Posted October 1st, 2011 by Bill Apter

When I was a little kid I recall being terrified by “bad guys” like Brute Bernard, Skull Murphy, Bull Curry, and others.

Today most fans laugh at the “bad guys.” Finally there is one “heel” that is an exception. Mark Henry is terrifying to watch. Yes, it’s been a long road for this guy but he has finally arrived and I want to say I love what he is doing.

Henry is a monster champion and I hope he will have a long run. Most fans I speak with feel that he’ll fall to Randy Orton at “Hell In The Cell” but I hope that doesn’t happen. It’s time to let the fear continue causing terror in the minds of spectators. Let’s see Henry’s arm raised in victory at “Hell In The Cell” and then have all of us wonder how he will be stopped!

Moving on there is another topic I want to address the promos running for the new WWE channel. The footage used has so many past WWE (well, WWF days) Superstars. What stuck out to me like a sore thumb on the one that was shown on Friday’s Smackdown show is that among all those Superstars – promoting the rich history of the company – there was no Hulk Hogan! How the hell could that happen? Hulk Hogan (along with Vince McMahon of course) completely changed the business. No matter what the company says Hogan was the most famous person ever in the WWF. You can’t change history (of course you can try).

It’s an insult not including Hulk Hogan in all historical material.

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