Posted October 2nd, 2011 by Bill Apter

Cody Rhodes comes to the ring in a suit with the Intercontinental title belt and has his “handlers” put it in a bag and reveals the old — original IC belt held by Randy Savage, Ricky Steamboat, and others.

John Laurinaitis comes out and tells Cody that he has been told by Triple H that Cody must defend the title right now against John Morrison! Cody is still in a suit!


Morrison is all over Rhodes as son as the bell rings … Ehodes finally takes off his shirt out of the ring and is dropkicked on the floor by Morrison … Rhodew tries to run and get conted out as they are both out of the ring … Morrison tosses him back and Cody attacks him … Rhodes with a combination armlock and headlock … Rhodes is now locking Morrison in the figure four leglock … Morrison gets out by reaching for the ropes … Morrison with a series of elbowsmashes and pin attempt but Cody kicks out … Morrison with a face kick … Morrison comes off the ropes for a dropkick, Cody ducks and rolls him up with a pin for the win!

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  1. By Disgusted, posted

    What are they thinking???? WWE has their heads up their butts. Cody Rhodes sucks. He has ZERO talent. Can’t wrestle, Can’t cut a promo, and is boring as hell. John Morrison has more talent in his little finger than Cody has in his whole body. Yet, they continue to push this pathetic waste, just because he’s Dusty Rhodes’ kid. Maybe Cody should watch some of his father’s matches, or even his brother’s matches. Then, maybe, he will learn how to cut a promo, and entertain people. I don’t understand why the WWE continues to bury Morrison…

  2. By sal "rough cuts" lasardo, posted

    time for a change, time for cody to pack it in — Morrisson paid his dues and deserves a title run — cody and kelly kelly should get together cause neither of them can wrestle –

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