Headbutt and punches by the champ and again bashes Orton’s head into the cell … Henry with a dive and failed pin attempt … Orton looks like a beaten man as Henry uses a spinebreaker … Another one and pin attempt but Orton kicks out again … Henry with a bearhug … Orton nearly gets out with headutts but Henry slams him into the corner and chokes him with his foot and again locks him in a bearhug … Orton tossed out again … Orton grabs the cage, climbs up a bit and ddts Henry on the steps — it’s a game changer — he smashes Henry’s head into the ring posts and back into the ring … Oron with a Thesz press and the champ is down and being pummeled!

Dropkick by Orton takes Henry down … Orton with the DDt off the ropes! … He’s going for his finish … He gets the RKO … Two count — Henry powers out … Orton can’t fathom this! … Orton goes for the kick as Henry is down but Henry catches him with a slam and PIN!

it’s not over — The cage is up and Henry slams him, puts a chair on Orton’s left leg and is about to dive onto it but Orton moves and bashes the chair on Henry and another few when he is goiing up the ramp! Oron is going nuts! Henry finally escapes!

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